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  1. I didn't want to come off as the Reddit-Corrector or something, but I think it's interesting to learn that something you've always known is actually slightly different. "Bury the lede" is a similar situation.

  2. I'm sorry, you fucking what when? Bury the lede? I always thought it was 'lead' as in burying the lead story, the lead being the most important.

  3. Been over a year since this was posted. I'm playing on PS5 and it seems like a 10% chance (yes that high) that triangle does nothing in a standoff and I just have to take the hit.

  4. IMO the home kit is shit this year, the ladies is better. Hope its better next year for the world Cup!

  5. What the fuck are you jabbering about? The size of a lit matchstick is smaller than the size of a burning log, but will still burn you, size has nothing to do with it.

  6. Or a sudden case of "oh shit, I should be chasing that as well."

  7. Michael Rosenbaum voiced the Flash in the JL animated series as well.

  8. And witches were killed because they were wise women who understood having mousers and sweeping your house and keeping your living space clean and pest free stopped you getting sick as much.

  9. This woman lived to THIRTY-FIVE - SHE MUST BE A WITCH!

  10. Really disappointing to see that (well kind of see it - fuck Telegraph's paywall!), but it makes sense. He really stood out when he was on loan there.

  11. Cop: see’s dumbass being dumbass. Gets into middle lane. OP: rolls down window and points at dumbass being dumbass Cop: “Yeah no shit dingus”

  12. Such a weird thing to do and then tell us about. I'm sure the cop would've been completely stumped without OP's input.

  13. "Um ackshually there are no Nazis anymore as Hitler's Nazi party no longer exists."

  14. Yeah, well Isaac Newton is dead, so does that mean no more gravity?

  15. I get this email every day. Unless the cloud repository is completely empty (enough space for 2.5x full backups, set to keep 2 restore points) it always says the job failed.

  16. I think the government there are self-enriching scum.


  18. Lenovo said the laptop doesn't support this (which is bollocks - it should be powerful enough, and all documentation says it's capable of better than that). I've ended up using a USB-C straight to that monitor from the laptop, as well as the laptop going into the dock. not the worst thing in the world, but still pretty fuckin irritating.

  19. In the highlights George looks so annoyed that Daily missed him and passed to Earl!

  20. Really unclear how the Socios ‘product’ works. What the risks are (of you not getting your money back). Disappointing Sarries did not address this. If all Sarries really want to do is give fans more engagement, plenty of ways of doing that without murky crypto.

  21. Socios are a scam, that's the issue.

  22. Yeah, that's what feels strange to me. Even if it was the occasional raffle or something g for a couple of quid a ticket for the same prizes, the club would get all of the income.

  23. I love builds like this. I love RGB but this era of static colors on hardware has a special place in my heart. I come from the era of homemade side windows and CCRTs too, though. When we used fish tank pumps and all that lol

  24. I had a completely red and black MSI build, all accents on all of the black hardware were red.

  25. I have a mobo with a red LED that’s like that. I ended up painting it. A square of electrical tape works wonders too and surprisingly doesn’t stand out near as bad as it seems like it would.

  26. Tape was what I ended up doing, but I hated that I knew there was tape there.

  27. I'd just finished watching my team and someone told me that Quins won, so I wasn't going to bother watching the full game and just catch the highlights. This is great news! Starting the season with a win (especially against Quins) is huge! Top work lads!

  28. At least you could get one - I've been trying to get a mesh filter for the top of my Carbide 275R since I got the bugger years ago.

  29. "New password cannot be the same as the current password."

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