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  1. Só vejo problema nisso na parte de ter filho. Como sexo casual, não vejo problema.

  2. Drinking lightning - AWOLNATION

  3. I ain't got none of those and still no bitc**s

  4. NEOB : Sai dai o quanto antes man, ela é uma completa babaca.

  5. Duelista, sentinela, controlador e iniciador.

  6. If I were to be a dictator I'd be just like Getúlio Vargas.

  7. Coloca um doguinho rebaixado no print

  8. I reset my mind and pretend like nothing happened

  9. How no one gives a shit about your feelings, they just expect you to be OK with everything.

  10. Kim rye, from far cry new dawn.

  11. Being polite to everyone I meet no matter what

  12. A very famous singer in my country once said "what is the worst attitude of a hooker? Sell her body for need or for ambition? Take your conclusion."

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