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  1. I still don’t see him as being as delusional as she is 🤷‍♀️

  2. He looks like that old creepy pedophile in Boogie Nights that ended up in jail. Yecchhh

  3. The fuck is going on with those abominable chesticles? 😳

  4. He fell off a boat? Aren’t whales usually already in the water?

  5. Oh, this is new to me! I’ve not heard about this. Out Stern? Escorting sister??

  6. Stern has been rumored for years to be having an affair with Ralph, his hair stylist. And Beth was supposedly “a model” when Stern met her, but all empirical evidence points to her being a yacht girl at best.

  7. "To my eye, she is the most beautiful woman in the world"

  8. Holy crap, I just scrolled up to check and that’s exactly what it is! Now, why?!?

  9. It’s a Thunder Shirt to calm her down from all the coke she’s doing?

  10. Oh please! I wear cotton leggings and she can just TRY to take them away from me. Just try.

  11. Cotton. Not pleather or whatever the hell she’s wearing. Plus, I’m guessing you shower a lot more than she does.

  12. Wait till these wild and free kids hit puberty. Hillary Lynn from Boston is gonna be soooo fuct.

  13. I predict at least one will be pregnant before graduating high school 😕

  14. The Washington Post is the news equivalent of People Magazine

  15. Not a WT fan, but this article is savage and I’m living for it.

  16. “Plain Vanilla Gringo” - excellent flair. And they eviscerated her grifting nonexistent arse.

  17. Mebbe she’s gonna off him? I get strong Brynn Hartman vibes from her.

  18. That poor child looks woebegone 😞 My heart aches for him.

  19. Julie Klausner and Tom Scharpling, hosts of the Double Threat podcast, acted as human solar-eclipse goggles, reporting on Baldwin’s recent interview and TV recap videos to spare their listeners the long-term effects of watching these “two ham hocks slobbing each other’s knobs.” On a recent episode, they welcomed Dylan Farrow to try to parse out Alec Baldwin’s rambling, bizarre pop-culture takes and strategic camera angles. Farrow has not done much press since the release of Allen v. Farrow in 2021, and although she didn’t stick around for the Baldwin-on-Allen portion of the ep, she still got one subtle dig in at Allen and had plenty of roast-worthy notes for Baldwin. We spoke to Klausner and Scharpling about the episode, the joy of giving Farrow a space to be goofy and shady, and some, um, “constructive criticism” for Baldwin.

  20. Alec Baldwin’s Instagram sessions are his scariest video work to date. Whoever gave him access to filters should be questioned in court. In a recent Insta-sesh, the actor lay prone on his back, rambling to the camera about HBO shows he’s been watching (he doesn’t get Westworld, loves the use of the color brown on The Staircase). But then Baldwin outdid himself — he announced he’d be interviewing alleged sex offender and maker of A Rainy Day in New York Woody Allen again, over Instagram Live. He made good on his threat, fawning over the disgraced filmmaker while the latter’s Wi-Fi kept crapping out. It was like watching two Gen-1 Amazon Echos try to talk to each other before any of the bugs were worked out.

  21. I seriously wonder if she ever had a real job. Like I know her parents are rich, but even rich kids have jobs when they’re teens/young adults. She’s had everything just handed to her.

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