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  1. Remember when GSC posted a video and showed a very promising figure? (

  2. Why the hell do they not sell the figure with the base from that video too? I would pay more just to have a nicer base than the monotone hexagonal one they come with

  3. I've seen that they have a small thick black circle as the base which I still prefer over the hexagon base. But the clear one in the video would be ideal.

  4. Seems like it doesn't it. It's sad when I see a figure at like the $200 mark and say hey that's not too bad. I hate seeing figures going up to the $300 range like it's normal.

  5. Not the Megahouse brown box D: ....Typical Crunchyroll...

  6. It definitely looks better than the other release IMO. I think it's cool but I don't collect bathing suit figures. If I did though... it would be an instant PO.

  7. Please don't tell me this is a Bonus Part being sold on the Koto site.

  8. Interesting... honestly a common misunderstanding for good reason.

  9. It's going in the collection, that's what I think.

  10. Honestly, I also think that a lot of the negatives are derived from their move and the difficulty but they seem decent. They've also been very accommodating with my questions and any cancellations I needed to place. They were responding to my emails until 11pm xD The only thing is some of their pre-orders are priced a little too high... and apparently people are having issues with them charging fees after purchase? So idk really But I think I'll keep my nijisanji POs with them

  11. Yeah I did have a shipping fee after purchase which was unpleasant. Their POs aren't the cheapest most of the time either. My recent go-to has been Hobby-Genki but Nin-Nin definitely stays a solid back up choice. Good luck with your search though! Hope you find a cheaper option. We have to save money where we can with these recent prices D:

  12. I think Hobby Genki is overall a reliable place to buy figures. I'm sure a lot of the Anime figures reddit would agree. I would say just be patient. Different sites always have kind of different dates they ship out their stuff. I only just started PO from them because of their pretty good prices, so I haven't received anything as of yet.

  13. i've been waking up everyday hoping the ace maximum gets a rerelease lol

  14. All 9 of these I pray to get a rerelease one day.

  15. same :') like you i got into one piece later on and only got into scales last year, i missed so much

  16. Probably not a super popular opinion, but I would kill for a figure of Fuutarou Uesugi from The Quintessential Quintuplets! I know all the girls are super duper popular, but at least let me have a Nendo or a Pup 😔

  17. Very unpopular opinion, but I agree. If they making all the girls at least make one of the male lead.

  18. Fr! It’s also a little irritating because he’s a romance lead that’s actually enjoyable to watch

  19. I never knew I needed this even though I've never seen before.

  20. Hmm not sure how I feel about them making a movie original character. Especially when there are so many other characters without a P.o.P. Figure.

  21. On MFC it says it's manufactured by Banpresto. I don't think this is a P.O.P figure.

  22. What bookshelves are these? They are Perfect for manga and figures! It looks so good.

  23. They are actually custom built and designed. I measured my anime and manga and designed shelving to maximize space, then paid a carpenter to build it.

  24. No wonder! They are too good to be true!! They look fantastic and make everything fit in so nicely.

  25. I want a good shanks figure but it is too expensive. I am sure more figures will come out once we get more screen time of him and get to see him in action.

  26. Yeah I think it's smart to wait. I don't think this is worth it at all.

  27. Probably not, AmiAmi stopped selling Portrait of Pirates on their site.

  28. POP prices are getting higher and higher...Sadly I can't afford it anymore.

  29. That's what I'm saying. What an awful time to get into this hobby. A single figure is going for over $200 like damn.

  30. I love everyone that requested her. ;-; I'm so happy.

  31. I'm loving the LOVE that JJK is getting with these Koto Figures. I don't know how I am going to fit all of them together in the future when i have them ALL. They keep getting better and better.

  32. You’ll need to get a detolf solely for just these figures

  33. fr haha, their bases are so big and oddly shaped that it'll be a difficult to find the perfect way to display them all together

  34. I always tend to use it because it is the cheapest option and in the end I do not mind waiting that long for my figures. I'm kinda cheap and especially with these expensive shipping prices it's nice to have an affordable way to get my figures. I've personally never had a bad experience with surface parcel, it just takes longer, but it always arrives and has never been damaged. I've used it with Solaris, Nin-Nin, AmiAmi, and OtakuMode and never once had a bad experience.

  35. Don't get me wrong, I love the Kotobukiya JJK figures and have been ordering them all as soon as they get announced. But I feel like it's hard to display them together with how big their bases are. Also why does the ARTFX Gojo look so tall compared to all the others in the ARTFX line. But I'm kinda sad I ordered the ARTFX Gojo without the bonus face it looks so good.

  36. Is that a one piece poster? It looks so sick!!

  37. Yeah, it's really cool, it's about 80x60 cm. It came with the special edition of volmues 98 and 99 they sold here in Italy.

  38. Damn, that's really nice!! I'm so jealouss.

  39. Also now I look nobody decided to build any of the strongest carries in the game. So yeah this game was an outlier, but it was nice to actually play some different units and not get 8th

  40. I'm probably gonna take a big break from TFT, it's just the same thing over and over again. I wanna try different builds but its just the same things over and over that win.

  41. Honestly the only reason you won that is because the bottom 6 are building the same thing. The top 2 were able to get all their units for free because everyone else was building the same things. If only one or two or even just four were building astral they would have been in top 4. Astral has ruined this TFT season. But it must feel nice to beat all those Astral players.

  42. I think this depends if they're all in stock at the same time / same month. If they're separated by several months, I highly doubt they will hold the whole order for 1 or 2 items. Might be best to email them as they will give you the best answer.

  43. Thanks! I went ahead and emailed their customer service. I appreciate the response!

  44. You can send everythibg to private warehouse when you place thr order. After they all come in stock, email them to combine all items and get shipping quotes.

  45. Thanks! It gives me a quote when they are all in my cart, so I was just wondering if that was accurate.

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