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  1. Jacked it all day and still couldn’t get it up…

  2. C'mon Chase! You had to know how that would sound. LOL Bummer of a race at Nashville. Hope you and the boys can turn it around at RA.

  3. I'm afraid now that if hes in second again, he's going to make a costly mistake like at Charlotte and Bristol. I believe he'll get win #2 this year, maybe before the playoffs, but he scares me sometimes even if I'm a big fan of his.

  4. Sometimes you have to live it to learn it. Hopefully he'll have those replays in the back of his mind the next time.

  5. Can you send me a working link aswell?

  6. Let me see what I can do about it and try again in a few.

  7. Split at their own ballpark and no-hit them for 16 innings.

  8. And then lost. That's why yesterday's stings. The first one stings because everyone could see Presley was off and Baker left him in

  9. It definitely stung for sure. I just try to focus on the postives if I can. I really hate that it was Judge both times.

  10. I think Boone was a psycho/sociopath who was so messed up he did not even have a real personality. As such, he constructs one from bits and pieces from his victims or acquaintances. The diner employee's hat, Raylan's cowboysims. I'm a tad surprised he did not emulate Avery Markham's mustache

  11. Avery Markham didn't have a mustache. He should have, because he looked freaking weird without one, but he didn't. :(

  12. I'm listening right now but the number of adverts Brett is reading out is really putting me off. Ten minutes into the episode (after a 5 minute intro and ads) and there's another 3 ads in a row.

  13. I listen on Apple podcasts and the ads are getting heavy there. It's not too big a deal for me. If it's something I feel like I might be interested in, I'll listen to what the ad is promoting, or I'll use the skip ahead button a few times and get right back into the episode.

  14. I thought it was a good episode. Obviously it was a little off track in terms of what they usually do, but it's good to veer off every now and then. This was a fun little side trek to me. I loved the sea shanties sprinkled in.

  15. I pretty religiously mute the TV and put SiriusXM's race broadcast on a Bluetooth speaker instead (it takes me a few minutes to get the radio audio and TV video lined up perfectly, but it's worth it) and it has improved the experience significantly for me. Far from perfect because the Fox broadcasts have been so awful, but in terms of effectively calling on-track action, SiriusXM is absolutely unbeatable because they quite literally have to make detailed and exciting analysis using only audio!

  16. I would do this as well if I wasn't listening to my drivers scanner. Instead, I listen to the tv broadcast on low volume. If I think they're saying something interesting, or something is clearly happening, then I'll turn the volume up a little for that. There's just something about listening to the scanner that makes me feel complete when watching a race. I feel so lost without it.

  17. I want nr2003 with stages, choose rule, and double file restarts SHOOTOUT STYLE!

  18. I can get you some of that. Shoot me a message.

  19. Also, I think at least one of the parts (Charles Lee maybe) could be a different person.

  20. The band is from Muscle Shoals, AL for the most part. ;)

  21. At the recent Pittsburgh show there was a rain delay and he was so rushed he left out all the talking and not hearing that line felt so wrong!

  22. Michael and Cody are going to be really confused at the next race when Chase rounds them up for a selfie.

  23. Nah, like Charv said. They’ll just use that as another talking point. It might even make them look dumber to change it after one of the most popular driver’s in the sport misses out. I can see that conversation going much like the conversation between Harry and Tim in Days of Thunder:

  24. I do have Instagram numbers almost ready but I’ll definitely need some time to get to the Tiktok numbers lol

  25. Wait til they start caring about Reddit Karma. Our boy Briscoe will have sponsors for days.

  26. I was listening to the scanner (I forget who) when this happened

  27. Here are some updated Days of Thunder quotes from the new movie..

  28. Good job. I'm sure it was terrifying, but exciting as well. I rememeber my first time playing and singing in front of a crowd. I was nervous as hell, but it was a great experience.

  29. I’m definitely in! I love the legal analysis that Brett and Alice give.

  30. I used my phone app at COTA and it was probably about 20-30 seconds behind. It wasn’t too bad there since it’s a road course and the mid-timed action wasn’t too distracting. I’m used to hearing it on the scanner and then seeing it on tv since I usually stream the races. It takes some getting used to.

  31. Always appreciate Bryan’s transparency (and sometimes hope it doesn’t get him in trouble for saying too much). As a fan of a Ford driver, I’m frustrated with the performance at times this year. But I’m hopeful that they can figure things out and get back on par with the others.

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