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  1. Interesting signing there, guessing our injuries in the backs are more substantial than first apparent.

  2. He’s been a scrum half for most of his career but seems to be playing wing a lot more these days which is an odd transition to make at 34!

  3. That's what I thought. Might be good to cover 9 as well then

  4. And this is also the first one which known as the spanish flu. So you basically mean it is just because it is too old and since then it has disappeared and not contagious anymore to humans! Right?

  5. It's been specifically adapted to mice so that mice could be used as an animal model for influenza for certain applications. That doesn't necessarily mean it can't infect humans.

  6. Yep, was only two weeks and being rude but probably not worth paying for coverage until December, and even then you might not went temporary cover to take one of your Champions Cup squad slots

  7. That's a good point tbh. I suppose maybe the thinking is that if push came to shove Charlie Bracken would play (at least in the prem)? I know he's young but he's started most of the Prem Cup games right?

  8. I think if we needed to we'd probably pick up another short term loan!

  9. Good point given there will still be so many Wasps/Worcester players without clubs.

  10. Nothing to do with being in "that region" or "by the book". He's moved him away by grabbing his neck that's a penalty every time.

  11. I was thinking this exactly. What were the contactors on about it was a definite penalty no question about it

  12. He didn’t actually play that many minutes despite being on the bench a lot, Koch was regularly doing 70 min shifts. We’ve got a lot of depth at tight head with Riccioni, Bello, Judge and Clarey plus Beaton coming through albeit on loan at Cornish Pirates.

  13. I completely misremembered that. That does look like a lot of depth but dependent on international windows. Bello hasn't yet played for the first team has he? I thought he was good for Argentina against England and Wales though

  14. No I think he played prem cup briefly. I only caught him against England but he definitely looked solid in the scrum, although Mako seems to be having issues there again.

  15. Yeah I mean when he came on he did get the upper hand on Mako. Against Wales he showed a bit more what he can do in open play as well as being solid in the scrum. Will be good to hopefully see him in the premiership over the next few weeks though

  16. Looked good when he was playing regularly last few seasons. Seemed more of a full back that can play wing, so will be like for like replacement with Max. I was kind of hoping we’d get Radwan or Sleightholme after the rumours, maybe that will happen if Maitland goes though.

  17. I think Maitland only signed a one year extension until the end of the season so I don't see him staying past the end of the season.

  18. After Saturday I could see him signing another extension!

  19. That's a very fair point, he's played really well for us over the last few weeks.

  20. The man singled handledly clawed the game back for sarries. What an animal.

  21. He dragged us kicking a screaming to the win, especially given how uncharacteristic Goode was in giving away penalties

  22. I really thought that game was gone until Daly went over for the last try. Don’t know how quins fans deal with consistent comebacks. Not at all good for the heart.

  23. I thought it was completely out of reach by about 50 mins. The first yellow card was a massive turning point and then we capitalised on that. 14 points from that 10 minute period then 14 from the second yellow card. Coming back from 22 points a drift has to be a new record for us?

  24. Barnes got in the way of play twice in the Sarries game he reffed last weekend, he's got to be careful with his positioning

  25. Came to this thread to make almost exactly the same comment. What is it with refs getting in the way so much recently

  26. Forgot to say, I thought Theo Dan was excellent. Throwing much improved and looks like a real prospect for the future.

  27. Definitely, gives you so much around the park. I thought Ethan Lewis' throwing was slightly more accurate but he gives you less elsewhere

  28. I was pleasantly surprised with Lewis’ throwing, he’s had some howlers in that aspect for us. I think CHH and Theo as our jumpers is a big asset, one is the tallest guy on most pitches and the other can catch pretty much anything with one hand.

  29. They can really help with most less-than-perfect throws. Any idea what happened to Pifeletti? I turned on a bit late so missed the build up if they mentioned it there

  30. Can't agree more. Thought we were going to lose that but somehow managed to get a good solid win. What a game from Goode!

  31. I was thinking that was a bit weird too. I thought the main mitigation would've been the fact that the Australia 9's head dropped about 6 inches prior to contact. Not sure if that's sufficient to mitigate down from a red but sounds a bit more solid than the bicep rather than shoulder argument

  32. Wins like that take weeks off your life! Lot of tenacity from Exeter in rallying back and taking the lead. Finding the will to then eek it out says a lot about our lads mentality right now. Big win

  33. Really good point there, pre-salarygate Sarries always had a way of staying in the game and then grinding out a win. A lot of that is down to mentality and I feel we lacked that a lot last season (lost our heads normally in those cases and then gave away silly penalties - e.g. the Exeter defeat at Sandy April last year). Its great to see that now three times against Gloucester, Bath and now Exeter this season so looks hopeful.

  34. The first Saracens game i watched was the win over Leinster in Europe the year we knew we were going down over the cap breaches. It was striking how much Leinster wanted to play the free, open rugby they're know for, and how much Saracens just said "nah." Slowed it down, made it a physical trench warfare, and kicked them to death. It was a mentality win and I bloody loved it!

  35. Yeah exactly and we did that without Faz. Last season with the loss of Barritt and a few of the other older heads we looked completely lost without Faz whereas today, whilst not 100% we didn't have such a drop off

  36. He was left out of the initial Italy squad for the autumn internationals. Not sure if he's been added since

  37. Strong squad, I have been quite impressed with Theo Dan coming of the bench the passed couple of weeks too, not bad for our fourth choice hooker.

  38. De Haas is a liability on defense in tight matches.

  39. He couldn't necessarily do worse than Van Zyl in the first half though. We're really struggling at 9

  40. Farrell’s effort to prevent the try for bath at the end was absolutely outstanding

  41. What is your R package of choice for phylogeny?

  42. So, if as is likely, Wasps follow Worcester into administration with all that entails, we’re down to 11 teams.

  43. I just saw a article come up on my news feed with the headline claiming it could be Leicester, but when I clicked the link was broken.

  44. I’m not sure what we’re going to do about lock because Theo has been called up for Samoa too. We need one of youngsters to step up or maybe loan one of the Worcester lads.

  45. I forgot about that. How many games are they going to be playing? Hopefully we won't be without him for many weeks.

  46. Batley would’ve been a great fit but Bris have nabbed him. I imagine one of the Kitcheners would do ok in a pinch.

  47. Ah ok. Might be a good solution given than it looks like the academy lads might need a bit longer

  48. Gutted to see such an academy talent go. Daly’s performance at 15 recently puts me at ease a bit though. Plenty of good wingers out there and I’m sure Max was on a decent wedge so some cap space freed up.

  49. It's a bit of an odd turn of events, 3 seasons ago we had 4 decent (Goode, Daly, Marlins, Williams) and 2 backup options (Crossdale and Obatoyinbo) coming through. Granted salarygate put an end to Williams time at Sarries, but then we let Crossdale go just after the championship season and then Obatoyinbo just this season. Wondering if the latter was massively short-sighted, with Marlins now off and Goode with not too many seasons left in him.

  50. I don’t think Obatoyinbo was good enough to be honest. There will be plenty of people out there who will want to come to us, rumour is Tom Parton from Irish, who’s looked very good when I’ve seen him play.

  51. That's a fair point, he never did amaze me to be fair. But it does feel like we're quite light in that department at the moment. But if there are potentially players coming in then that will help a lot

  52. Solid team. Guessing Itoje is more injured from that turnover against quins than first thought? No Alex either, is he injured?

  53. I think the biggest issue this season will be the international players. It will impact more teams than others and we could be in a situation where the table looks vastly different at the end of the season than what it should look like.

  54. I think this is key. Due to the further reduced salary cap, I think that most of the squads in the premiership will be the smallest they have ever been. This makes it difficult to develop depth and consistency within a squad, so I think that even top teams will struggle during the international windows

  55. One of the most stressful games I've watched in a while. Thought Daly was superb at 15, similar to last week.

  56. I think we missed that grit last season to be honest, feel like we would’ve lost that last year- in fact we did. Still not sold on Van Zyl and it was surprising to see us lose the kicking game in the second half. After last week and this I could do with a boring match but with Tigers up next I expect it to be close again!

  57. Yeah we definitely did, I think that was most evident against Toulon as well.

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