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  1. I basically just said "LOL" and clipped this immediately after, so you wouldn't see the entire post-game chat. The 2 other dead survivors were still spectating and had a good laugh too. Killer didn't seem too angry, just a little annoyed (justifiably so!).

  2. There are some minor advantages to it if you feel like you can handle 6 courses. If you consistently take 6 courses you can graduate early, so that's an advantage. Another advantage is that if you're ever feeling burnt out in the future you can reduce your load to 4 instead of 5 courses. I am in my final semester and definitely glad I only have to take 4 courses this semester - I am very tired of being here

  3. I didn't consider the early graduation part but that does seem like it would be useful, although I'm not sure how heavy my workload will be in upper years

  4. You can brag to your friends about how heavy your workload is and they'll think you're cool.

  5. I guess that could be one advantage (if you're one of those people).

  6. I did A level Physics as well, and found 151/152 relatively straightforward in terms of content in my first year. That being said, the testing wasn't easy and required a lot of practice and preparation (had to grind a lot of practice problems). Its also not the most rewarding of courses (the testing structure feels like it's meant to weed people out almost-something pretty common in first year specialist courses here)-so I would definitely recommend only doing it if its out of interest. 137 on the other hand is a very different challenge that needs a lot of work, and A levels (including further math) did not prep me for 137 at all. That is a full commitment more than 151 tbh so I would definitely not recommend that unless you're super interested.

  7. Heyy I'm also a Vic transition mentor! Honestly, you could book an appointment with the registrar to waive the seminar requirement for Vic. It's super easy to do, I've done it and many of my Vic friends have as well. As long as you have a solid plan for how you're gonna make friends (ex. extracurriculars, clubs, etc) and how you're gonna connect with profs (ex. office hours), they'll probably waive it.

  8. I wasn't aware of that, thanks for sharing! I'm not a very social person so I can't really see myself going out of my way to make new friends and join clubs, so I think it would be better if I kept the course.

  9. You have all 4 years so it's really not a big deal. I think I only filled 3.0/4.0 credits for breadth in first year

  10. Hey, I’m a 4th year life science student who’s now graduating and starting medical school in a few months. Check out my AMA, it might answer a lot of questions for you:

  11. If medicine is your goal, I would suggest going to McMaster. Their Health Science program is hard to get into, but I’ve been told that getting a 4.0 isn’t that difficult. I’m not sure what their Life Science program is like though. UofT is a great school and I’ve had a good experience overall, but it can be difficult to get consistently high grades. We have tons of life sci students, and most of us want to go to med school, so it can be hard to build relationships with profs and get good reference letters.

  12. Thank you for your response! My main concern with UofT has always been the sheer number of students who take life sciences, so I always thought it would be more difficult to perform well consistently.

  13. Uoft's difficulty is overexaggerated, but I can't directly compare it to mac's life sci program

  14. I've always thought people were a bit hyperbolic when it came to describing UofT, so thank you!

  15. 5th year Life Sci here. I think there is a stigma that life sci is hard because your first year is quite difficult. Depending on what you specialize in, it usually becomes easier as you get more comfortable with Uni work ethic and flexible with choosing your courses.

  16. Thank you! I'll be sure to message you with any questions that pop up

  17. I really hope this makes it into the game, it's great!

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