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  1. Cisgender is not a slur. It was never a slur. It never gets used as a slur. You are inventing a problem out of ignorance and bigotry. Please stop.

  2. When you're accustomed to privilege, being called "a cat" feels like oppression.

  3. I did the capm to familiarize myself with the specific format and vocabulary that the PMP use. I actually found it pretty enjoyable. I thought of it like a practice exam for the real test.

  4. I'll keep that in mind! So far I've seen few people saying the CAPM is important for hiring, especially if you have separate experience and aren't relying on the CAPM to prove you know how to do basic things, but it makes sense as a PMP prep course.

  5. The CAPM factors very little in hiring decisions. Don’t overthink it

  6. Excellent. That lines up with what I've read, but I a wanted to widen my net.

  7. I (millennial) was raised with this mentality by my boomer parents. And for the first 13 years of being in the workforce, I totally did this. I always went above and beyond to show I was worth the extra compensation. Always doing the job before being promoted.

  8. Same here. My dad taught me this stuff. "Be indispensable, be available. Most of your income growth comes in the first 5 years so try your hardest" and it was an absolute shitshow of a career move.

  9. As a teacher I am certain the kids are bringing these things home from school. Both my wife and I taught in K-12 ( then I taught in college) and we were constantly sick with a myriad of bugs, colds, flu and nastiness from the classroom and schools. Truly sorry for you and reading about this very thing, it's thought to be much worse now because of the pandemic. We've all been home and not around people which made our immunity systems lazy and weakened.

  10. It's not the worst thing I've been through, I'm just worn out!

  11. Guys, my mom was real trooper. All during the winter when she Could, she would open the doos and windows, and turn the heat off . She didn’t have anything but Clorox and soap to clean with and no dishwasher. She put just a DROP of Clorox in the dish water and cleaned the counter Tops with the dish sponge. I still do this today. People say I’m crazy But it works! May not keep all the illnesses away, but they will be less. People tell me Clorox is bad but just a drop in the kitchen and bath Clean up works better than all the modern stuff.

  12. Bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide are the only reasonable ways to control the spread of stomach bugs. Norovirus does not respond much to hand sanitizer being sprayed on surfaces or whatever, so that dilute solution of Clorox makes sense.

  13. Thank god. I had a gym membership for a while and moved away and forgot to cancel it right away. They wanted me to hand deliver a cancelation form even though it was hundreds of miles away. I’m surprised they didn’t put the form drop off box on top of a volcano

  14. I once was signed up with a Gym that wouldn't let me cancel unless I would come in and prove to their satisfaction that I was moving away and would not even be physically able to access their services anymore. I just told my bank to stop payments instead. Definitely recommend that method.

  15. Oh, I had paid it out first, but I stopped them from automatically renewing by billing my account.

  16. Is that really a problem in schools though? I mean, I’m sure you can find some outlier where an individual was wrongfully pushing that. But in general, is there a broader problem of white kids being told it’s actually your personal fault?

  17. I've wondered this myself. The best answer I can come up with is that there's some forms of sensitivity training that take an "Alcoholics Anonymous" style approach to racism where you start off by admitting you have a problem and need help. They do a "we're all racists" kind of thing which makes some good-hearted but kind of racist people feel seen and accepted. It works for them, I guess, but to me on the far left it looks insane. Bad churchy vibes too. I imagine that to the people on the far right (or as they're called in this country, the right) it looks like cult indoctrination.

  18. Oh yes. A true spaghetti sauce recipe would be wonderful.

  19. The one my FIL taught me to make is from Sardinia, and it's as simple as can be. Just cut an onion or two, put enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan and cook the onions until they turn translucent, then add some high quality canned tomatoes (get the actual san marzano ones) and then cook gently for as long as you can get away with. If you're using whole tomatoes then smoosh them up a bit before you let them cook down, but otherwise that's all there is to it.

  20. Made in this style, salt and pepper are added at the table, not into the sauce. You salt the pasta water though.

  21. Alright there, Bub. Tell me how that foolproof Pan Pizza is an incredibly easy weeknight dinner. Requires an overnight proof. Then requires another 2 hour proof in the cast iron. Assembly including chopping veg and meat, grating cheese (if you’re doing it right). Then another few minutes on the cooktop after it’s been cooked. Yikes. Sounds like a weekend labor of love to me, not an easy weeknight dinner.

  22. You're right, I don't go to all the trouble of doing it right for every weeknight dinner, as a corner cut pizza is often better than no pizza, but here's how it normally goes for me!

  23. If your family likes it spicy, I don't think there's any better return on your time than

  24. I should see if I can find a non-soy Tofu around here (I've got a big Korean shopping market in town and you can make Tofu with chickpeas) to make that with: I love Mapo Tofu but soy, especially Miso, has given me increasing trouble over the years.

  25. It was also the bread! It was from their Jack and the Beanstalk one that they re-used a few different times. Growing up it was always the one with those freaky puppets.

  26. One of the problems with editors and networking is we often like to be alone.

  27. Could be worse, I know a lot of people struggled when a lot of projects shut down. I've had stable work overall even if they slashed my hours down to literally nothing and it's only recovered partially since then. I do understand why, as the planetarium is a public education venue, so when kids can't come in it gets hard to buy new shows, cut new content, etc. But I always get nervous when work slows and stays slow.

  28. Is this the Weigel broadcasting job? I inquired and also decided not to pursue that job.

  29. It was for one of their postings, yeah, though I don't know when I fired a resume off. I'm just starting to look for a new job so it may have been a month ago or so, probably something like Ziprecruiter.

  30. Agreeing that ads have the biggest workload here. But I will add that I’ve been lucky enough to be on remote documentaries since 2020.

  31. Mind if I pick your brain for a sec? I'm a Chicago local and I've mostly worked in TV or post production, currently doing post-production of educational stuff, so my experience has been different and I wanted to ask what kind of portfolio your kind of folks are looking for, if you can give some insight!

  32. I think when it comes to cold emailing companies, you want to tailor your resume / portfolio to the kind of work they do. But if you only have one sort of thing, maybe stick to your technical abilities and the role you played.

  33. Sure, I'll send a DM over in a bit, got to get something in the queue first.

  34. Naperville is my go to example for rich suburban assholes, like highland park for rich suburban racist assholes, and Schaumburg for normal suburban assholes.

  35. A lot of the worst folks barely even live here. Like, they've got a house here, but they're never around. The person with the biggest most dumb-assed house in town is already selling it like a year after they built it. These people barely exist, I think it's half investment nonsense, and half quasi out-of-towners showing up and getting snotty after a few drinks at Sullivans or whatever.

  36. I have the 'normal load' of your typical adventurer be a bit of a burden, so parties are already feeling slowed overland just by carrying their fighting gear. Horses let the party carry more, which lets them move faster (back up to their normal speed) even if it wouldn't have let them move all that much faster than if they had reduced their load to a minimum. This also allows characters on horseback, characters not on horseback, and characters on a wagon to all move at roughly the same pace--and if you DO have a wagon or something you can stow a lot of the gear there and let your folks travel pretty unencumbered.

  37. Millennials have been disenfranchised from politics and even business decision making as we are seeing CEOs and upper management refusing to retire

  38. This has always been a problem for me. I'm an elder millennial, just turned 40, but even though my job is critical for my workplace's functioning they have no interest in retaining me*, giving me an opportunity to get seniority, etc. I've been there longer now than anyone but the director, but because they don't see me as in the same track there's just nowhere to go. The person above me keeps getting replaced because they also have no room for promotion or growth because the director will never retire.

  39. I personally think it's a red flag to sleep with fans. It's not surprising, but I'm not surprised when people exploit these status effects for gross personal gratification. If it is consensual and wanted by both parties then that makes it less harmful to both of them, but I still think it's a really explosive combination of factors and something we should strongly discourage.

  40. For some reason, to please the court of public opinion, we've repeatedly seen Andrew and his advocates try to trigger an "ick" factor response to Thomas' sexuality. There was the 'I couldn't touch Thomas, I'm not gay' line and the biphobic weirdness, as well as the oddball reading of Thomas' texts as admitting an illicit gay love affair with that other host. Now this.

  41. He's also gotten to meet Rich Evans, which has got to be a real highlight.

  42. I made the pan pizza with the TJ's dough yesterday and I agree it's not great, but it's very serviceable if you just want a pizza without needing to think about it.

  43. That sounds really cute, which one do you have? Is it “An Unexpected Cookbook”?

  44. Yep! It's got a fantastic structure where recipes from one meal can be reused in another (such as roast chicken leftovers being used in a pot pie, or next-morning poached pears being turned into breakfast) and none of the recipes have been duds for me.

  45. I love when novelty cookbooks have actual solid recipes. Like, I got the Friends cookbook back in the '90s and it's a solid book, with guides on how to stock your pantry and a lot of good basics.

  46. I’m 100% a Jim’s guy. They aren’t fancy but they’re great. I don’t ask for anything besides delicious simplicity from hotdogs.

  47. I'll get one at Jim's next time I head in. I remember Hot Doug's too. Those fries were great!

  48. Yup, I grew up on thin crust out past the suburbs. I like the occasional deep dish, but it's more a pizza casserole for cold weather, to me.

  49. My favorite as a kid was the "double dough" crust. Thicker, chewier. I don't know what style that was but it's something I saw a lot more than either the Gino's thin crust or the Lou's deep dish.

  50. Don’t feel bad most of my squash has grown leggy and some have rebounded with strong stems, the others are a bit wiry. Can I save those are should I just restart?

  51. Squash don't take long to start, but honestly leggy stuff turns out fine if you can address the cause of the legginess so that they stop stretching out.

  52. I think it's time for me to take a break from this sub. I have what I think are relatively moderate conservative views. However, it's becoming increasingly difficult to post any right leaning opinions on this sub without being down voted. I know down votes don't matter, but it still is an unpleasant experience to get hit with them.

  53. That's a bummer, and I'm sorry you feel that way. I like being able to read the opinions of conservative folks written out in a polite way for a mixed audience, and every time we lose access to each other's opinions were a little worse off.

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