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  1. Straight...? So none stop? You didn't even eat?? Wait.... don't tell me you ate the...

  2. Don’t use a bat with nails on it, you’ll look like a badass till there’s 3 alive zombies stuck to it that your waving around while you probably get bitten

  3. Realistically wouldn’t last that long, after a winter they will be frozen then thawed out in large areas of the world and their walking decomposing corpses, so me personally I’m just boarding my house up like crazy with food and waiting.

  4. I fuck up garlic bread on the regular and still eat it, your not alone

  5. What if I die then a week later aliens come to earth and they are super chill and I miss it

  6. hey op I’m not sure how old you are but please seek therapy. I know everyone says this but please reach out for help. If your not in a position to the suicidal hotline and Chatroom helped me a lot and I spoke to a wonderful person on the Chatroom who cheered me up and gave me some resources etc.

  7. I read this in Walter whites voice and had a laughing fit for a good minute

  8. Put them in one of the old “prison” things that lock your hands and head in place and let others throw rocks at the perp.

  9. Text my crush I like him then lock my door and blast my favorite music till we go boom

  10. Baking, it’s nice to throw on a cringy apron and make something you like. I love watching things cook knowing I’m making something entirely new from simple steps.

  11. Steal shit, run around, do whatever, but when I eventually get bored or too old/tired to keep doing anything kms

  12. I really don’t mind. Babies cry like crazy when hungry so i prefer them being fed. Ever been in a doctors office waiting for you appointment with a baby screaming bloody murder in the same room? Yeah I would prefer the mom to feed her kid that deal with that

  13. Quick 1am update because so much just happened so quickly

  14. Basically your parents recently divorced He has new gf, she has 2kids It’s your 16 th birthday party I understand why your dad was there

  15. Yes it was at my moms house, my dads already trying his best to make me, him, his wife and her kids like a family so he begged me and my mom to let her come so in the end me and her just gave up and said sure which I now severely regret lol

  16. Why? You treated her normally, if anything you should call out nub bumb. The fact everyone is acting weird about it bring negative attention and should be embarrassed.

  17. Thank you, I was super worried that I had fucked up because I’m technically supposed to be grounded right now because of it but stole my phone back 😭

  18. As a girl I would probably cry if a guy gave me this, keep it up bro

  19. See your dreams and feast on your screams

  20. Luisa for her strength, dolores to hear people coming, and either Julieta for healing or Isabela cause her power is overpowered

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