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  1. You're not about to give us his FIFA stats are you?

  2. Mate, there's been a huge pandemic and our bussiness plan is built on people through the door of our massive new stadium we just spent £1bn building

  3. We are FFP positive to the tune of 400m and we generate more from the club shop than Burnley did in annual gate receipts.

  4. Ffp isnt really relevant here as it doesn't account for things like....spending a billion pounds on the stadium. Its purely a mechanic for player sales, not for club accounting

  5. I would let Conte decide if he’s good enough

  6. We just bought this kid a couple years ago, why would we sell already

  7. It's just a way to pay another club to train them and give them week in week out experience.

  8. So it should be easy to give me an example of these Conte teams that lacked creative players? Like which good Conte team is it that you're talking about? When did he have this great success without established creative players? Creativity doesn't mean playing randomly or going off the rails, it's about being able to spot an opportunity in a small window of time and act on it. Eriksen and Fabregas both played crucial roles in title winning teams, they were a hindrance to the system? Again, you're speaking in broad strokes but not pointing to when he's actually had success without creative midfielders.

  9. Conte's teams have always benefited from creative players using their creativity and you're yet to give me a team where this wasn't the case

  10. The backstory is that it’s my Stepdads and he got it signed by all the players and Daniel Levy when he was drunk at some sort of event at White Hart Lane.

  11. Nail our current away kit to the wall and they'll beg you to hang that in its place...?

  12. Much better than now and any Russian future it could have.

  13. Is there some international law that prohibits being anti-Russian? If so I am a criminal.

  14. Stupid question but why it seems there is always tiny ventilators in soviet helicopters? Is it for comfort or there is a more practical reason ?

  15. Seriously what the fuck WSJ… “all medics and soldiers agreed to talk on condition on anonymity” … next paragraph, photo of the soldier and name him. The fact that they are breaking the requested silence just to get an exclusive, is also why people hate journalists so much

  16. Dude, the Challenger is a fucking beast. The only thing ever to kill a Challenger was a Challenger (friendly fire incident).

  17. Yeah, I think I've somehow managed to read about the only few negative things and none of the many positive...

  18. I think when Bissouma gets more comfortable it won’t be as much as a fucking dead zone between dier/sanchez/midfield

  19. Sure, but we should definitely be selling Sanchez.

  20. It’s really bad timing that Poch’s rise happened as the team was still financing the stadium.

  21. Well, yes, but we reached a Champions league final with a Sissoko-Winks midfield...

  22. Troubling when you consider the fact that China is the real enemy. Putin’s play will destroy Russia, and has strengthened NATO, but China is the big winner gaining a former superpower as a satellite state.

  23. It's won big here, but it's about to lose very big itself...

  24. a shell of a shell as a satellite is worse than a strong ally

  25. You’re being naive if you think this was a great window. We now have depth and can handle an injury or two, but there were no significant upgrades to the starting 11.

  26. Russia: Giving zero shits about Russians since 862.

  27. I love that to decide Son is not clinical you have taken "data" from 5 games and not let's say

  28. I would like you to take a look at this counterpoint:

  29. I doubt you'll get tickets without going for a hospitality package, but I could be wrong.

  30. Imagine when we get to the point that the drone video can be sent to a HUD in the soldiers helmet with overlying blufor/op for tags. Wars in the future will be very scary.

  31. Russian army will get infos on their phone via text message.

  32. isnt it only 6 pm over there? why is he going to sleep already lol

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