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  1. Not out of the game. Just out of the All Star Game because it literally doesn't matter and it's boring AF to stop the game for a review on a game that literally doesn't matter.

  2. Then just don’t have offside in the all star game. Don’t follow any rules actually. It would be sick.

  3. I bet you'd be super fun at a party if you were ever invited to one.

  4. If there are a million DLo fans, I am one of them. If there are 10 DLo fans, I am one of them. If there is 1 DLo fan, that is me. If there are no DLo fans, I am no longer of this Earth.

  5. As much as I like to support the little guys, once shipping is considered this is only 5 cents less than Amazon. Even without Prime since it’s $28 and they ship orders $25+ for free.

  6. I mean, we've been preparing since WW2 for a conflict against Russia/USSR. I don't think time is against us.

  7. You’re not fighting the war. Ukraine is. Time is on your side for as long as Ukraine can pay the price for the American goal of weakening Russia.

  8. I take issue with your phrasing. Weakening Russia is also Ukraines goal, they can't win without it. Ukraine isn't fighting just to satisfy an American objective, both the US and Ukraine have the same goal, ensure the continued existence of Ukraine.

  9. The US has been meddling in Ukraine since long before Putin. This is the end result of a long campaign of disruption by America in the region with the express purpose of stifling Russia as a geopolitical and regional power. This is a conscious outcome of American foreign policy since at the very least 2008 when Russia had no interest in deleting Ukraine or whatever you’re implying by “continued existence.” The Russian goal now isn’t even to stop Ukraine from existing. I have no idea how people still believe this is the impetus for Russian aggression.

  10. I told my dad Dallas is the worst team in the history of 3 on 3 OT. And he said “watch them win” and literally 3 seconds later NJ scored this goal lol

  11. hmmm, how many people actually claim science can replace philosophy? lol

  12. Basically all of Reddit is filled with scientistic bullshit.

  13. Pretty dumb thing to say. Islam can't be violent without it's practitioners doing violence.

  14. Wrong. Texts themselves can explicitly be violent and promote violence, whether anyone carries it our or not.

  15. Have you ever actually read the Quran? There’s a very explicit anti-violence message. But keep talking out your ass please.

  16. I mean, compared to the Wolves the bulk of the last 20 years, the things going on with those teams are generally much more pleasant.

  17. The nice thing about the Wolves is that I have no hope in them winning ever.

  18. It’s a Minnesota brewery and Hormel is a Minnesota company, so it makes sense from a marketing standpoint. Minnesotans like anything Minnesotan. Fulton did a

  19. I’m Minnesotan. All I think about when I think of Hormel is Tim O’Brien’s chapter in the Things They Carried where he talks about working at the Hormel factory blowing blood clots out of pig carcasses with pressurized water.

  20. Who doesn't love Prof Gary Johnson!? 😊

  21. its just the jordan logo with dray squatting infront np

  22. 'If that was the case every single game has a "story" '

  23. Emergent narrative is better than a consciously written plot basically 99% of the time imo.

  24. Emergent narrative is a really creative way of saying you flip random cards with 0 narrative connection.

  25. Which is pretty telling to how bad a lot of actually written stories are.

  26. i love star trek but it’s so unbearably horny. a lot of the once-off romances make me cringe to the point of pausing it and gathering myself again.

  27. Every other episode is someone breaking the prime directive because they got horny.

  28. IIRC, the biggest problem with the Grassy Knoll shooter would be targeting. The vehicle was moving at nearly a right angle to the view, and the view was limited by the surrounding bushes to a very few seconds as it passed. The shooter would have to acquire, lead, and shoot in something like less than 5 seconds.

  29. To be completely honest, I think gene therapy has next to zero possibility to “deliver on its promise” given the incentive structure of healthcare in its current state. And that’s not even just saying the for profit insurance system in the US, but rather the orientation of all medical therapies being marketed towards affluent countries on the global scale and then the further stratification of quality of care within those countries based on social position.

  30. "Hey Xi, can you give us some pointers on how to run a firewall?"

  31. It’s pretty incredible after an uninterrupted 50 years of meddling and subversion by the US in Afghanistan, redditors still imagine the Chinese who have next to zero involvement there as the bad guys somehow.

  32. This was a joke regarding the Chinese Great Firewall, which blocks access to the entire Western internet, and is probably the most well-known example of such a firewall. It's not calling the Chinese the "bad guys".

  33. It’s literally making up a fake scenario that China serves to curtail women’s rights. It’s yellow peril delusion.

  34. Well it depends on the organism and also what values of the human observer there are. “Advantages” aren’t really a biological truth in a lot of cases but a value judgement on the part of a human interlocutor.

  35. Inbreeding due to a population catastrophe is usually not great because a random set of founders is random, and may include disease risks or other harmful traits that will be passed on to a lot of offspring.

  36. Not all artificial selection is inbreeding though. And actually a lot modern breeding efforts are centered around introducing more genetic diversity to alleviate genetic load that accumulated during domestication processes.

  37. Do it, write the essay. I double dog dare you to

  38. No one gives a shit about his opinion. Would be a massive waste.

  39. I love the dude. But he just never stayed healthy enough to be the kind of player to make these lists.

  40. less IMO. She did it largely because she wanted to marry the guy and have a family. No problem doing that all but it wasnt like once he got freed she worked on helping other cases as well

  41. I've never met the dude obviously, but from everything I've seen in games and interviews he seems like a dude that would be awesome to have as a friend, really chill and fun, but also just not the brightest bulb there is. All the physical tools are there but just can't put them together.

  42. Tbf a lot of hockey players are just dumb as stumps. Doesn’t necessarily stop them from excelling.

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