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  1. Glad to see us make a signing, seems like we haven't done much so far this summer. Is this pre-empting someone leaving do you think?

  2. Ah good point. I was a bit worried that Riccioni wouldn't be coming back after his ACL. Which would be doubly annoying given how good he was in the brief time he did play for us last season.

  3. Oh I presumed ref did him for a neck roll or something - still obviously not a neck roll but I could see a ref being on the otherside of the ruck and thinking it was.

  4. I was wondering that too. Or the side entry which would've only been a penalty. But his hands don't get anywhere near the ruck so the yellow seems ridiculous

  5. Nice try! Glad to see he's performing as well for Samoa as he has for Sarries. He's been an incredible find

  6. Does anyone know how it has been detected (PCR, sequencing, metagenomics, virus culture)? I've seen this posted a lot but can't find this detail

  7. I feel like shit. I think Tigers deserved it though.

  8. My only saving grace is that Tigers are losing a lot of players so if they were gonna do it they had to do it today. It feels shit, but I'm glad that a lot of the younger Sarries players (Malins, Christie etc.) Get to feel how shit it is to lose a final and use that as fuel for next year

  9. I really hope so. Maybe we just needed a kick up the arse

  10. Nerves are really building now 😬 Still think we’ll do it though. But surely I’m not the only one getting visions of a last minute Ash Splash to win it for Tigers 😂

  11. I know what you mean. Both teams are going to throw everything at it. Hopefully we can keep to 15 men for longer than we did last week otherwise Tigers will crucify us.

  12. Yeah, imagine the score last week if we tackled low!

  13. Exactly. I hope Mark and the other coaches have been drilling that into the lads ahead of tomorrow. The refs will be looking for it more than usual after the semis

  14. I saw the highlight on the Saracens FB page. Completely forgot Borthwick was captain last time we played Tigers in the final. Very poetic!

  15. Absolute talisman for the team. Can see him doing 300 provided he does ok on the injury front

  16. I'm really happy about this. I thought we were unlucky not to get him on a full contract when he came to us on loan

  17. I’ve just been reminded of the last time we played you after Toulon knocked us out of Europe and came out in a cold sweat.

  18. Very strong squad. Interested to see how we move on from last week's defeat

  19. Yep, important that we bounce back. If we confirm the home semi final then we can rest a few for the final round. If not, then we need to win away at Gloucester and try to create some momentum going into the semis.

  20. Definitely, the loss to Toulon has ruined the momentum we were gaining. I think even if we win against Saints, we need to put in a strong performance against Gloucester away (again) given how they beat us in Jan. We'll need the momentum from that to stand us in good stead for the semi-final and hopefully final.

  21. I don't know when taking the 3 points went so out of vogue!!!

  22. I think that was what was so uncharacteristic of Sarries. We definitely could've ground out the win by taking the actual lockable 3 point penalties then putting the pressure on through the lineouts when it was on. Ngl Brace appeared to miss a lot, but we just never got him on side

  23. It was weird, we usually seem to be very happy to grind out a game 3 at a time.

  24. I know this is what was so odd. Anyway hopefully a lesson learned as we go to the end of the premiership season

  25. I just think we weren’t quite tight enough- spilled ball and loose passes. But we still did well but Toulon gave that game everything. Villiere is just great to watch.

  26. On your last point about Hunter-Hills almost try. I doubt Brace would've actually given the yellow. He seems to have left this win the changing room

  27. and I’d argue Leinster’s success was built and earned over the years through strong foundations. Sarries and Toulon weren’t. It’s a simple as that for me.

  28. Is this the same Sarries team that contained Itoje, Mako, George, Farrell and Goode, all from the academy - 4 capped British and Irish lions and 1 European player of the year? Not to mention other internationals like Isiekwe, Earle, Tompkins etc. To me, that’s pretty strong foundations

  29. Yeah that's the one. I mean it was previously supplemented with some non-academy internationals which in no doubt helped. But this is still pretty much the foundation of the squad we have today. Plus some really exciting up-and-comers e.g., Segun, McFarland, Christie and Malins

  30. Becky chambers would be on it. Ministry for the future by KSR. Project hail mary by Andy weir, Klara and the sun by Kazuo Ishiguro.

  31. Is Project hail Mary any good? I really liked the Martian, but found Artemis less enjoyable.

  32. Phm is way better than Artemis. But weir has a certain style where his lead character can solve any problem like James bond or something and some people find that tiresome. I liked the book though

  33. I haven’t seen anything but I suspect he has been carrying a niggle for a while. He randomly stopped kicking for a bit and has looked a bit off the pace recently.

  34. Hadn't noticed that. But Daly and Tomlin's at 12 and 13 should be good. We may be missing Maro and Lozowski but I'd much rather rest them so they are fit and ready come the play-offs.

  35. Damn missed that. He's been phenomenal for us recently so we will miss him on Sunday

  36. Comically poor decision by the officials.

  37. Clash in the air with Brown who grabbed Lewy’s arm on the way down, Lewy landed on the top of his shoulders and bounced his head on the floor. Looked nasty. Also somehow broke his nose. Only a scrum awarded though 🧐

  38. I didn't quite get that especially as Brown grabbed Lewington's arm after knocking the ball on

  39. I wasn’t great at rugby but Owen Farrell went to my school when I was younger. I remember watching a match he was playing in against a rival school in our area but he only came on for the last 15 minutes or something - I think he was already signposted as being too good to play full competitive matches at such a low level. Anyway, I remember he bulldozed his way through their team and scored a try but did a ‘roly-poly’ type move when he put the ball down which was funny to most people apart from the opposition. The only thing was that his dad, Andy Farrell, was on the touch line and after the match gave him a massive bollocking at the other end of the pitch when the match ended. I remember hearing him screaming at him from the other end of the field. Think he wanted to give him a lesson on how to be humble! Anyway, it was amazing to watch him when we were younger - he was clearly so much better than anyone else, even the guys a lot older than him.

  40. I played against Farrell when he was at Harpenden. Think he was playing up a year as well. Heard he was on the books for a football and cricket team as well as Sarries at the time. Don't remember him that much on the field, but I do remember my team mate punching him and getting a yellow.

  41. I agree with you and I still think when we have our full squad and we get to the knock out games for the prem and Europe we'll come through. But I do feel there is a lack of consistency which we always used to have

  42. I think it’s very clear now (if it wasn’t before) how much of a stabilizing influence Faz’s leadership is for this team.

  43. I think this was evident back in 2019 - the champions cup semi against Racing, no Faz and Brad Barritt got concussed with about 30 mins to go and all of a sudden we looked completely out of the game with no chance of getting back into it.

  44. Really hope he's ok. I was thinking the other day that he's been at the club for such a long time and wondered if he may be looking to move on at some point.

  45. He signed on along with the rest of the coaching team for a long time after the salary cap punishments. Health permitting I think he’ll be there a while yet, there’s a bit of unfinished business there.

  46. Ah really? I'd completely missed that. Really glad to hear that though definitely see some league and European titles in the future

  47. Getting on a bit isn’t he, needs his rest before the prem I reckon.

  48. Fair point. To be honest I'm excited to see Manu and maybe Loz playing 10

  49. I've just watched the game on the premiership website and was surprised at how good a game it was given what I read here and

  50. Maybe available closer to the time... normally I avoid all news sources and then watch it the following day on the

  51. Strong squad. Anyone know if there is a stream available for it?

  52. Always annoying when academy boys get thrown out In favour of externals.

  53. Do you mean at Saracens? The only non-academy backrow players in the squad are Theo McFarland, Janco Venter and Billy Vunipola. With the exception of Billy all will be on less money than Reffell. Whilst he is a fantastic player given the reduced salary cap, he would struggle to displace Ben Earl, Andy Christie and Jackson Wray so I can understand his desire to move to get more game time

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