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  1. You can listen to his Hardcore History: Addendum episode called Republic Lost At Sea where he interviews a professor Barry Strauss about his book regarding the Roman civil war after Julius Caesar’s assassination. Not as concise as his regular HH episodes but it’s fascinating to hear Dan chat about stuff with someone else.

  2. I actually think it's hilarious and very on-brand that, after six months of crushing defeat and constant struggle, Chief wakes up, beats every single Banished ass he comes across, kills basically all of the Banished's leadership (while also making time to kill fifteen of the deadliest targets Humanity has ever faced) turns around and beats a new, never-before-seen ass, and does it all in time for dinner.

  3. Travis Scott for inciting a riot where people died, and recently assaulting an audio engineer.

  4. Vancouver island cities and towns aren’t labeled properly. Campbell river and Vancouver aren’t in the right spots and Victoria has a dot but isn’t labeled either

  5. Considering he was experimented on for the ORION program, his body honestly might be too fucked up to augment to S-IV standards. Theoretically of course. I think he would stay a marine anyway. Like he could've been an ODST or something if he wanted, but clearly just enjoyed being a Marine.

  6. Thank you for that info. A bad idea he had. Like nooooo

  7. Yeahhhh I was wondering who would have thought that these countries would voluntarily become part of the USA and USSR. That’s just not how it works.

  8. What do you mean? Canada is a proxy state to britain and BC is a trading envelope for “pacific” transactions. We launder over 10 billion a year through the BCLC and nobody can figure out how to deal with it at all - probably because they don’t want regular folk AKA the “commoners” (we’re referred to as the commonwealth/colonies) to get upset so they say things like “oh lets start a cullen commission to get down to the bottom of this” when the reality is that globalism started in the 1800’s and hasn’t left, nor will it.

  9. TIL Canada is a proxy state. I guess Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are too.

  10. No no you don't get it. Everyone is as chronically online as you and me and knows this.

  11. And when they reference a thing you don’t get they act all superior? Sorry I’ve been working full time and haven’t kept up with the trends

  12. Never knew that the Netherlands (my country) was in the centre of European UFO sightings.

  13. I’m pretty sure the reason why is because the data they got when making this map is only UFO sightings in the English lanaguge.

  14. Who kinda accepts them? I live and am from latam and I can assure you we don’t accept them. A few uneducated people out in the woods accepting them is like saying the US is represented by billy bob from bumfuck Mississippi. Youre generalizing strongly.

  15. Yeah, fair enough. I’m not from South America and I’ve only heard it from other ufo enthusiasts. So that in and of itself is heavily biased lol

  16. Aren’t they an endangered species? Why are they sending big cats to a war zone? /s

  17. I’m no lore expert, I havent read any of the books but I honestly think they are a kind of Easter Egg in the Reach Campaign.

  18. This has been my problem with almost every open world I have played in. They look pretty and sound great until you run out of things to do, which seems to happen sooner and sooner these days.

  19. Nothing cool happened.

  20. I just got chills reading the rule of cool moments from Halo 3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (satisfaction)

  21. Is this some weird ass take on the Hakka? Not sure where they picked up the source material…but someone needs to tell them it doesn’t come from Wish…

  22. I thought that’s what they’re trying to do too. I’m not from Aotaeroa so I’m not sure how accurate their Hakka.

  23. This would be really handy in Canada if they made it for cross country travel or work. Regionalism is such a mess it would help people realize we're all dealing with similar concerns.

  24. I totally agree. I feel like a lot of people would enjoy seeing beautiful mountains in the west and gorgeous forests all over.

  25. I didn't put it in, because Russia started it

  26. What about Poland invading Iraq? I don’t think the polish started that one

  27. Anyone watched “Designated Survivor” ? S1 was back to back banger episodes and me and my ex completed it in record time. Cue to S2 and had us both cringing to even think about watching it anymore…

  28. I was super into it and it was great for a time. I honestly stopped watching it before the first season ended.

  29. Suits is such an interesting show to analyse. They do the same thing over and over again, use every single trope in the book... but they own it imo. The show knows what it is and the acting is amazing. The chemistry between both leads (Harvey and Mike) is phenomenal.

  30. I watched the whole thing too and somehow I missed how straight forward it was cuz I guess I was invested in the characters themselves. Taking a further step back and seeing how the show is presented, “barging in and out of offices unannounced” is really quite accurate lol. I doubt I’d be able to watch the series again because if just be wanting to see the character development andf the character’s relationships without that measly plot in the way.

  31. The best tell tell sign I've noticed is when someone talks but won't listen. If you're an intellectual you beg for different perspectives.

  32. Is it the same thing when you’re talking with someone and you casually correct their misunderstandings about certain topics?

  33. My brother does this reflexively. Sometimes I'll catch him interrupting what I'm saying with "I know", so I'll just cut myself off. Eventually he caves in and asks what I was saying, while making excuses to soften his embarrassment.

  34. My brother used to do something similar. I’d tell him something I learned literally that day and he’d tell me I’d already told him that. It would happen quite regularly and I know that not everything I tell him is the first time, but when I learn something new I’m eager to share it cuz I enjoy sharing information in case someone may need it one day idk.

  35. I mean,out of 220 countries in this story's world,his ranks 58th in GDP,10% of the 15 million population lives below the poverty line (so around 1.5 million dont make a sufficient income) and the nation has a 82% literacy rate.

  36. Sounds like your dictator isn’t killing his citizens overtly for denouncing his rule so it doesn’t sound too evil at all.

  37. Yes, settling on resources still give you the benefits of that resource (both default yields and luxuries/strategics/bonuses). This is not to be confused with features such as woods, rainforest, and marshes that also add default yields to tiles. Features are removed when you settle.

  38. Also if you place a district or improvement on a blank tile that later has a resource you will also get the use of said resource free.

  39. Ahhh this is the answer to many of my questions I’ve had in the mid-game.

  40. The Russians really are living in another reality than the rest of us. Mind boggling the amount of falsities present in this conversation.

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