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  1. Consultar status de monstros é a coisa mais rápida que existe. Não vejo necessidade desse malabarismo todo

  2. Mas... você sabe que essas fichas rápidas já existem né? Tem uma tabela no livro do mestre que te dá tudo isso para cada nível de CR, aí é só pegar o nível adequado para a situação.

  3. Sim. Eu usei essa tabela quando criando essas fichas, fazendo alterações segundo minhas preferências e necessidades.

  4. This is exactly why I like systems where you get 0 choices on how your character turns out. DCC ftw!

  5. Yep. Embrace the chaos, make sense of it afterwards.

  6. Hobbit, afinal, sou um apreciador de comida, livros e outros confortos caseiros 😌

  7. I start by writing the step-by-step character creation. As I do that, questions will appear, since you character sheet is tied to other aspects of the game, when that happens I stop and write whatever's needed before continuing. But of course, before ever starting that, I try to define the goal and theme I have for the system.

  8. What are the straps she is wearing around her shoulders holding? Maybe she could have a holster there - this would make the design busier, but I take her design is already going for busy anyway, so it would only make the complexity more homegenous, since right now she is "bottom heavy" in that regard.

  9. Overly designed. They should have kept it clean and simple.

  10. Why don't you use Cyberpunk 2020 with the Night's Edge sourcebook? That might be a better fit, as Akira has cyberpunk and transhumanist themes.

  11. Yeah, the Night's Edge sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020 has rules for psionics (as well as vampires and werewolves 😅)

  12. Warhammer Fantasy is a bit different. It's more of a hybrid of a class based and skill based system. You're not building a custom class so much as getting bite sized chunks of options with every new career you move into.

  13. Batman isn’t an actual police officer when he takes down Joker

  14. I believe during Future State it's stated that his actions are covered under Citizen's Arrest - I don't know if that would make sense in real life, but that's the in universe explanation of why him leaving criminals tied up in front of the police station is considered valid.

  15. That's fair, but it also doesn't make it his responsibility to execute the Joker. I don't blame Batman for not killing him, but I can blame him for saving him.

  16. He doesn't though. Like, he has left Joker to die a few times now, but the clown is just too god damn profitable lucky.

  17. Valeu pela dica! Darei uma olhada, não conhecia esse sistema.

  18. E como você interage socialmente num RPG sem necessariamente interpretar?

  19. Rapaz, a quantidade de vezes que eu vi jogador dizer a perícia social que vai usar, rolar o dado e nem descrever o que o personagem ia falar, te surpreenderia.

  20. Não, a interpretação é um dos pilares do rpg assim como o combate, não é o rpg em sim.

  21. Meu ponto é que interpretação toca todos os pilares. Não é porque a iniciativa foi rolada que você desliga a parte do seu cerebro responsável por roleplay.

  22. Let's look at real life. In the U.S., Canada, and Australia, new world countries that could choose their capital, they choose places that were either in the most populous area or were directly between the two most important areas of the country. thats why washington dc is between the north and south (of the original thirteen colonies) and canberra is between victoria and new south wales.

  23. Last time I read anything with Starman was in that Golden Ages book were he is this crazy guy who thinks the creation of his rod is the cause of all the super heroes that started popping up around the world.

  24. Tem como mandar uma sinopse geral da série? Achei interessante, mas nunca ouvi falar.

  25. Já leu Cavaleiro das Trevas 2? Eu rachava o bico toda vez que o Questão e o Arqueiro brigavam pra defender seus ideais políticos 😂

  26. É Arqueiro com Questão, Arqueiro com Gavião, Arqueiro com Lanterna... O Oliver briga com todo mundo 😂

  27. Generally agree, but, a good player elevates more than just their own character. They're constantly bringing out good RP from their fellow players, shining spotlight on other players, interacting with them and coming up with fun plans, helping the GM by coming up with fun ideas for them with leading questions and by thinking out loud about possible solutions to mysteries. They seek out simple things to flesh out the world and make it feel more real to everyone, drawing out more description from the GM in the process.

  28. I've seen players carry what would've been a boring session, so whenever I see group placing all the blame on their GM I'm always skeptical about what they are doing to contribute.

  29. Agreed- while I have been privy to very resistant and very railroady DMs that make it difficult to be a good player, those are the exception.

  30. There isn’t a single version of Flash without inconsistent powers. I say this as someone who’s favourite hero is The Flash.

  31. If Flash's powers weren't inconsistent, he would be unstoppable or all his villains would be speedsters 😂

  32. Yeah. I personally don’t mind it, since otherwise there’d be no story to tell or mostly the same stories.

  33. Or his writers would be forced to come up with 200 IQ plans for his rogues.

  34. Definitely. Besides, that way players don't feel like they are just "waiting" for the enemy turn to end - and it also opens up the possibility of "defensive actions", like a player stating that he will take an attack for an ally, loser his guard to set up a counter, etc...

  35. Many OSR games can get somewhat crunchy - with high levels and classes with lots of abilities that are gained per level. This one limits levels to 10, and each "class" only gets abilities at first level. It's pretty uncrunchy.

  36. I always tough most OSR games were based on B/X D&D, which is a pretty simple system...

  37. If you’re looking for DnD in space and don’t mind the setting the fan made Star Wars 5e is pretty great. Adds some complexity and popular balance changes to 5e, gives a bunch of fun space equipment and ships, and a lot of content. All free to boot!

  38. And if you want to add giant robots to your space DnD and don't mind the setting, the fan made Gundam5E (by Midnight Hatter) is also an option.

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