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What We (Millennials) Spend Our Money On...Really

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  • By - lsc84

  1. Because the game is in alpha? Right now, if it doesn't crash the game or cause major lag, they not worried about it. High-end graphics is end of development polish. Let them finish the storyline first before we fuss about how pretty things are.

  2. Fang doesn't accept gifts??? At least that's what I remember don’t know if it changed in the update.

  3. Wait a minute. So now "Karening" means successfully lodging a valid complaint against an unfair practice or shitty business behavior? That's good news. The poor Karens I know irl will be so relieved.

  4. Hmmm....i wonder why the dont unionize? If would give them more bargainkng power. Probably same reason they havent unionize Amazon?

  5. I worked at Wal-Mart for 6 years. They literally say they will fire you for joining a union in orientation.

  6. my personal experience is beyond any doubt the evidence it's possible ... in my case, maybe not in other people case, hence why i asked the question, i went from being a none educated drug addic until my 30 to getting a truck driver license, making 80k a year, buying a new car and a cheap house, so excuse me for daring to think it's not impossible.

  7. Just because you live in shitville, nowhere doesn't mean the rest of us want to join you.

  8. This one major advantage for the ironteeth given the breeding pods automatically level off birth and death rates, the folktail are some especially eager beavers otherwise.

  9. Beaver lives are cheap for just berries and water and power wheel only need logs to build. If you build a condensed city, you can run the whole thing on beaver power.

  10. 1st this isn't a survival game. It's a rts citybuilder. 2nd it's not hard, it's annoying. Having to keep extra beaver pop available sucking up resources but adding no benefit beyond instantly filling the job of injured beavers is not efficient. And that's assuming they instantly abandon their work station once injured. Not sure if that's the case

  11. You have seen the workplace priority aystem, right? I have 10 slots open up in my hauling post with it at the lowest priority so beavers in the hauling post fill jobs as needed.

  12. I wouldn't call it survival. You have to manage resources yes but isn't that rts? To me survival is project zomboid or hell even minecraft.

  13. Just because it's not a first person view action/adventure doesn't mean it isn't a survival game. It is just a survival game that deals with the survival of more than your player character.

  14. I have heard of a lot of people having problems with the cops, not a lot of people having problems with the Rosenau. Occam's razor applies in this scenario.

  15. I just dropped my phone when I read $800/mo rent. My rent hasn’t been that low in over a decade.

  16. About as mature as the edgelording and personal attacks you engage in everywhere, LMAO.

  17. Thanks for the screenshot! It is a great classic example of projection. It is going to be great for my unit on "the Karen: how entitlement creates poor social awareness"

  18. LMAO. Are you talking about the classes you teach to your pet guinea pigs? I hate to be the one to break this to you, pal, but I am not sure they're getting much out of that. They'd probably be much happier if you just left them alone. I think that's probably true of most of the people you interface with IRL also.

  19. I make 37k as a teacher in NM where the average rent is under $1000/mo. Who in their right goddamn mind thinks this is a competitive wage?

  20. What the shit. Yes you right. But let move on the video where is this and why im seeing this a month late.

  21. Sounds great until they claim you didn't pay them and evict you easily because you don't have a paper trail to show they are full of shit.

  22. Oh yeah, but I head the NPCs mention that the river was their main water source during that Poisoned Water quest chain. Guess they don't have a filter or something for the seawater.

  23. This is true though if the game world reflects the real world, the ocean is the causing the rains that feed the river.

  24. What are you getting by watching these girl's? Is this some sort of low rent home shopping network

  25. I don't watch them, however your suggestion that they are not worth watching unless naked is beyond disgusting. This is a serious social issue in our world and you just want to see titties. Shame on you.

  26. Then go take a sociology class and stop expecting strangers on the internet to give you a free education.

  27. So should responsible Democrats. New Mexican needs to stop late term Abortion

  28. Stop being cruel. Nobody has a late term abortion because they want one, it is because they need one. The baby is already dead, is going to died, or is going to kill their mother. Use your fucking heart along with youe brain for once in your goddamn life.

  29. I was on Terraces and was raising the river on the top plateau. Well, I almost had it finished, but apparently I forgot to place a few levees and flooded my entire colony lol

  30. Thanks, I removed the side lake dam and moved the main dam down to the edge of the main lake and its much better than before. It still slows down twice a day near the new main dam, but better than completely stopping the whole river. Very strange, and still a bit frustrating though

  31. Yeah, it is a pain to run water wheels off that section of river. It has annoyed me so much that I have built my water wheels right under my dams so the falling water keeps them moving instead. Works pretty good after that.

  32. I have had these problems before. I recommend for the little side lake switching the single dam block for platform so the water can go in and out there a little more freely. Then also move your big dam down (replace with platform bridge if that route is central to your industry). It should work better.

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