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  1. This kinda thing is why I can't read the comics.

  2. Black panther is not even close to number one lol

  3. But Vecna hates humanity though. The whole reason he created and used the Mind Flayer was to transcend his human form.

  4. Yeah I know, just a theory obviously that’s not the case

  5. Who’s the hottest man and why is it Ryan Reynolds

  6. Lmao most y’all mfs including me are virgins

  7. Guy Gardner fans aren’t depicted here because there are no Guy Gardner fans

  8. I mean this as nicely as possible: that’s pathetic

  9. Doesn’t matter who’s stripping, kids don’t need to be at a strip club wtf

  10. Listen frank miller has definitely written some great stuff but in the past couple years… nah

  11. Well Miller would likely be the artist. Or at best co-writer. Jodorowsky's certainly not going to draw it.

  12. I’m not a big fan of millers recent art either tbh

  13. Nah dude shit like this happens all over the world

  14. Not western countries which the US likes to believe is the forerunner of

  15. Sure but you specified just America, and this shit happens in way more places than just America

  16. Bros daughter was wiped from existence and he doesn’t care

  17. FINALLY, a post here says it! They just shit on fromsoft games with no provocation, it’s so strange.

  18. I just don’t think the yellow suit looks good in live action

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