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  1. I literally did a speech on him in college in a Speech and Debate course in 2014. I was so impressed by the reusable rockets that I read his fucking biography and everything. Had to rehearse the speech several times so I got a good grade for it, worked hard on my research and the PowerPoint…..I even have a video of it somewhere because our professor would tape us so we could watch ourselves afterwards. So fucking embarrassing now.

  2. How is it embarassing? Nothing you said was wrong.

  3. Seriously, this is some incel dating strategy applied to business negotiations.

  4. Because it is one of the most complex skills out there with an innumerable number of ways to cause injury which can even be irreversible at times to people who don't know better.

  5. I played 2-3 hours a day for like a month avout two months ago and felt like I was learning quickly. Now I haven’t played for more than an hour at a time in over a month or two. I don’t know what changed I just don’t feel any motivation and I guess somehow that level of effort amfor that long of a time still wasn’t enough to make it a habit? Really frustrating as I do have goals for myself on piano...

  6. That's totally normal. The truth is, an hour a day is plenty for a beginner (assuming they are actually practicing and not just noodling around). Professionals practice as little as 2 to 3 hours a day. Chopin said 3 hours a day is sufficient.

  7. Yeah I have played maybe 5 hours total in the last month :/

  8. Sounds like atopy developing. Id get tested and yes probably avoid things that make you itch. You may be able to cook the fruits and vegetables and then not react to them but yeah, allergies have typically unpredictable progression.

  9. Yes I know that's how it works. How is a 70% winrate over 40 games not change MMR at all whatsoever? It literally is unchanged from when I was two divisions lower because it is still trying to put me there based on the LP win loss.

  10. Because your wins aren't in your new elo range you probably lose your games in this new elo making the systems believe that you belong around there

  11. Thought so too but doctors weren't helpful. They couldn't figure out the issue.

  12. Sounds like you really should avoid tree nuts...

  13. H1 Blockers that pass the blood brain barrier will suppress brain function which may exacerbate mental disturbances in vulnerable individuals. I have been told Allegra also can cause/worsen depressive symptoms. Haven't heard the same for claritin or zyrtec though.

  14. Allergies are a genetic condition. It’s triggered through exposure, so it’s often things we use regularly, animals you grow up with or our favorite foods that we develop sensitivities to. You can develop an allergy to anything at anytime.

  15. The reason this is possible is through chunking. You still are only processing one thing at a time you just have shortcuts for larger clusters of notes mentally.

  16. I’m referring to when you’re site reading which is why you’d be writing notes in the first place

  17. my point stands? how can you call yourself advanced if you don't have muscle memory above and below the ledger lines? just seems like blatant gaps in knowledge

  18. Welcome to post antibiotic immune dysregulation. I developed it after antibiotics in 2014 and now it is like im allergic to dozens of foods while being IgE negative. It is a problem we created as humans.

  19. takes years to get good at piano even if you have talent

  20. Russian music has nothing to do with Putin invading Ukraine. I'm sure most russians do not agree with it.

  21. Same thing happened to me the year after taking antibiotics

  22. Well C is the relative minor of Eb so that's your explanation there lol

  23. sightreadingfactory can generate pieces of every grade randomly with chords so you can practice those daily and get your chops up

  24. No - it's not. You're too stiff in the wrists and the hands are getting tense in order to try and play the double thumb and pinky combination. You're going to cause strain in your hands, and eventually you're going to reach a point where you can't play faster.

  25. Regarding your last paragraph... the jackhammer octaves at the end would like a word with u

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