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  1. Dead from Covid after actively saying it was a hoax.

  2. Mushrooms. Also not fond of olives, but those are easier to pick off.

  3. I took a class in college where a student tried to argue with the professor that if you took a Korean baby fresh out of it's mother, took it and raised it with an american family, that kid could still speak Korean when he/she learned how to speak.

  4. Indiana Jones shooting the swordsman in raiders of the Lost Ark.

  5. The French taunter in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  6. I wasn't sure of the spelling, so I checked the bottle of dressing I had in the fridge and it was spelled Blue.

  7. MASH. It was good and I still remember my math teacher (7th grade) postponing a test by one day because we convinced her nobody would be studying, we'd all be watching the MASH finale that night.

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