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  1. This is great. Could you also let it refresh each hour or something? Or each day? Because I think it might be crashing with my large database.

  2. I hope they spend more time on the game than on their trailers. Even simple voice leveling, cutting and the voice over itself felt so weird. Just one extra day of editing could have made this better (with the same footage).

  3. Did they state why they made this choice?

  4. One of the comments on the tweet mentions that the editor of Parasite always edited with Final cut 7. Since editing is more about the creative decision making of the editor, they probably just went with his preference.

  5. I want you to know that I vomited in my mouth when you recommended AVID for editing. :)

  6. What? Avid is not for nothing industry standard. It's incredibly stable for huge amounts of material and while it is indeed harder to learn as premiere pro or davinci; once you learn it it's so much faster and the possibilities are endless.

  7. If you are going to edit in Avid, what I would do is create your select reels like you did with pancake editing. Than drag this select reel in the source monitor. Map the button: Toggle source record to your keyboard and use this to select in-out points on your source.

  8. Could you use these also for video editing? I wanna try!

  9. A few suggestions that I have noted from a couple of fellow users are:

  10. Anki is the only productivity app outside of Notion I use so flashcard template with repetition would be awesome!

  11. Same deal here. There’s probably a long list to be worked through.

  12. I requested mine yesterday and got today all my items transfered...

  13. Found one of these in the middle of the night in the middle of a dark bikelane. Glad I have a very bright front light. Got of my bike and put the scooter aside of course.

  14. The problem is that it's not only the users who park these e-bikes/Steps badly. I was walking through Dansaert and saw how 2 young kids (8, 9 years old) we're pushing well-parked steps and bikes on the bike lane, trottoir, ...

  15. Yes. Which is roughly the time between Adobe Photoshop C3 and adobe Photoshop C4 and C5. Professionals who actually wanted to stay up to date had to buy it new every 2 years or so anyway, because you would run into issues using an out dated version. Plus now you get the in between versions with updates so don't have to wait 2 years for new functionality.

  16. Problem is that these so called updates from Adobe are always very small extra features instead of focusing on making stable software so that professionals can focus on work instead of fixing bugs and losing valuable projects.

  17. I recommend you to watch Night and Fog from Alain Resnais. That's how such an event should be portrayed. Taking advantage of such horrific situations and turning them into a form of entertainment and heroism is personally wrong for me.

  18. I see your original post got taken down. Shame. I'll repost my comment haha:

  19. Despite the subject of Summer with Monika, which is indeed quite typical for Bergman, I don't think it matches the style of his other films. Most of Bergman's films give (to me personally) an often cold/clinical feeling. While Summer with Monika gave me a very warm, almost cozy feeling, with more nuance perhaps?

  20. If you haven't seen it, Come and See is (of the fictional ones) my pinnacle. And one of the best movies ever made about war.

  21. I haven't seen it yet. Will definitly check it out. Thanks!

  22. It's astounding that Resnais was able to create such a haunting experience with just what, 30 minutes? Joshua Oppenheimer has an excellent interview about this with Criterion where he explicated the reasons for my emotional reaction - in that, there are questions and facts that Resnais intentionally avoids presenting in order to allow them to sink deeper into the audience. Which is, to put it bluntly, "who the fuck took all these pictures?" It's not a literal question, we know it's the Nazis, but in presenting image after image after image after image of incredibly intimate looks at human suffering, and overviews of just how meticulously these victims were documented, you are forced to confront just how obscene of a person, of a movement, one has to have been, to have created what is being shown. You think to yourself, "there was a person behind the camera for every single one of these photos and videos, and they looked at the exact same thing I'm looking at and saw nothing wrong with it." I watched it a year ago, and I don't think I remember any of the actual narration, but this question posed by what's unsaid still actively makes me shudder

  23. Yes, that was indeed a thought that I got. At a certain moment you hardly want to believe that the whole mass of images is real and that someone thought that there was nothing wrong with what goes on in front of that camera. Shuddering.

  24. When you create mxf files, it will normally make from 1 for example MP4; 1 video mxf and 2 audio mxf's. Are you sure you selected the video mxf's too?

  25. I was just looking for a new one!

  26. Yeah, same. We both can call a rose red, and we both know what we're talking about. Maybe the colorblind guy thinks we're crazy because it looks the same brownish-grey to him as a bunch of other things, but we also can't definitively say that we're experiencing the same shade of red, or even both truly "red". That blows my mind.

  27. Colorblind guy here. I wouldn't think you're crazy because I learned the colors just like everyone else. You can't describe them, so parents say: THIS color you see is green.

  28. First scene needs to be how these vespa's blow up or at least get a bit dirty so they don't shine that much.

  29. Oh, I thought they were both directed by Rodriquez but indeed episode 2 is from Green. Crazy to see such a difference.

  30. Don't worry about it too much. It was like this with Mandalorian too whenever there was a less popular episode. The big finale will leave everyone gushing and forgetting about their gripes. Like always.

  31. i see it as the forgetting spell in harry potter where hermione is erased from all the photographs; now it would just be a picture of mj by herself, any image or written mention of peter is just erased

  32. Or even better the whole ending in fantastic beasts 2 is almost the exact same thing...

  33. Who's gonna tell him? They changed it again haha

  34. Well it certainly hot to the moon!

  35. You are forgetting that reducing the cars ik the city is making things netter for residents. Saying they first need to make other options better is a bit stupid since reducing makes cycling a better options. Meanwhile they are constantly improving public transport, ...

  36. It’s the way they’re doing it—by making things worse instead of better. They should motivate people to chose non-car options because the other options are BETTER, not because other options are LESS WORSE.

  37. And to be fair, most public transport is already pretty good in Brussels. It's far betreft than De lijn of TEC and even the car.

  38. Inhoud van een kunstwerk, de betekenis en gevoelens die onder de oppervlakte verstopt zitten

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