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  1. Due to energy conservation theory, the energy from you would be transferred elsewhere. Where that is, I have no clue.

  2. Practice for Apophis. They'll need to stop that one when it comes to us.

  3. even if apophis hits us its not gonna destroy the planet, it will do some serious damage but people will survive

  4. Because there are 3 million Elon Musk hate threads? And because that's not news. It's gossip about a topic. Did you have an actual article or something to post with that?

  5. Articles aren't a requirement for threads though. Tons of people post questions all the time.

  6. Nothing brings out the arrogance like someone saying they're American! I've actually found it pretty normal in the UK in good-quality gelato places to be offered a taste.

  7. Subjective af, mate, as to what’s common. I’m offered a taste, tho I don’t always take it. Or it’s a southern thing, perhaps.

  8. I have no concrete answer tbf. I'd have to be stoned to actually think this was real.

  9. Does anyone else feel that using “artist representation” images on stories like these is misleading and does a disservice to the actual science?

  10. You need the visuals to draw in a more casual audience. Joe Regular and Jane Normal probably don't care about a thesis and numbers and graphs. But add an aesthetically pleasing image and they're already half way closer to giving a crap about something they consider mundane.

  11. Everybody's cool with this until China start adding to the heap.

  12. I used to love dogs. Then I got attacked by a dog. Now I’m petrified. Do I wish I wasn’t? Yes. Do I like dogs generally, as in want them to be safe and loved, and do I watch videos and smile when I watch people with dogs? Yes.

  13. The only dogs I hate are the illegal breeds or the real dangerous breeds that growl at you for no reason. Like there are some breeds that shouldn't exist, they're born to kill and attack, and they often do. It's not cool.

  14. Hate the breeder, not the dog then? Like I think pugs and frenchies are extremely unethical, but I don’t HATE my friends pug she rescued off the streets, cause they didn’t ASK to be born/breed that way. Humans did that to them.

  15. Riiiiight but who mauls off a toddlers face? Who's going to tear the chunk of flesh off my calf? "The shooter may be responsible but I can still hate the fucking bullets too. They hurt." And that's all they were designed to do. 🤷‍♂️

  16. Which sub are we talking about? I genuinely don't know. R/unitedkingdom?

  17. People that keep saying Jamaican... You do realise there are many other nations in the Caribbean right?

  18. Dubstep means something different to 🇬🇧 music nerds. We know it as our sub low, deep, minimal sound from the early 2000s. We still make it and enjoy it here, but it sounds nothing like the Skrillex stuff that the mainstream know it as.

  19. Wasn't it in the 70s that the various body coverings started to be required? I'm awful with history, apologies.

  20. There was a cancelled Rockstar game that was going to be set around this. (For real, Google it)

  21. Nice, keep shorting this stock. Never felt so good making money from FBs misfortune 😊

  22. Until the Tories figure out how to monetize it, I'd say oxygen.

  23. If super earth's have life, it's a given they would have evolved to live in those conditions.

  24. Last time I mentioned the sand/star statistic I got downvoted into oblivion.

  25. They’re completely different sweets? One is biscuit and one is just chocolate? They are different??? Could be revels too, or chocolate raisin if you want me to be REALLY picky

  26. Mate are we looking at the same cake? I'm trying to say wether maltesers, revels, minstrels, Astros... It's not exactly the focal point of this.. um, cake.

  27. Yeah I know it’s not the focal point but I’m serious about my chocolate covered sweets!!

  28. Hey me too, hence why I mentioned Mars Astros (no longer make them). Vice Versas where a nice variation of the same choc covered family.

  29. Appears to be legit, however this story is a bit less dramatic than it would appear. Per the article, the water was locked up in minerals within the rock when they broke it open. It's an interesting find for science, but also water isn't really all that rare in the solar system, it just usually takes the form of ice...for obvious reasons.

  30. Umm as an astronomer I don’t know anyone 20 years ago who thought water was rare. We have signatures of it in many places, and it’s often locked up with other materials like in this meteorite or in the form of ice (like we’ve known a long time how much there is in comets for starters).

  31. I'd go easy for now. You can always buy designer jackets for £100 or there abouts (Hilfiger etc)

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