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  1. I also really enjoyed my Alpha Strike demo at PAX. Walked away with the new AS box and two boxes of add'l minis.

  2. Unfortunately I am not in the area. Yeah I'm concerned about the same thing in Western NY. My brother is in NYC so he can probably find people no problem. Lucky bastard.

  3. It gets better. You don't need the minis. Get the rule book, look up the stats, use anything with a 'facing' to proxy the unit and decide later on if you actually like it enough to pay for the actual model. Btech is miniatures agnostic, and they will straight up tell you to use paper cut outs.

  4. "One of the less scummy wargames I've played." That's one for the back of the box for sure.

  5. Personally I'd say it's better with 2, 3 is decent as well but 4 runs too long for me.

  6. 4 is fine if you're all at least 15-20 games under your belt. Ark Nova is a player-paced game. And frankly, as a beginner games last longer than they really should because you don't really know what you're doing.

  7. If you liked it as is, no worries. Enjoy the game.

  8. That sounds neat especially at larger player counts. Everyone says it's best at 6 but for me... I just don't see it. The runaway leader problem seems worst at 6.

  9. To be honest, I've always played at 4-6. So they may be a larger player problem for sure.

  10. That's so weird how the game plays so differently at 4-6 than at 2. At 2 it almost felt like a strategy game. Granted we had JUST come off of playing Onitama. So we may have over-strategized? It may not be the game how its intended to be played, but I actually loved playing the game that way.

  11. If you're looking for something "thicker" the ULTIMATE couples game for me is Sleeping Gods.

  12. +1 for Jaipur. If you judge a game by its box, it's easy to dismiss Jaipur. But it is WAAAAY better than it looks. Jaipur is a "must have" for any recommendation from me. It's cheap. It's quick. It's fun. It's everything you want.

  13. I never played the PSP only PSX so... Everyone's comparing everything to a version I don't know.

  14. I was expecting eventual specificity of recency of vaccines too. My Excelsior pass (NY) doesn't have my booster in it. And it completely forgot until now to update it.

  15. I thought it was a tie down type of deal when i first got my deck and i just thought i ripped mine somehow in the first few days so id just lay it on top of my deck when id store it away lmaoo. My mind was blown when i found out it was a lift strap line a week ago.

  16. That would be sensible design. I thought it was the case too.

  17. Tham offered excellent gameplay advice so let me take a different approach: You will mess up a lot early on. It's okay. We ALL did. Don't get discouraged, and fight through the learning curve before you make a judgement.

  18. Oh sorry. I thought it was in the sidebar for the sub. Used to be.

  19. Getting yakuza 0 and wanted yakuza like a dragon…

  20. LaD was so good it broke the franchise. 0 is still great and holds up though.

  21. My wife and I love 7Wonders Duel, Jaipur, Unmatched, etc. Just good 2 player games you can play in a lunch break. <45 Min including setup and teardown.

  22. Any of the aeons end. Once you learn it you should be able to play a game quickly.

  23. Astro Knights is essentially the sequel to Aeon's End. But rather than make changes for people who like AE they rolled all the "2.0' changes into AK.

  24. So what's the criteria, just co-op, 2-player, and less than 45 minutes to play including setup and tear-down? Or do you have other requirements?

  25. Yes. We have a wide variety of board games and the wider variety that hits those criteria the better. Sometimes you feel like a dungeon crawler, other times you want to make wine, other times you want to populate a town with adorable dragons.

  26. Bonus points for a game that's fast that I can play with my children! The biggest gamer among them is 6, but she has played board games in the womb practically. This looks like shed love it!

  27. To me the only downside of playing on the digital version is that it doesnt have all the content yet. Ipad or computer would be the ideal medium—iphone would be too small for me, and I am used to playing complex games on my phone, Through the Ages in particular.

  28. I feel like the automation hurts after a point. It's great for beginners. But I have a friend who religiously uses the app and still doesn't FULLY understand some interactions because the app does it for him despite clearing level 6 Advarsaries.

  29. Buy Physical, play on Tabletop Simulator.

  30. I wouldn’t stick to the play styles you like, it’s good to try them all to know what they do and then work your play style around the spirits at the table.

  31. As someone who plays Fangs or Wildfire in 90% of multi handed games I disagree. The most effective way to learn SI is to find a spirit you enjoy and perfect it.

  32. Not initially though. I used the app to true solo Fangs up to level 6 advarsaries. Now Fangs carries spirits as I learn them.

  33. I always keep "Welcome To..." On hand for situations like this. Worst case, we play Welcome To.

  34. Everdell. I didn't love it. Turns out my first play was flawed by two shortcomings: Pearl Brook really isn't all that loved with good reason, and the game is WAY better with variants (either split deck or clearing)

  35. Spirit Island. I bought it after hearing people speak so highly of it, played it a couple of times and was left underwhelmed. After losing our first game by a landslide, we turned the difficulty down to the base so that we could learn to play (no blight card and no adversary). My group won a couple of games at that level and just had no desire to play any more. I didn't think it was bad, I just thought it felt a bit on-the-rails.

  36. Spirit Island is infamous for "one and done" but if you get past your first few plays it's incredible from that point forward

  37. You might be thinking of Ares Expedition Crisis that's better for 2 players but the Kickstarter hasn't delivered yet. It got delayed to January.

  38. This. Maine Coons are basically dogs that purr.

  39. Look, I get the distaste for Munchkin, but let’s not forget that our old school hate sink, Monopoly, it’s lighter and longer.

  40. At least in Monopoly someone gets angry and walks away and we can stop playing. With Munchkin it's like you're all locked in a torture chamber and you're hoping someone leaves but never does.

  41. I just cracked open branch and claw and have Jagged Earth on deck. Is feather and flame worth buying as well?

  42. F&F has two of my top 3 spirits (Wildfire, Downpour) so maybe I'm bias. But it also reinvigorates the base spirits with Aspects that greatly improve how well they perform and how fun they play.

  43. Notice how the graph with meaningful data (first) actually has deviances "tighten" after 4. Highest is actually in that range too. It's still an upward trend on average. But the highest rated games aren't the most complex.

  44. This happened to my wife (Arctis One Wireless) last week and she thought it was busted. She returned her headset to BEst Buy's extended Warranty and went with a Nova instead.

  45. The theme alone was enough to take over TM.

  46. Unpopular opinion here I'm sure: this is a natural trend of communities over time. Every MMO player is familiar with this phenomena. Especially those who frequent the game's reddit. (3% less theoretical dps? BOOT THAT CLASS.)

  47. I think form factor matters. If your primary purpose is to have your daughter use it for education/productivity with gaming being the secondary usage, I would say no. An older model ultrabook or a used workstation will do a better job of encouraging/supporting those activities. If the primary purpose is gaming with those productivity aspects being second, a steam deck may suit.

  48. Yeah that last bit is important. I guess I could've worded my question better but I'm loopy on medicine fighting off some nasty respiratory virus.

  49. As long as productivity wouldn’t be jeopardized by opting for the deck, I think it would be the most optimal choice and best bang for your buck. I would recommend at least the 256gb though. 1 AAA game and the 64gb is full, even if you store and boot it from a micro sd or external, due to the shader cache and compdata folder. Some people have addressed this with a sym link. Just some food for thought.

  50. I mean sure I'd need to replace the 64GB drive with something bigger but it's just an M.2 Mini card right?

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