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  1. I’d love to know what she thought she was going to say that would be so ground breaking

  2. From a former GC, I always saw it because the other people in my household kind of hated me for it. My ndad was the nicest to me because I didn’t everything he wanted because all I wanted was for him to be nice to me. I graduated high school with great grades, went to the university he wanted me to go to (he went there), lived in the dorm he wanted me to live in (social status thing), chose the roommate he wanted me to live with (his work friend’s kid, again a social status thing), joined the sorority he wanted me to join (social status thing), majored in what he wanted me ti so I could join the family business, then later joined the family business. The only way I could be in his good graces was to make HIM look good, so that’s what I did for 23 years. Then I met my husband, who he didn’t approve of because my husband didn’t go to college and wasn’t from a family that met his standards, we got pregnant before we were married, and it all collapsed. He made it his mission to treat me like a second class citizen from that point forward. He called my unborn child a [email protected]@rd, called my husband and I disgusting trash, etc. He then started treating my younger brother, the former scapegoat, as the golden child.

  3. So she can put vodka in her decaf coffee and thats fine, but caffeine is where she draws the line? Lmao if coffee bothers her anxiety, I don’t see how she drinks alcohol as much as she does but ok stank

  4. That I’m irrational, fly off the handle, and mean. It used to really bother me, and until I was maybe 20 years old I believed those things because I got told that at least once a day. When I went to college my sorority advisor told me that I was one of the most level headed college aged girls she’s ever met. When I told my husband that my nparents say those things about me, he said “you’re the least irrational person I know. You analyze every piece of a situation until you form any opinion or take any action”.

  5. Not once did I say it’s an std but her saying she had yeast infections before rocky and being brought up that she smells bad already is something else if she’s getting them constantly or has an untreated yeast infection she should really seek professional help not help from a box

  6. Honestly it seems like she has really bad hygiene. If she’s wearing the same pair of underwear and shorts for days in a row like it seems on her social media there’s no way she’s not getting them

  7. I’m assuming she says that because her parents did the same to her, right? Because it doesn’t seem like it worked if so, judging by her behavior.

  8. From the moment the catfish stuff was talked about on television I said something wasn’t adding up, and I was like 16 at the time. Bringing someone on tv who had the “same catfish” was pretty convincing but Meri’s story was not as airtight as the other ladies. I still don’t know what I personally think about the whole thing but I don’t believe the narrative of Meri was just trying to have a friendship.

  9. If I know anything about narcissists, and unfortunately I have a lot of personal experience with a male narcissists, I feel like Kody told Meri “you can leave if you want but you’ll never make it without MY name. TLC won’t want you on the show, the fans will hate you because I am SO loved, etc”. No one liked him years and years ago when the catfish thing broke out, but I think up until the last 3 seasons Kody was seriously under the impression he was well liked by the “fans”, that’s why within the last few seasons he’s been almost radio silent on social media. He started to believe his own lies and when we all flooded him with criticism he couldn’t take it and just shut off our access to directly say anything to him. I feel like he tried to say the same stuff to Christine, “I don’t want to go public for the show, you and Truely will be left with no substantial income because TLC will kick you off the show, no one will support you” etc and when Christine did it anyway that’s when he got so nasty.

  10. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Kody marries Kim Plath, Robyn gets bossed the fuck around, it's pure chaos, I will pay big bucks to watch it happen, absolute insanity, just let your mind wander with the possibilities.

  11. My predictions … Janelle showed plans of coyote house and Sobby and Meri made it difficult for her to proceed so she bounced. Kody didnt help her get her house goals and had two others back him up. So she asked for money back out of Sobbys house and thats why they pulled money out last year. I bet shes been gone since.

  12. Oooooo this makes sense, I never thought of this. Hope you’re right!!

  13. Seems to me that she may have parentified him when her husband died (made him be a sort of mini husband or ‘man of the house’ which robs children of their childhood) as well as being extremely enmeshed with him (aka emotional incest) from a young age which causes a lot of emotional trauma. She seemed to use guilt and manipulation anytime he tried to exert boundaries with her in the past (that’s why he had no emotional response to her tears and also accused her of faking it), I think what we saw on the tell-all was a culmination of decades of emotional abuse. Him saying he doesn’t call her mother because he feels he doesn’t have a mother is something you see a lot with adult children who are recovering from abusive parents. Check out

  14. I always get looks when I talk about my narcissistic father because “you shouldn’t be disrespectful to your parent”. I’m from the south too, and there is a huge stigma against setting boundaries or going no contact with your parent, no matter what they’ve done. I always tell people, if you don’t understand why I feel this way about my parent then congratulations! You didn’t have an abusive parent and that’s great, but don’t comment on how I deal with it because you have no clue, and that’s a good thing for you.

  15. I LOVE your idea of having a man do the tell all interviews!!!! I want to see what Kody does when he can’t use his usual tactics. Who do we like for this? 😄

  16. I saw a post a few weeks ago suggesting a male host and people were throwing a few different names in there. I saw one person suggest Dr. Drew that has hosted a few different tv reunions and Tell All’s. I think he’d be great, if he can handle the Teen Mom crew I think he can handle the Browns! 🤣 He will ask the hard questions and won’t let you skate passes the details.

  17. Downvote away. Last episode in her interview Robyn put kody on total blast saying basically if he didn’t start working on ALLcthe marriages he was going to lose them ALL. I think that was a very telling remark and is consistent with other comments she’s made in the last few seasons. She’s not happy with how he’s behaving, she’s not happy in her marriage and I believe she really did think she was marrying into a big happy plyg family. Just like they had all of us fooled for so many years, she was fooled too until Christine and Janelle basically shunned her. Let’s look at facts, Janelle made no effort with anyone including christine until they became Allie’s during Covid. Janelle dissed her a lot over the years including saying christine acted like a princess. Christine admitted several times she treated Robyn badly and was jealous of her. That despite the fact all of the wives thanked Robyn on air for Robyn going to bay for them with Cody.

  18. That’s your opinion and that’s fine, my post was saying that it is not Robyn’s place to say “I need to hear from all of you if you’re staying”. They don’t all live in the same home, they aren’t raising children together, so whether Jenelle is staying or going isn’t Robyn’s business. That’s not her marriage. It’s between Jenelle and Kody. If Robyn isn’t happy in her marriage, she should join the club and stop acting like Christine was ridiculous for leaving. The way Robyn treated Christine on the porch a few episodes ago was ridiculous, and it’s very obvious that Ari had heard way too much adult conversation about it seeing that she basically direct quoted her mother “have dates”. And I’m not being ugly towards Ari because Ari is a child, but Robyn has been extremely vindictive and that’s what most peoples issue is with her. She makes every issue and every marriage about her and how it “affects her”.

  19. Kody throwing his toddler tantrum fits remind me so much of my narcissistic dad. When he gets push back or knows he doesn’t have an argument, he results to acting as psycho as possible to just scare you into submission.

  20. No cancelling the show. The season isn’t over and I’m already ready for season 18 😂😂😂

  21. I’m with you! I feel like there’s a lot more story to tell! I wouldn’t mind a show with mostly Christine and Jenelle and less Kody and Robyn, though!

  22. I feel CERTAIN kody has never made an effort to satisfy a wife. EVER

  23. I am willing to bet he’s extremely weird about it, IF he has ever attempted to satisfy. So weird, that they never mentioned him doing it again.

  24. There was a rumor a while ago that her lip products were the same as the colourpop ones just packaged differently. IMO that’s kind of an insult to colourpop.

  25. I think it’s in the same vein as all of Christine’s contributions (child raising, party planning, cooking, etc). These women are expected to give everything to the “good of the family”. I think that can work in a situation like janelle/Christine where they have different roles but equally put in all effort. The problem arises when there’s a selfish person. Originally it was meri who would go on vacations while janelle was struggling to feed her children. And kody, who owned a convertible while Christine was filling bankruptcy. Both were able to make some sacrifices though for the family, just not nearly enough or to the same level. Finally there is Robyn, who expects to put in no effort or money and be completely worshipped for gracing them with her presence. Now I would say kody has decided he likes that and wants to live that way too. In a system like that the ones who are willing to contribute are completely taken advantage of and since they’ve done it for so long, it is expected of them

  26. Yes to all of this! I agree! It feels like Jenelle didn’t realize how blatant it was until last weeks episode. I’m sure she’s always felt it was unfair, but I don’t think it was an urgent issue to her until Christine left and she realized she didn’t even have a home to sell if she wanted to leave.

  27. During next week's preview Kody yells at Janelle for not thinking like an entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial skills have landed them with Coyote Pass, a plot of land still not paid off or developed. Fuck off Kody.

  28. Someone needs to burst his bubble, and I mean BAD. He is not an entrepreneur, MOST PEOPLE are not entrepreneurs, that’s why most people just work their career and pay their bills and deal with life. Trying to be “creative” has landed a lot of people in prison for fraud. He is not smart and he certainly isn’t creative, he just gets Jenelle and Meri to do all of the “creative thinking”.

  29. What I think is so interesting about Robyn is she goes from one annoying extreme to the next, and she almost never seems genuine but you can tell she is trying her ass off to seem that way. The last couple of episodes is the best example. She’s crying and putting on the poor me act, but as soon as Christine says something she doesn’t agree with she’s SO aggressive and ugly. She was clearly so up in arms that she completely misconstrued the conversation and got LIVID and defensive over nothing, then on a dime put the pouty sad mask back on. Not only do I not like Robyn, she really freaks me out. She reminds me of my MIL, and there’s really no telling what goes on in the house.

  30. Absolutely. She is a master manipulator and to be honest, and this truly is no shade to the family I love them, I think they were easy marks. She was ten years younger 60lbs lighter and a freak in the sheets. It’s not like she didn’t know in the back of her mind that she was going to dominate Kody’s time.

  31. I think Robyn has always felt threatened by Christine for numerous reasons. In the beginning of the show, Kody described his relationship with Christine as “fun, funny, adventurous, light hearted”, she’s been deemed as the mom of all moms by the kids (even Janelle has admitted it too), she was creative and fun, she was also the most attractive and young out of the wives I’d said when Robyn entered the family. 🤷‍♀️ I think she has been in Kodys ear for years about Christine because she’s insecure, meanwhile Christine has been made to feel like SHE was the problem because SHE was insecure.

  32. I really think something is different with Robyn. The way she kept talking about the other moms helping to raise her kids when she first joined the family. She mentioned that “perk” so often. I don’t think she can take care of her kids alone. She may physically or mentally need another person around to help.

  33. When I rewatch the earliest episodes where her and Kody were “courting” and she was a single mom, her house seemed pretty chaotic. Not that the Brown house didn’t, but it did seem like organized chaos. It didn’t seem like her kids were very disciplined and just kind of ran amuck. I think the idea of a bunch of kids and being a “stay at home mom/wife” sounds good in her head because in their religion that’s what many of them feel they’re “supposed to do”, but I don’t think she’s very good at.

  34. The front curls. I'm hoping by next season.

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