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Obi-Wan Kenobi - Episode 6 - Discussion Thread!

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  1. I havent purchased it yet, and I'm really debating whether or not I will. It's not the card that's the problem. I'm trying to justify spending $50 on a PPV on B/R again. If it was on Fite in America, I'd buy it, but the fact that they're still doing business with B/R just shits the bed for me.

  2. You had me at CESARODOW. Where do I send the $$$?


  4. How soon til referees get replaced by robots?

  5. Can you prove that Ed Hockuli (sp?) is not a T800 from the future?

  6. The Bay Area is going to gentrify itself of anyone even remotely interesting by the end of the decade.

  7. Jesus at this point everyone who’s not injured raise your hand but do it very slowly

  8. SI finna do a men's swimsuit edition, but it'll all be pics of just Tanahashi.

  9. We appreciate you for using our sub to bring this to our attention. As someone who works from home, I understand the importance of having this resolved. I'd be happy to review your account to check your signals, CMTS, and for service interruptions that would be causing this. Can you send us a

  10. Shhhhh. . . the Finalist Order will start mining Tatooine for the Kyber Crystals!

  11. Yeah, well, until the Ultra-Final, Most Permanent Order comes along and destroys them with their galaxy-sized space station/super weapon that will literally destroy the entire universe.

  12. Really gotta teach you Americans about the word cunt. Is Glen a piece of shit?oat definitely. But more than that he'd an absolute cunt

  13. I'm currently enrolled in the University of Billy Butcher to study that specific subject. Which reminds me, its Friday, and I'm late for school....

  14. Ladies and gentlemen, the moment has come. That seed of hope that was planted 3 years ago during the G1 has bloomed. Perhaps this is a sign that nature is going to heal and society will finally repair itself. Let us rejoice and celebrate this reunion.

  15. Wait, how the fuck is KENTA not on the card? Doesnt he still have a US Visa? It seems like a no-brainer.

  16. Great, now I want Miro to adapt a Gorr the God Butcher gimmick for Sunday, and I'm already disappointed that it's not gonna happen.

  17. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (Episode 9) (2019) Okay, This this one speaks for itself but a quick summary is required anyway, Being aware of the interchangeable directors in between movies, here are some basic lessons.

  18. This is just scratching the surface of how bad this movie was. I wonder if J.J. Abrams even made an attempt to write a creative story, or if he never gave a shit to begin with.

  19. You spent 33.6 hours playing FarCry 4, which means you wasted 32.6 hours of your life.

  20. This whole story started off bad, and it's now venturing into "Waco" territory.

  21. Eddie Kingston addresses his enemies ONCE AGAIN!

  22. "Eddie, who do you hate the most these days?"

  23. Can we get Luther's translation on this?

  24. Beru was so fucking ready to regulate honestly, she was digging out the straps within .48 seconds of hearing trouble was coming and when the gat ran dry she clubbed the motherfucker without a seconds thought

  25. 🎶16 in the clip and 1 on the hole, Aunty B is about to make some bodies turn cold...🎶

  26. Hes been smoking that sub-light kush. Shit will fuck you up in less than 20 parsecs.

  27. A good question, for another time....

  28. And now, all women of child-bearing age in a 30 mile radius of the arena are now pregnant. Congratulations ladies, you are having an ACE.

  29. The Commonwealth Kingpin Godfather.

  30. If he had a pair of six shooters, then this foo would not miss.

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