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  1. But the tiger got to eat some fresh humans. So thats win win.

  2. On Netflix. Not one, your whole family can watch it

  3. You are free to act however you want but I still remember how many shit posts were made against South movies on that sub. Just know that you don't have a moral high ground here, you are equally as pathetic and dumb, categorizing a whole sect of audience from one post.

  4. She said south movies only have item songs

  5. Nenu wallpaper la vadukunta bhayya.. I added rc+ntr pic oka rotation ram and oka rotation bheem laga

  6. Na lock screen ram home screen bheem

  7. Are you mad that are you mad that are you mad😏

  8. My favourite song. My parents loved to dance for this song for sangeet.

  9. Rocky Bhai nuv first KGF paina concentrate chey

  10. Tbh the only way we are going to get a Vikram style mass is from Venky only. We cannot expect that from the other two mundalu (sorry not Sorry)

  11. Better meme would have been "you prove me wrong" dilogue from jersey ☝️🤓

  12. Hollywood ni inspiration gaa theesukunte vaalla technique ni implement cheyyadaaniki choodaali kaani vaalla glam and fashion ni implement cheyyaalani choodatam is a futile attempt imo.

  13. There's a Telugu dub playing near me, might go today. I am ready for srk to drench me in

  14. I'm all for the overtop action but the teaser is pure shit but when I watched this guy's video he was hyping up it to be one of the best teasers ever. Guy has lost credibility.

  15. I have a bone to pick with bollywood fans for not making hritik a bigger star than srk and Salman

  16. For his limited acting skills, dancing skills and disproportionate success...i think Salman Khan. Srk is a huge star but he's he kinda earned it. I can never understand what do bhois fans see in him.

  17. Really a promotion for the promotion for the promotion for the promotion of the movie. It's getting a bit out of hand isn't it.

  18. Inka evaina unte oka post petti share chesi dengu maama

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