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  1. the americans say zed for him too 💀 unless this is a joke that flew over my head

  2. I’m confused too. Unless it’s a joke about how Americans say “z” when pronouncing the alphabet. Yet we aren’t going around pronouncing every word that starts with “z” that way, Zed included. Has OP ever seen Pulp Fiction lmao.

  3. But then how else are they going to get away with their fake “ghost” photos lol

  4. On my two teams I got J-Rob, CEH, and Aaron Jones. On one I can add Swift and another I can add C-Patt. I also got Khalil, but he hasn’t started for me yet. I’m on pace for one of my best starts ever in fantasy and I’m scared as usually I’m a bottom dweller. Would likely be undefeated if the Packers didn’t stink it up week 1.

  5. This sub has been nonstop "comeback of cyberpunk" posts. Can't help but think a lot of these are just ads. The game came out almost two years ago, and is just now "finished"? The anime really saved their asses...kinda.

  6. I agree. People who call them like crotch goblins and use such hateful words. Like ok? You just sound immature.

  7. Yeah anyone who calls kids crotch goblins, cum pets, etc… is weird and likely needs to check themselves.

  8. Don’t mind it. Love CJ and what he’s brought to the Pels.

  9. That concert was a blur for me but I had a lot of fun. Glad I got to witness Black Math live.

  10. I’m going, but am wondering in case I miss out, are these usually acquirable post show?

  11. I wouldn't risk it.The variant in Hunstville was sold out before the opener finished.

  12. Tell me about it! My first show and I get crown of thornes, baba, Ledbetter, present tense……

  13. When they play Crown of Thorns you know it was special. I’ve only seen them three times. Jazz Fest in NOLA, Voodoo in NOLA, and Jazz Fest again. The Voodoo set is still my favorite to this day and they played Crown of Thorns. Best concert I’ve ever been to.

  14. I’ve only listened to one recording of I Ain’t Quite… Aside from that, all mirrorball all the time. Well not all the time, but close to it. Will peep Fallon for Body Paint tho.

  15. I can believe that in giving out this punishment maybe there was thinking that it would cause public outrage and thus put pressure on Sarver to sell which is essentially what happened. However, this like coalition of CP3 & Lebron working behind the scene to achieve that with Jordan as the nuclear options sounds kinda BS lol.

  16. He had issues with drinking when he was a teenager, got punished, got help, and hasn’t had any repeat offenses as an adult.

  17. I miss overload SMGs. Those champions didn’t a stand a chance against Osteo.

  18. I like mine as well though I may need to lose some pounds to comfortably fit in it. Just don’t pull the rubber drawstrings too hard!

  19. I finally got over the mental hump and LFG’d for some master level content a few weeks ago. My reaction was wow, this shit it is not that hard and my master ketchcrash run last night was good fun. I kinda like that extra degree of difficulty. I think if you’re 1575+ with a decent build and are ok at the game, one should be fine.

  20. Felt something off with the armor focusing. All my roles this season especially at the new vendor have been ass.

  21. This is the most British guy in the whole galaxy.

  22. Hot take: We shouldn't have to do endgame content to progress the weekly story in an efficient time.

  23. But you don’t have to do endgame content. There’s plenty of other activities with champions for you to kill that aren’t difficult.

  24. Virgin historian be like: This part of 1st century roman economy is not my speciality so I can't say anything definitive.

  25. Here’s something crazy borderline outrageous … pitts will score more than 6 points in ppr next week.

  26. I just want those 30th ornaments back in the store lol. I want that Omni one.

  27. Neither seem realistic honestly. People who drafted those players already believed in them and they haven't let them down yet. Doubt they'd be willing to trade for someone off the waiver wire (just mental bias) even if he's performing well.

  28. I mean I got a dude who is 0-2 who might be willing to give me Mike Evans for him lol

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