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  1. Thank you, captain obvious. You're input was duly noted.

  2. You got an order to pick up at the food court and deliver to various businesses there? That should be for bike or walking DD people, not drivers. Unless it paid or tipped well which I doubt. If it was bad just keep track of the place and don't pick up there again.

  3. Does every market allow for bike deliveries? Mine never used to.

  4. Fam Brownlee on Facebook would be the person to ask this question to.

  5. Fam is always a pleasure to see in the fb timeline

  6. I know parts of the ardmore have fiber. It's one road over from me, unfortunately I don't have it.

  7. Means that market is crowded and they don't need any. They'll probably end up on the waiting list.

  8. I think the reference is good for your area. Not sure tho. If they're put on a waiting list, they'll stay there until needed

  9. I charter a helicopter to transport me from Greensboro to a rural town in Virginia. From there, I ride a motorcycle to a farm just outside town, where I purchase completely legal weed. I then ride back, instead of the helicopter, I throw the police off by getting in an atv and go off road all the way back home. Haven't been caught yet.

  10. Take it to Honda of Winston Salem, in clemmons. I've always taken my bike there. Great people

  11. I may call them, but the local honda dealer here won’t touch anything even from the 90’s.

  12. Yeah I don't think they have that policy. They practically have a old school Honda motorcycle museum in the back

  13. Sawtooth has programs that are more arts based if that's what you're looking for.

  14. Yeah but then they'd have to pay for it... It'd be so much easier on them if op built a new one and paid for it themselves

  15. Being that it's a Saturday, I've been doing this for a year now

  16. Nta read that last sentence and apply it to yourself. Your mother should also be applying that to you as well. Her happiness is important, but as a mother your wellbeing should far outweigh that. You're 14, and your brother is 16, you shouldn't have to share a room, let alone the same bed. You shouldn't feel bad about what you said, you said it out of passion and anger. You apologized for it already. You should still sit down and express these feelings with your mom tho, or if there are any adults or free counseling talk to them. You and your brother deserve the future, your mom is not providing that at the moment.

  17. I did try to convince them that adults can like anime and games and figures and some people even make a career out of it. But they just laugh in my face and say that I'm lying.

  18. Have they tried to internet?

  19. Nta, if they get separated (if that's allowed in your culture) you probably saved her happiness. You're her sibling, and only looking out for her happiness.

  20. Most definitely nta. I personally think you really need to sit down with your brother and talk with him. Let him know how much this hurt you, not just monetarily but emotionally. If he's unable to pay you back all at once, which I can guarantee you he won't, ask for payments if that's something you are comfortable with. From what it sounds like, you truly love your brother. It's worth sitting down and talking to him. If he continues to have a crappy attitude, get up and walk away. If you walk away and leave without saying anything, if he has emotions, that will hopefully trigger them.

  21. Nta. If she wants the truck she can buy it. If she can't afford to buy it outright then you deserve to be able to sell if you don't want it. If she helped pay for it in anyway just pay her back when you sell it.

  22. I'm sorry, did you not read the full reason of why she didn't get invited?

  23. I am absolutely delighted each time someone who didn't grow up thinking this tacky tradition is normal hears about it for the first time.

  24. I don't even like when my mom buys me dinner when I'm 30...i couldn't imagine depending on people to pay for my entire wedding. I'd literally rather die.

  25. Nta. They don't get to judge you on being financially irresponsible, and then also tell you to not take the job that could very well give you financial stability. Sounds like you're trying to be more than accommodating to your sister's needs, and they aren't being receptive of yours.

  26. This screamed red flags to me too. I'm just worried they're somehow being taken advantage of in some way

  27. Nta. Literally just read another post about how a grandma hates her sons wife because she's not good enough for him, and the grandma ended up disliking the kids to. This very much feels like this is where this mother and son relationship is heading. She's just going to be jealous over any attention another women gives her son.

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