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  1. No. The system is grossly inefficient.

  2. Sure, let's bring in cheap doctors from Elbonia and their bags of magic herbs. Germany has a hybrid system of private Healthcare, which would bring Canada one step closer to US Healthcare, the dream of the PCP.

  3. Your post reeks of racism. Interesting that you think most foreigners' medicine is magic herbs.

  4. I just say ' peanut butter ' and refuse to further specify my answer


  6. Didn't know Jordan had an interview with the great Dawkins.

  7. Lol. You would think the followers of a supposedly thoughtful, world-renowned psychologist would have gained some small scintilla of insight into how human beings think, feel and behave. How on earth do you function in the real world?

  8. LOL can you show us any threats he received over this? He just got ratio’s hard and people made fun of him and his looks.

  9. He isn't calling for anyone's deplatforming, removal or banning from twitter like you sensitive regressive left types.

  10. Data centres are notoriously power intensive. With oil and gas depleted, our at present low energy rates will rise, making any sort of investment less attractive in future.

  11. Wind power is pretty damn good, especially on the North East side and around Tobago.

  12. Accelerated diversification of the economy. Diversify into what? The experts with the help of citizens will have to tell us this. In my mind I would say tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, culture, services, technology ...

  13. Most hopeful outlook. And probably the only one that will guarantee our survival

  14. Lol, it's literally hilarious how hypocritical hes made himself look. Like, I've barely heard of him and he's now looking like a complete idiot in my eyes

  15. You look like an idiot if you know nothing of his years of work and can suddenly declare him an idiot because 2 words on twitter can be construed as on the opposite spectrum of your own deluded ideology

  16. Don't you do the same to every leftist?

  17. Man I wish there was at least a right wing equivalent of that cesspool to balance it out.

  18. It's fine. At least the right and center can be the sane half of Canadian society.

  19. If we're going the natural route, it isn't natural to eat yourself into that state. Nature usually likes to starve humans.

  20. We would be far more active in nature. And thus the average person would have far more stamina and musculature.

  21. Animaayy is loaded with jungian symbols.

  22. You gotta work out for 40 min to an hour at least 4 time a week.

  23. In links awakening dx you could grab the shop keeper of the crane game

  24. No man.. you gotta bomb every mountain, burn every tree, push every rock, kill all the enemies over and over again

  25. He was a conservative when conservatives weren’t actually photo op princes and Poilievre was still in diapers.

  26. Cherry picked? You mean from date of Poilievre’s tweet… where he made the argument… that’s fallen entirely on its safe with a massive 34.7% crash as of today… That’s weird, he made the argument that Bitcoin is a hedge and it’s never act of a hedge ever.

  27. Jumping straight to ad hominem are we?

  28. Tipp is the ultimate form of human fitness

  29. Everyone has fucking anxiety over exams etc.

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