News from M78-U40-O50

  1. I remember Ragna did get a job once. He got fired after an hour.

  2. ....I'm gonna bet his job was chef (or chef assistant) and he got fired cuz he transformed into Gordon Ragsay and gave every customers/staff members some colorful words.

  3. One time a big rain ruined the box and he has to temporarily staying inside a stone plumbing pipe, another the damn Kaka kittens playing with the magnifying glass and burned the box right in front of his eyes...

  4. Todoroki, Anya wields his green and silver Retsurai.

  5. You mean the Ice and Fire guy in MHA? Then he would acquire Lightning power from Todoroki. Thus completed the definitive trio of Elemental Attacks.

  6. Absolutely. Both her and Celica somehow triggering a feeling that want to protect them at all cost in me, even though they obviously are scarier in a fight (well, not if Celica is alone without Minerva, but y'all get what I mean).

  7. The "Kou" here means "Light", "Dan" here's "Bullet" so "Koudan" is "Light Bullet"

  8. He has live long enough. Heaven sounds about right.

  9. BBRadi NEO Ep3 (guest is Ruby Rose's VA) has this picture of Azrael supporting Ragna when they are playing Ball Toss at school's Sport Day.

  10. Not even God, King, Divinity, Father Of All Nations "Worker Of Secret" is immune to emotional damage.

  11. If I'm not wrong that was a dual-wielding large Titans... Wicker Haunt?

  12. We didn't expect that to literally be his "Final Bullet"...

  13. During his time as an apprentice of Jubei, when Ragna's trying to hit the alarm clock (how they got one is beyond me), he accidentally hit his master (who was lying next to him) several times.

  14. After playing the story mode in Pinnacle Monastery as Isa. You can revisit the place (aka Explore) as Siris. But first he must reach a certain level in order to go there.

  15. Nope, Game World Hiro's Taddle Legacy is level 50 while the one used by Hiro is level 100.

  16. "Toys for kids" they said. "It won't take much moneys" they said.

  17. If my memory isn't altered, Makoto is omni or something like that.

  18. Is there someplace to watch these stuff with english sub?

  19. There are some subbed episodes by Ano Koe on Youtube.

  20. Probably kagura if you have like 5 or more women in your party.

  21. "I'm very wakuwaku right now!" said the nekomata scientist with a drill on her hand.

  22. Hazama, Adachi, and Gordeau create a podcast channel talking about random shit

  23. "Talking about random shit" is something that almost every radio podcast has. They are just restricted by time.

  24. Of all the words you can say and you picked "Cute"

  25. The main hosts (Sugita, Imai, Kondo) said it in Dynamic 2:

  26. Are specialists in exorcising ghosts (monk, priest,...) able to erase that guy for gud?

  27. Normally we see underbooba Makoto but I guess this one isn't so bad.

  28. The feeling when a long story eventually has to come to an end. Everyone gathers for the last time and part ways. Until fate somehow pull them back togethers. Open up a new story.

  29. That’s definitely an old photo. It still had Yuuki Aoi‘s old haircut.

  30. Both tweets were from November 2016, so you are correct.

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