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  1. Putin as Hitler don't have military background or knowledge but they both have had some military decisions that (maybe by chance) turned out to be the right ones. For Hitler that was an invasion of France through the Ardens. For Putin that was the occupation of Crimea. For both of them that was just false confirmation of their military knowledge. Eaven a broken clock gives you the right time twice a day...

  2. The invasion of France was at the time when Hitler still respected his own generals somewhat. As the war progressed and things started to go south, Hitler took more and more direct control. I can't think of a single example of a good decision he made from that point (altough I wouldn't be surprised if someone can point one out, broken clock and all).

  3. Ik lees nergens in het stuk dat Oekraïne hier schuld aan heeft, eerder dat ze voor het karretje gespannen zijn door de NAVO en het slachtoffer zijn van twee botsende machten en hun expansiepolitiek.

  4. Ik denk dat Oekraïners op dit moment toch echt méér slachtoffer voelen van Russische bombardementen dan van Amerikaanse bemoeienis.

  5. I agree, It's not like they will be broken or overpowered, just bumped up enough to become viable for once.

  6. Tbh as an ironman I use the karil crossbow regularly, even though I have a blowpipe too.

  7. Jesus christ, none of the non-extremist right wingers want to kill anyone. Stop pushing a bullshit narrative.

  8. The problem with the republican party is that the extremists are in the majority, or at the very least a plurality.

  9. As a person who barely looks into “modern” armor, I can’t be the only that thinks this vaguely looks like a Waffenträger.

  10. It kind of fits the bill, considering 'Waffenträger' means 'weapon-carrier' or 'gun-carrier'. Basically a big gun on a carriage.

  11. I find it so incredible to think about, that its possible to lob such a heavy object over such a long distance from a tube, without obliterating the tube in the process.

  12. Leuk, die economische groei op korte termijn. Maar weegt het op tegen binnenlandse studenten die hun studie niet/niet goed kunnen volgen? Kan me voorstellen dat dat op de lange termijn alleen maar geld kost.

  13. Do tears of guthix be because you want base 70’s without actually doing any runecrafting. Then slayer

  14. In the Vampyre quest line, you kill that one guy who drops the Gadderhammer. Before he dies you promise him to keep an eye out for his family.

  15. It was about that time I realized Putin was about 500 feet tall and from the paleolithic era.

  16. I make the habit of telling people “don’t spend it all in one place boy” when they kill me for my spade.

  17. People always talking about how you shouldn’t be rewarded without risk in the wilderness and I agree with this sentiment - but since I don’t PK, can someone explain to me where the “risk” is for the average PK’er? I don’t know how often anti-pking occurs but surely the risk is fairly minimal when you’re only preying on less equipped PvMers currently tanking a boss?

  18. PKers who hunt PVMers risk losing their salad robes to actual PVP players.

  19. I think you misread my comment or replied to the wrong person.

  20. My friend and I do 3/20/200 so yeah basically what you said.

  21. is that 20 arclight specs or 20 damage worth of arclight spec?

  22. Rogozin: send piece of shrapnel from his ass to Macron

  23. A couple of Davey Crockett weapon systems.

  24. The beginning of the end was free trade / wilderness removal. Literally destroyed the player count and it never fully recovered.

  25. For me that was just the end full-stop.

  26. Technisch gezien overlijd je altijd aan een hartstilstand...

  27. ‘multi-orgaan-falen’ is ook een populaire doodsoorzaak.

  28. I don't really feel it. I have friends who have my back when I need someone to talk to, but I prefer keeping most of my problems to myself.

  29. KBD goes with the most but also one of the most common. Abyssal with prims/D boots, vork or Hydra with ancestral, KQ with pegs/rangers, Skotizo was my last one to get them all & it doesn’t really get used.

  30. Skotizo goes well with cooking cape(t) and dragon boots+defender. It is the exact same shade of purple.

  31. Gim is the most fun I’ve had in this game since way back in the day.

  32. Dit loopt uit de hand! Nu zijn er twee van hen!

  33. Neehoor, als ze die huizen verkopen krijgen ze geld dat ze in iets anders kunnen investeren (lees huizen in het buitenland). Krijgen ze daar wel passief inkomen van. Moeten ze misschien wel verhuizen naar een mooi warm land ofzo. Zo erg voor die mensen.

  34. Passief inkomen vind ik zo'n prachtig eufemisme.

  35. Precies. Maar het bekt zo lekker he ‘de rijken’ ‘de huisjesmelker’. Beleggers in welke vorm dan ook worden even als parasieten weggezet. De overheid faalt op alle vlakken.

  36. Huisjesmelkers zijn ook parasieten.

  37. Interessant, compensatie voor mensen die teveel betaald hadden in box 3 was is no time geregeld, ben benieuwd wat het verschil is.

  38. Or they're afraid of giving Russia an excuse to attack them. Kazakhstan has a large minority of ethnic Russians that form the majority population in most of the regions directly bordering Russia, after all.

  39. Did someone say, oppressed Russian speaking minority?

  40. Lol what you can enter the equipment screen whilst in the bank?

  41. Yeah in the top left. You can left click wear items in that interface or right click "bank" something worn. Or right click wear/eat/drink while on the bank interface. Pretty useful imo

  42. Haha thats amazing. It used to be an option back in the day, and I regularly think to myself: man, they should bring that back.

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