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  1. Thankfully at least a small part of people there have a minimum of decency in their fight against monarchy to accept people can decide for themselves if they want to keep it.

  2. Is there a way to make a request to Reddit to review the ban or something ?

  3. I’m not sure but it’s fine. They aren’t the type of people in interested in conversing with me thinks

  4. Well, I ended up being banned too for saying that people have a right to self-determination :/

  5. I don't know man, no person I know (including my 63 y/o father) never ever had to do this and never had any problem

  6. Do you plan to claim the throne of England ?

  7. I highly doubt that Ireland would become a Kingdom, but either way I am for one undivied Ireland.

  8. Shouldn’t we let Northern Ireland decide what it wants?

  9. Of course, if they decide to remain in the UK, it would be their choice and we should respect it.

  10. So, the Allies should have left the Germans alone? Let the German resistance try to fight back while Hitler genocides millions?

  11. No, the allies did not interfere with the germans' self-determination, and they actually even entered war after Hitler ignored this right of self-determination once again.

  12. Monarchy but we must reinstate the dynasty of Siegfried.

  13. Someone's gotta find melusina again she's our lady of the lake she'll nominate a new heir.

  14. What did you comment? And what sub are we talking about?

  15. I manage to see "abolishthemonarchy" as the subreddit at least.

  16. Well, I am no person with such apparatus but I guess everybody have their things.

  17. Don't worry, you shouldn't be ashamed because other people have more problems.

  18. Damn, that girl sounds like me with old crush

  19. Well, Hong Kong tells us about some symptoms, if it is right I doubt you'll die

  20. Well yes, but I also say it would be very far away from the states we knew in our timeline, so they would not have made the same things.

  21. I put a tissue on you-know-what while doing it.

  22. Give them representation in the parliament and let them decide their taxes themselves ?

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