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  1. I highly doubt it will be online for the whole semester, more likely will be maybe the month of January, just to see the direction cases take.

  2. Until a new variant arrives. I hope we’re not online for the semester but it seems more and more likely. Winter season doesn’t help it either

  3. They are gonna see the spike after Christmas (as I’m sure everyone and their mother expects) and freak out and shut the semester down

  4. they may as well just take our tuition and (for some of us) university housing checks and call it a semester... see you guys online!

  5. Yeah I agree with you. I know that’s probably going to happen but I’m hoping that if students really want to go back in person they will realize this.

  6. it's really more in the students hands than it is the administration...

  7. Yeah 😭 I wish students cared more but you can’t expect a college campus with no parties haha

  8. they're just gonna collect on tuition and housing like they did last time then call it a semester... see you guys online for the semester!

  9. maybe thats what the "meta verse" is taking a step towards

  10. Took NyQuil 3 hours ago now I’m up again

  11. I took a NyQuil 3 hours ago and now I’m up again so I can’t take another

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