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  1. This is a great acquisition. Chael has a huge following.

  2. Could you ask him on his thoughts on the two permanent UAP research offices that the United States is establishing in 6 months?

  3. He's the guy who pretended to be a DOD insider but was actually just a security guard to the Blink 182 guy?

  4. He was confirmed last year by Harry Reid who created the secret research program.

  5. Oh great, a UFO nut has confirmed that his UFO nut expert is the real deal.

  6. The only gullible people are the ones who thought they were birds, balloons, and bokeh. Not willing to accept new information is not science.

  7. At least with yangs plan in nyc he would give everyone 1k a month ubi but eliminated social services that gave way more than 1k in benefits. For most New Yorkers that would not see that money as just a bonus it would have been a massive downgrade.

  8. Yang wasn't offering Universal Basic Income in NYC. He was offering a cash relief program for the poorest people in NYC, and converting empty hotels, office spaces into living households for the homeless.

  9. I was super into yang, and as someone who has been laid off from covid, graduated university in May 2021 , still can't find a respectable job with my degree, applying to jobs every dam day, and got laid off again, I can say UBI is more like an airbag for your finances than a income giveaway. The federal loan grace period extensions have been taking a lot of stress off me too.

  10. I don’t see Yangs version of UBI as a job replacement. I just see it as capitalism were income doesn’t start at 0.

  11. I don’t know be more composed with his striking? This is for me an example in why Ufc fighters tend to lose against boxers.

  12. Another video where someone possibly sees something extraordinary and decides to just stop filming and move on with life. How long was it there? How did it leave or disappear. Always a huge red flag for me.

  13. The object went into a crater according to the reporter who was covering this video in Mexican news yesterday. The station is now trying to see if anyone else recorded this object by making radio ads. Hoping we see more videos.

  14. I was just seeing this be covered in the news last night! The witness recorded it for a while and the object landed and disappeared. The reporters are now looking for more videos that people recorded in the area.

  15. This isn't the issue you think it is. UAP just means unidentified aerial phenomenon. That's not aliens, that's just things in the sky that we can't identify. The concern is missiles and planes from hostile countries, not little green men.

  16. The research office has updated the definition of UAP.

  17. I know that people would rather believe some VFX person, Mick West explanation when it comes to the confirmed videos by the US government but I believe that people who were actually there are much better than some guys chilling at home.

  18. This sounds like a place to hide slush money.

  19. You can have them! I found the one I want for the rest of my life. 🙂

  20. Damn it’s almost like UFO is an acronym for unidentified flying object. Which can even be a litteral flaming ball of shit. If it ain’t identified and it’s flying then it’s a UFO

  21. It can also mean Transmedium craft according to the US government. Which the research office defines as craft observed traveling through space, atmosphere and the ocean.

  22. With Government officials answering interview questions. 2 of them are literally official releases by Senator Gillibrand and the Department of defense.

  23. Make sure to inform NASA, and the US government they are also conspiracy theorists since my statements are backed up by official government statements.

  24. That just means that there wasn't good enough data at the time to identify something. It doesn't remotely confirm ET life or any other woo theory.

  25. Who’s talking about ET? They just confirmed these objects are real after a century.

  26. Make sure to contact the United States government and nasa they may need your expertise with the two permanent research offices.

  27. Humor of the "centrists"/"moderates"? Just as funny as from Trump.

  28. Til: supporting universal basic income and healthcare is centrist.

  29. “BoTh SiDeS!!!! We need a Party that screws the poor and helps the Republicans!”

  30. Both sides are full of hatred for one another. Your comment is a perfect example.

  31. Sadder was when she wouldn’t endorse until it had zero impact. I am fine with her policies, but politically she is a hack, willing to sacrifice principles for her own advancement.

  32. She even flipped on Universal healthcare to try to get the VP slot. She’s just a political hack.

  33. I’m all for searching for alien life or tech, but when I hear hoof beats I think horses and not zebras.

  34. Do I believe UAP represent extraterrestrial crafts. I don’t but what they do represent according to the United States government are a national security issue and worthy of further investigation.

  35. That's the main point where you nutjobs fail completely to understand.

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