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  1. In the initial episode he used it in, it seemed especially bad lol I wonder if he lowered the volume or softened it somehow. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to it

  2. He hits it in the background of audience applause moments and it's FANTASTIC. Was fire in the Gregory Vee video from Thursday.

  3. The pandemic has clearly demonstrated how poorly the US treats its most vulnerable citizens. Wealthiest nation in the history of mankind, but grandma has gotta keep working as a greeter at Walmart even though it could end her life.

  4. If this helps describe Americanness, I thought the "under God" part was culty so I didn't say that. But we sang all of the armed forces songs in elementary school choir (my parents said, because they're public domain) and the swearing in ceremony to the Army was very pledge-y and definitely the bookend of pledging as a child. If it is still done anywhere, and sounds like it is, those schools need to kick it out along with Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

  5. The “under God” part was added during the Cold War as a way of countering the influence of communism.

  6. “Congratulations class of 2022. When I call your name please step forward and receive your beanie.”

  7. Serious question, how many celebrities are paid shills for these stupid ape NFTs? There was a clip I saw of Paris Hilton talking reverentially on Jimmy Fallon's show about her bored ape NFT, and then Jimmy pulled his out to show off he had one too. It felt like an infomercial.

  8. They did that to create awareness and drive up the price of their own nfts. Fallon should not have been allowed to do that on air.

  9. I really like them but as a beginner I find the tone editor really complicated to use. I thought I could use the gigantic library of patches from the katana community, but they use a different format (WHY? This is the weirdest decision ever not to make them use the same format). Haven’t been able to find a lot of WAZA-compatible patches yet

  10. Yeah I haven’t delved into those yet. I bought them for the 360 degree sound gyroscope gimmick and I hate it. Mine feel really unbalanced and I have to tilt my guitar or head a certain way to even the sound out. The fender micro mustang does a better job for what I need.

  11. Season 9 for sure. “The Taking of Funtime One Two Three” and “Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street” are a couple of my favorites that year.

  12. Season 1! I love the humor back then

  13. I’ll never forget watching “Crawl Space” when it first aired. It was the first BB episode I watched and I couldn’t stop laughing. I had no idea what the show would be capable of, and a Shining parody was a great start.

  14. Lawyers. Yes, they sometimes go to extreme lengths when representing their clients, but unlike medical doctors who can kill someone and get it swept under the rug,... if a lawyer doesn't go all out for their client (be that the government or an individual) they can be brought before the Bar for an ethics violation.

  15. Stone Cold himself said it: if you’re getting those chants, you need to change your cadence up. The What chants are as ubiquitous as Woo’s on chops. It is what it is, now

  16. “Woos” don’t detract from the show. “What” chants do. They’ve always been obnoxious.

  17. I disagree. They let the talent know that their promo isn’t connecting

  18. “What?” is lazy and dumb. It’s for audiences with low attention spans. It’s become the wrestling equivalent of shouting out “Freebird!” at a concert.

  19. Yeah check it out. “Time Loves a Hero” and “Fat man in the bathtub” are classic tracks as well.

  20. No it was something that happened at 2005 golden globes that she was pissed about. I didn't listen to the audio in the article but here you go if you want to know and listen to it.

  21. A few decades ago you didn't have many internet, no cell phone, far fewer had cable tv ..Fu prices were lower... people didn't go to Starbucks 5 times a day....there were a lot of things people didn't waste money on then that they do today....

  22. Yep. People need to work 2 jobs to pay for their Starbucks addiction. Give me a break.

  23. Your whole post is whining and straw man arguments. You cite no sources other than yourself. Living through something doesn’t make you an expert.

  24. Season 34 ? Let it die already, it's gone on for 20 seasons too long.

  25. There's 1 good episode of the Simpsons, it had a monorail. Everything else is trash.

  26. How is everything else during those prime years trash? That’s completely absurd.

  27. Pretty much every billionaire gained their wealth through some combination of inheritance, corruption and/ or exploitation. Contrary to what some may say, there is no such thing as a “blue collar billionaire”.

  28. Because it’s more complicated than googling symptoms. People often fall into the dangerous self-diagnosis trap and believe they have things they may not.

  29. Did it touch your face? If so, may want to call the local paramedics and explain.

  30. I’m curious why you need people to explain this to you. Do you watch or read the news?

  31. You talk about rent prices in your first sentence and then talk about buying in the second.

  32. Baldness is likley unnatural and has nothing to do with genes. Baldness has been definitively tied to diet in many studies.

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