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An American Pickup in Europe

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  1. Why is there a 13 under your player level, is it because your prestige 13 or because you’ve completed prestige 10 13 times?

  2. When I was about 14 in school we had to do practice walks carrying heavy rucksacks for a camp we going on. No idea what the weigh was, but through the walk there was a fence and everyone decided to climb over it. As I was climbing over the fence I ended up sitting directly on top of my left testicle and I shit you not it was the most painful experience I’ve ever had. I sort of played it off but I walked for another 30 minutes with my left testicle in absolute agony until we eventually got back to school.

  3. That sounds horrendous, I reccomend seeing a doctor/ urologist about the pain, just in case there is damage or anything like that.

  4. Seriously though, Sunday is the best Bowie song.

  5. Would love Ewan to win at home even though it’s highly unlikely.

  6. So tuangafasi ruled out of the game due to Aki's high contact but apparently no issue... the consistency in these laws is amazing.

  7. The opening of Sunday is the reason why Sunday is my favourite Bowie song

  8. Good thing he had a good dad who chose to follow laws and set a good example.

  9. You are aware a life jacket doesn’t automatically mean you aren’t going to drown right?

  10. What does that have to do with anything lol. We arent debating the efficiency of life jackets here. We're talking about how his father is caring and set a good example.

  11. Nah you’re right we aren’t debating anything, you’re just an asshat.

  12. Love the mw2 holographic sight in the treyarch section, what a lazy meme.

  13. More cards than a bunch of virgins playing Yu-gi-oh!

  14. I don’t want to read this but is it better or worse than the 4chan Great Dane story?

  15. What is up with George North being pulled by the leg into the ref as well by the way 😂

  16. Another instance of a clear all black red that goes “unnoticed”. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen to other teams but I always notice it more with the all blacks.

  17. As an American tourist, the small vehicles in Europe and even smaller places for them to travel is what I find absurd.

  18. This is a lie, I’m 6’3 drive a Renault Clio and have never once felt cramped. I can fit a road bike in my car and still have room for myself and a passenger. There’s no way I believe you asked for the biggest car available. You have so many European people carriers to choose from that have plenty of room in them.

  19. Oh I didn’t realise it was so rare to get into the beta without paying, I’m a mercy main and I really don’t enjoy playing many other heroes. Can I give someone my code on Xbox and then they are able to log into the beta or is tied to account?

  20. If your comparing them as a whole I’m going with WA is my favourite if we are going off individual beaches, I’ve never been to a better beach than Noosa Heads (Granted I’ve also never been further north than Geraldton or further south than Busselton).

  21. How much XP did you get? Really finding the XP in this game low.

  22. You didn’t get a response so I’ll respond instead, I’ve levelled up 6 times in a round 33 and a round 41.

  23. Got some bad news for you pal, it ain’t taped

  24. Sunday is literally my favourite Bowie song full stop.

  25. If half the game related things happen I’ll be happy to be honest

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