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  1. I don’t think this needed to be nsfw

  2. This is just as painful as the PEMDA link

  3. W for you, L for me, hope u enjoyed it bud

  4. 80/100, just because mariota was on sincerely Adolph

  5. Free Kutter easily, it’s one of the best WSG instrumentals of all time and the JE verse??

  6. The original sample itself is fucking godly


  8. I’m not saying this album is the best by Griselda so far, but is the new duck CZN any good?

  9. Maybe if those pin were soldered instead of crimped.....

  10. I twist my wires, solder, heat shrink, and sometimes tape if it helps me sleep at night

  11. Solder works better than crimps for most things period. This world isn't full of electronics that are crimped together. NASA doesnt send Astronauts into space riding on wires that are crimped together. Its a real simple concept. Anyone tell you its better in hot climates to use crimps. There full of it too. There is probably 100lbs of solder in your car already. Anything falling off because of weak solder. Has the cars computer fallen apart? No?

  12. I think a reason why people disagree with solder is because of the different uses for soldering, likewise with different types of solder, there’s the led-free blah blah blah all that shit, also it might’ve not worked for people based on if their wire is dirty and/or oxidized. I’ve used solder and wire crimping in the 30 degree weather and a hot day too, I don’t have any issues personally, might’ve gotten lucky, who knows.

  13. So now you gonna pay off the car loan or the student loan first

  14. That’s a nice car man, best of luck to u, what is your major?

  15. As everyone else has said, don’t mix brands up like that, they won’t meet the full potential. You want loud boom? Get Sundown, D4S is selling a 2k rms amp for like 250, that’s pretty good. If you want a cheap system, don’t get a system but if you’re on a budget then kicker is your best way to go. Best of luck. Also sell the Rockford and skar, get an alpine 600-700 rms for a couple hundred and it’s good to go

  16. I don’t know if you have tried the metra 70-7300 but that might fit, if not, fuck it. Cut it

  17. right? Like whose idea was it... did the just wake up in the middle of a design meeting and say 'HEY! Let's run air through a synthetic material that melts at high temps and attach it directly to the part of the car that makes fire!'

  18. I’m sure it’ll be fine, just a bit high temp and some “pre-attached-gaskets” Made out of flip flop material they sell for 80 bucks at sea world! My previous car was a 2001 marquis, I loved that car. Loved it. Then it needed an intake and surprisingly the intake held up but I don’t think it held up very well. I love that car with everything in me and it’s sad to see it sit in my driveway right now, great car, horrible part choices

  19. They are incredibly comfortable cars. 03-05 were probably their best years. my parents own a 2009 that almost requires the air ride to be replaced at every oil change. They bought it new in 2009 and have maintained a blue oval warranty since then. Total Warranty cost so far has been $7500. total repair bills for air ride(s) are now over $12,000 and that's just the air ride.

  20. Yikes, air ride at every oil change. If I didn’t buy the car I have now I would’ve either bought an 07 marquis or I would have bought a truck. Years 2000-2003 look the best Imo, I’m not sure about which is the best performing. They’re great for audio systems, shoved a 10” sub in a huge box with a 4 channel in there and after a while the car started to lose the power steering then the brakes would be hard to push down and the lights inside would flicker on and off, and then the battery light would come on, battery and alternator voltage were good and the engine would stall (which when the lights would turn and and shit, the engine would stop too). Idles at such a strange rpm, could never pin point it.

  21. That things eyes are bulging out right now

  22. I used a little vegetable oil as a binder for the seasoning I used I think it helped in making the crust as well.

  23. Never seen a steak really have a binder, when you let it sit overnight in salt in your fridge it’ll bring out that excess water to create a better crust, and when it’s resting, and before it’s going onto the pan/grill, make sure to pat it dry, it’ll create a “sticky/tacky” surface for the seasoning to stick onto

  24. Believe it or not but recently I’ve been using fl mobile

  25. I got FL All Plug-ins, plus Izotope and Komplete 13

  26. Not really familiar with fl on a computer so the phone is my way to go

  27. Future has DS2 and the wizrd (which is good Imo) Drake has take care and nwst Lil Wayne has TBIH and Tha Carter But meek has dreams and nightmares and quarantine pack (which is fucking gas)

  28. A nice SUV would be the way to go, room for subs and extra shit too. Y’all are good parents.

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