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What is a common misconception women have of the male body?

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  1. "Hey guys, its your favourite Moose themed V tuber here! I know we had a mario kart stream planned for today, but i thought it would be more fun to talk about my favourite topic, shipbuilding!"

  2. Most of Europe are 1/5 the land mass with 2-3 times our population.

  3. Population density is the number one excuse trotted out whenever something in canada isnt working right.

  4. I agree. Like what is a sign gonna do? Make someone just turn their views when reading it? "Fuck Harper!" Person: "Hmmm I never thought about it like that before, you're right!"

  5. One dumb guy i worked with literally decided who to vote for based on bumper stickers. Knew nothing else going into the election, "i saw a bunch of stickers saying Stop Harper all over the place so i voted against him".

  6. I remember my high school history teacher once told me a story about how someone told them that they decided to vote for the NDP because orange was their favourite colour. I honestly wonder how people like that are able to function.

  7. Why even bother going through the effort to vote at that point? Like its important, but clearly not to people like that who care so little, doesnt make sense imo.

  8. Yeah I don't see how presenting a popular Nazi character that you can use as both a shibboleth and a way to slow walk the acceptability of the ideology could be useful for people who do those thing already.

  9. Again, you are still talking about the completely wrong JoJos.

  10. Well yes, you brought it up. It just turned out not to be relevant.

  11. American version: "I took a trip to Tennessee." "That's nothing, I went to Elevenessee."

  12. Yeah, but who would voluntarily take a trip to Tennessee in the first place?

  13. That headline is really soft selling kidnapping. Fucking Sun.

  14. So there's no "cool" version of the Gadsden flag? The weirdos took it whole hog?

  15. Yup same here. 15 years later and never got tired of it.

  16. I've been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower. But you make more money as a leader. - Creed

  17. And this is why I try to avoid gun ranges. Next time you go to one, look at the floor and the walls that divide each stall. Count all the time someone fucked up I could have killed someone.

  18. When i was introduced to a range i had membership at, the guy doing orientation pointed out a few bullet holes in the ceiling at the handgun range and said "on X day every month, the police take over the range for practice, so you dont want to come here then".

  19. I also frequent a police range. Even when I went more often, I think I only saw the 2 same cops ever, and that was 3 and 4 times respectively. Police here, particularly in Quebec, just don't get enough range time which leads to what you mentioned.

  20. Yup, willing to bet the average enthusiast/target shooter has way more range/trigger time than the average cop. Especially a few years after the academy, most just dont really shoot at all. Couple rounds a year for requalifying.

  21. This tracks. The average voter in Toronto would happily ban all our guns, and will support any incremental ban that moves things in that direction.

  22. Yup, there is zero good reason to believe that if all the handguns etc were banned, and all was left was a narrow selection of bolt action rifles and shotguns, that even those would remain safe.

  23. Why is "anti-vaccine" needed in the headline?

  24. Yeup, you're absolutely right. My dumbass should've read the article. My bad.

  25. I used to be pro-gun-control. It was the government's response to the Portapique shooting that flipped me. As strange as that may sound.

  26. Thats not strange, it should be the normal reaction to the post nova scotia bans.

  27. People have owned guns in canada since before it was canada.

  28. The vast majority of gun owners aren’t impacted, because the vast majority own handguns and low cal rifles. So no, not everyone is impacted.

  29. Or .222 rem, which pre-dates it as a varmint hunting cartridge.

  30. And the just straight up misattributed stuff.

  31. Good old Classical Gas by Eric Clapton. He plays guitar right?

  32. For the ongoing federal amnesty, If you move out of country, you basically have no choice but to turn them in with zero compensation.

  33. These were firearms many countless previous governments decided were perfectly reasonable for civilians to own for hunting and target shooting purposes.

  34. This is literally exactly what they are supposed to do. Hang onto them, dont use them, pending buyback. Any handed in before that will receive no compensation.

  35. Thats literally exactly what they are supposed to do.

  36. Sometimes Im just really tired, who knows why that means i get a half chub.

  37. "Prefers a woman over a man. He must be gay"

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