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Amazon labor union president Christian Smalls shuts down Lindsey Graham during a senate hearing.

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  1. If anything you should put more in. The price is cheaper. If you are young and can’t touch the money until 2045 why would you care if the market is up or down in the first 3 months of 2022

  2. I can’t touch it until 2060 idk why that’s relevant

  3. "I'm a capitalist -- I know you boomers were raised with participation trophies and handouts, but my generation knows it's about business and we don't let our feelings get in the way."

  4. Worked in IT, had to teach my boss how to use a password generator for a project. Fucker generated the most complicated password possible on his app, closed his phone, looked at the website he was supposed to register into. Looked at me, showed me the password box, and said "now how do I get the password from my phone to there ?" . In an IT company.

  5. If I went applied to a 40k entry level job no prior experience but was tech literate he wouldn’t give me the job because I don’t have “experience”.

  6. Europeans please tell me what you think of this.

  7. Post the wage, and it better be a lifetime wage.

  8. In Capitalism everything is broken down into capital especially human lives.

  9. Water is wet. Big news for neo liberals

  10. This is honestly very normal over the long span of history. America was never going to last forever in it's current form.

  11. It’s never been good for the working class

  12. When he said this isn’t a Democrat, or republican matter it’s a workers matter. That’s the shit that we all need to focus on as a world.

  13. That’s totally wrong though, it is a capitalism issue. Both parties are capitalists.He should have mentioned both parties are on the right wing. The left (not democrats) has always been all about the proletariat rising up!

  14. Did you offer to throw in a pizza party by any chance?

  15. It’s not a “broken” system. It’s functioning EXACTLY as intended because it was designed to exploit the people who support it. It was designed to empower the wealthy in order to sustain their wealth, and designed to both keep you down while also keeping you complacent and distracted. It was designed to keep you dependent on it. Doesn’t matter if you make ~$30,000 per year or if you’re blessed enough to make $100,000 per year. Neither of those figures is enough to threaten the 1%’s wealth and control.

  16. Yet, you’ll have someone ask if we can reform the system. The capitalist system is the issue. You can not reform it.

  17. Americans don't want to hear "you could never" They always like to hear "work harder! You could become the next Jeff Bezos"

  18. More about who you know rather than how old u are.

  19. The news is so far left, the right has no one on their side! /s

  20. Fuck I knew Cawthorne was young, but I'm the same age. Guess I need to get my ass up and run for something.

  21. It’s not about running it’s about signaling you are ready to do corporations bidding

  22. If we end up colonizing other planets in the future, then maybe there's a small chance to do that... although I'm willing to bet we're gonna mess that up too

  23. We are not, the rich are gonna mess it up.

  24. Some countries tried to change it with communism, but shit always rises to the top. Just seems to be human nature.

  25. Wrong, some countries tried socialism and failed because of coups and different infiltration tactics by capitalist countries like the US.

  26. Yesterday, I had my first interview for what could be a pretty cool job and I dropped some information on them that will be a good litmus test on whether this will be a good fit.

  27. I’m truly sorry about your mom. I know how emotionally catastrophic family health issues can be. I wish u the best of luck.

  28. Has always been like this, it was designed by wealthy tax evaders from England for this exact purpose.

  29. We desperately need a union for PAs

  30. Capitalism for thee not for me - Corporations

  31. Here’s how to take advantage of charities and free resources.

  32. My Manager doesn’t think I’m ready for a mid level promotion because I don’t ask her enough questions, so I’m interviewing for Senior/Management level positions instead.

  33. Thats the excuse she’s using. Just because you don’t ask questions doesn’t mean you aren’t qualified. She protecting her or someone else’s position.

  34. I worked for apple for a time and they BRAGGED that comparing square foot to square foot they are more profitable than Tiffany’s

  35. What was your experience working for Apple? Is it as terrible as they say?

  36. Omg you’re not ancient. You’re fiiiiine. I was a set PA at 28 and instead of enjoying it I had the same stupid negative self talk as you. You’re so young. You worked in art? Email those people and see if you can get an art PA job. Go from there. There is no clear cut path in the industry and if that’s what you’re looking for I can tell you right now you shouldn’t waste anymore time pursuing it, because it’ll be nothing but nebulous!

  37. Whatever you do, never tell anyone in the industry that 28 feels ancient. Department heads and a lot of experienced crew are cranky bastards and won't take it well.

  38. LOL good way to make anyone over 30 feel really shit is telling them 28 is ancient. They’ll kick you out of the room haha.

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