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  1. The 8th gym should have been something other than water to be honest. Having both Clair and Lance be Dragon trainers was already shaky enough, but doing the same with water types was really unnecessary.

  2. Referring to your daughters as "Future MILFs" is some Jimmy Saville shit. You need to log out of the Internet for a while.

  3. No it means getting a woman pregnant to turn her into a MILF. You are misunderstanding.

  4. Ohhh. I guess I took "create" too literally. My bad.

  5. NTA. You signed over the rights and she accepted all the terms. Tell her to take it up with the guy who is legally the parent.

  6. Wally could have been a decent long-running rival for Ash right after he finished his arc with Gary. I think it no coincidence that after Hoenn, the anime made sure to almost always give Ash one.

  7. Debating Food Takes with a GOAT w/ Tom Brady.

  8. Pokemon is such a huge franchise that every game is both someone's favourite and least favourite. Just wait a couple years for when the people for who it was their first game get old enough to have a bigger voice on the Internet and the popular opinion will change.

  9. UM was my first Pokémon game and I honestly loved it. I actually prefer the cutscenes because it keeps me waiting (unlike sword and shield) so I don’t finish it in a day or two. Also the post game is super fun and has so much to do and I think was a overall good development for the franchise cause if we didn’t get Sun, Moon, Ultra sun and Ultra Moon I think the franchise would’ve gone downhill. Also I think the alola games are really fun and have a lot of replayability with the Ultra wormholes and post game and are also really fun to play again. I think the people who don’t like the game just haven’t had enough time to actually play and appreciate the game as a whole. And people seem to slander it over one tiny mistake that could’ve been fixed.

  10. That's the thing. Everyone's favourite pokemon game is usually either their first or second one. A lot of things a newcomer might find fresh or interesting in the first playthrough might just be something that gets very played out and uninteresting by the time you have 3+ mainline games or even 3+ generations.

  11. Game 6 Lakers vs Kings would have been a shitshow for multiple months.

  12. Mr. Stake lived a crit Ice Beam from Misty's Starmie, GOAT stuff right there. Also showed that Meganium has good defensive potential, if it weren't hindered by its type/the region.

  13. Chuck's Poliwrath, and Bruno's Onix. :P

  14. I was thinking more about trainers as a whole, but good point. Still that's pretty sad, especially since Onix probably gets one shot by any decent water or grass move.

  15. Skarmory is arguably even worse because outside of being a 5% encounter on 1 Road in Pokemon Silver (version exclusive), you never encounter one either in the wild or in a trainer battle.. Hence why so many people used to think it was a Gen 3 mon.

  16. When 11 year old me finally beat Cynthia and the Elite 4 after days of trying, I may have gone on an unhinged rant with some colorful language during my victory lap around the house.

  17. I cannot believe that this was not posted ironically. Seek help.

  18. CP3 is the better player, but depending on the rest of my and how much I need my PG to carry them, Stockton is who I will go with. The durability is just so valuable, especially in the playoffs.

  19. Sometimes I wonder how these relationships ever get past the dating stage.

  20. Obligatory noted about how the algorithm works. Reddit picks out your first submission regardless of context when it comes to the vote, so you might want to space out your N T A if you want to vote YTA.

  21. Once you get to 155 and below, things get dicey. Size difference is too much. At least most welterweights probably walk around at 185/190 so they aren't too outmatched.

  22. Outside of Chuck vs Tito. I don't know if there has even been an instance in MMA history where a fighter has lost the 2 fights to an opponent, and gone on to win the trilogy fight. By that point the other guys just has your number, and neither Izzy nor Rob has truly changed much since February.

  23. As an MMA fan, there a few athletes that people like to say "If X had gotten into MMA a few years earlier, can you imagine how much better they could be?" This manly applies to guys like Brock, Daniel Cormier, and Yoel Romero.

  24. I legitimately never understood why people would hate on Aljo when he is the one who got blasted by an illegal hit and just decided to not be sulky and moody when his family and friends were celebrating him becoming a champion. Sports fans can be weird.

  25. Probably because he laid down longer from that knee than any of the other scary knockouts we've seen this year. I mean he has the right to milk it, but he did milk it. He's since proven himself fully though.

  26. The man got blasted by a full force knee when he wasn't expecting anything at all. Most people end up with their lights turned completely off so their team carried them out. I guess it was naive of him to try and stand up on his own, but Yan was already DQ'd by then. Even if he was completely fine, they wouldn't have restarted the fight. The man was hurt, not acting.

  27. I need DC to beat Jones in their rematch. Extending that rivalry to a genuine potential trilogy and having the LHW title not be bogged down by Jon testing positive would have been perfect.

  28. NTA. It seems a lot of people commenting on this have decided to essentially ignore the fact that you have actually already spent years and countless amounts of money on various forms of therapy for you and your daughter. If after this long nothing sticks, then so be it.

  29. Yoel, Brock, and DC would all be monsters if they started early. Extra points to DC if he never drops down to LHW because of his loyalty to Cain.

  30. I want Grapploct to be Water/Fighting because it is a fun type combo we don't have enough of. Same reason I like when Feraligatr and Luxray get an extra Dark typing. Dual types are fun and make for some more interesting gameplay.

  31. I vaguely remember seeing somewhere that Vince actually liked Punk, it was Triple H he had genuine beef with.

  32. Team 2012. Defense wins championships and all that. There is only so much Giannis can do to cover for everyone else. Especially when prime Lebron and prime Dwight are some of the most athletic defenders in history.

  33. NTA. This was a long time coming and she also brought it on herself for starting a fight out of nowhere and blaming you for everything.

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