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  1. have you considered selling a kidney for your EV purchase?

  2. Do you have other great life advice to accompany Selling your organs to buy cars? Maybe shave your hair off to save on shampoo costs?

  3. you could try cutting off your balls so you don't have children. Thus decreasing their potential carbon footprint saving the rainforest. Which we now need to destroy for more EVs

  4. Idk… I think now that I’m seeing it I would love a handle when I eat pasta. I wouldn’t look like a messy toddler after I slurp some noods.


  6. They've been clinically proven to increase "openness" which also includes things like empathy so...

  7. Or “openness” to manipulating people if they’d held back, “openness” to abuse power if they’d feared criticism. Us peons can’t

  8. small claims court? make them suffer for being bitches about the deposit

  9. Well it might be, but for more rural places of the UK i would say the car is a better option if someone can afford it in terms of time management.

  10. Most Unis are inside the city centres of major urban areas. Your case is an exception, but no less valid for your circumstance. I would not reccomened a student at the university of manchester drive to uni lol. their dorms would be walking

  11. I think a trap was set off. This looks like the caves under the lighthouse in Caspian, which as I recall was completely booby trapped. The invading forces can be seen dragging their comrades through the caves at some point as they die trapped

  12. Are you sure you can call American trains "high speed"? ;)

  13. cycle down the train carriage you could honestly say you’re cycling faster!

  14. Shhh let the American enjoy this. They’ve got it bad enough wrt to their public transit links. Glad to see blighty cycles catching on elsewhere.

  15. York Uni has a great Fusion Energy MSc (1yr). It’s mostly plasma physics. Eindhoven (NL) has a 2 year applied physics (?) Fusion course.

  16. For a beginner would you recommend an adjustable kettlebell or a set weight? I impulse brought 2 x 16kg kettlebells and now I'm thinking maybe I should have brought an adjustable one.

  17. An adjustable competition bell of high quality are popular if you’re willing to fork the cash and use it. does one if you’re in the uk

  18. Maybe she just likes to know what to expect ahead of time.

  19. I always tell my providers my height, hair and tone simply so they know what to expect. Seems only fair since we see their pics beforehand. I’m only certain it helps them prep mentally for our schedule

  20. Is that something that is common where you live? Why would an escort care about your height or hair colour ? That just seems like unnecessary info to me

  21. That to me just seems like common human basic decency. That way the escort literally knows how to identify you when you knock on the door for the incall. Stranger danger

  22. I'm on M1 using bootcamp, would you reccomend otherwise?

  23. Woops. Sorry. I meant parallels. Now I realise they’re completely different (virtual machine vs load native from partition )

  24. It would be silly to send one back. Just sell it if you didn’t like it. That said, I own three. Great bag.

  25. Lems Primal 2. Wide, white sole, athletic closed toe zero drop minimalist shoe.

  26. You’re gonna have a really hard time meeting those qualifications and not having too narrow of a shoe for your foot. Maybe the softstar primal would work, but it won’t have a white sole. BeLenka is the next widest brand, but even that won’t be wide enough for these measurements. Would Vibram five fingers work?

  27. Lems Primal 2. Wide, white sole, athletic closed toe zero drop minimalist shoe.

  28. I meant the actual software not just fast to make, for the purposes of having a unified note inbox. If QN were universal I could treat it like an inbox and all folders after that would be “processed” notes I have then edited, organised, archived, etc. others would be deleted, merged, or kept in the inbox until later (inbox = QN folder)

  29. There are no push notifications in Apollo without paying for Ultra. None at all. You always have to open the app manually to check. It never sends anything to Notification Centre.

  30. You’re paying for the notification server of the app, not the software.

  31. 40g is not a hard limit, and it's better measured in terms of grams of protein per kg of body weight (see the linked paper for more specific numbers), but yes, beyond a certain point, you'll get diminishing returns from additional protein consumption as the excess protein is more likely to be metabolized for energy over MPS.

  32. Ah thank you. Do you perchance know what else eating beyond MPS protein goals may be worthwhile? Or is it MPS that is the biggest protein shareholder? I guess, does beyond diminishing returns help us at all, other than MPS, some other bodily function? Otherwise yeah it’s wasteful (and not good for the environment)

  33. I’ve lived in York for the past 4 years and there aren’t really any anime or manga shops. You might find some manga or anime related products in HMV, Game, CEX, Waterstones, WHSmiths, The Works, there’s also Travelling Man. There’s also a Lego store in the Cliftongate Business Centre as well as The Entertainer in York Centre. Hope this helps!

  34. There’s at least two table top gaming shops, one by whip na woo ma gate and the other by Anderson’s/guitar shop in front of the museum gardens

  35. There’s at least 2 WarGames shops in york that do table top gaming

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