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  1. There are allergy tests via blood samples that can tell you exactly what he is allergic to (we found out that ours has a pretty long list of both environmental and food allergies). The only way that we found to control paw licking, as well as hives, is topical steroids (Cortavance). He is also on Apoquel and Cytopoint. Obsessive paw licking usually means that he is still very allergic to something, so I’d recommend starting with a proper allergy test.

  2. One of my chores was to wash shoes (soles) in the sink using a toothbrush (a special toothbrush used only for this). I now think that it is gross to have all that dirty water spray everywhere in the bathroom.

  3. I want to say “I’ll sit him down and have a grown up conversation about our sex life, why he is not satisfied and how we can change that”. It reality I’ll probably chop his balls off before getting a divorce.

  4. Why would you? Life is full of disappointments, let them enjoy Santa for as long as possible.

  5. I think if dogs are properly trained (as in they won’t go to the bathroom while in a store, won’t damage anything etc) then they should be allowed. However, I don’t think it’s possible to ensure that every dog entering the store is properly trained.

  6. Instant noodles. I remember it being so delicious, especially when we had them on our camping trips (we were not allowed to have unhealthy and “bad” food otherwise). Now instant noodles just taste like cardboard with some chemical flavouring.

  7. A few years ago I realised that my mother is a pathological liar, that she always has to play the victim and that she’s just a not very good person overall.

  8. Ahaha I did kick our dog off the bed once too and now he only sleeps at the top part of our bed.

  9. I am that person. We don’t wear shoes in the house and wash our dog’s paws after every walk. We also wash him twice a week (as per vet’s orders because he has allergies), so he is always clean.

  10. Because men and women can just be friends without fucking?

  11. why would they not fuck if they are single or poly though, i just dont get it. i find that an abnormal relationship to sex.

  12. I never said that they can’t fuck. I said that two people of opposite sex can exist purely as friends and that not everything is about fucking.

  13. Get a weed card. Problem solved.

  14. No, I mean how do you know where to find good (clean?) weed that is good quality etc. I imagine you can’t just Google that.


  16. Ahah I am genuinely curious as it’s not legal where I live, but I realised that I probably won’t get an actual answer

  17. In most cases they should be. It is more efficient to see what level someone’s at through coursework and their works throughout the whole year.

  18. That it sometimes takes time to find what you really want to do and that it’s ok.

  19. Any forced medically unnecessary circumcision should be illegal

  20. Reading. I usually try to find a quiet bar/cafe and sit there with my book.

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