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  1. There are literally billions of doses, distributed worldwide. It's not like they're sitting in a vault. There's probably a few dozen, sitting in a drug store, within a few blocks from where you're sitting right now.

  2. You obviously like to jump to conclusions too fast. These elites aren't your friends. Is this not obvious to YOU folks?

  3. How long does it usually take for a non-restricted firearms license to be renewed once you've applied for it? Any answer is helpful, thanks 😊

  4. I bought this SKS used, it didnt come with one. Since it's been changed this much, i actually am planning on removing the lug

  5. You can buy bipods for the bayonet lugs if you don't want to hack it off. Just a thought 🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. I have one, i just like the bipod off the barrel as much as possible

  7. It’s because Joe Biden has a speech impediment. He is open about this and it’s not hard to figure out.

  8. The tongue punch gets me every time

  9. Nyet! Sks doesn't have you. Buy PAL and reunite with your true soulmate. She may not be pretty, but she is loyal and works hard. Quite versatile. Very cheap bang for your buck. спасибо, что присоединились.

  10. I found one for $275 from a reputable dealer, she's a beauty to me. A chunky beauty, but a beauty none the less. Can't wait to meet her.

  11. That's actually a great price considering what they're selling for from most stores. Good find!

  12. Well it doesn’t seem out of the ball park for me cause they got me a quest 2 last year but I’m thinking that too

  13. You got what?? 😅 a video game is a bit different than a firearm. You can't shoot your eye out with a video game

  14. That's cool, but man I love the cheap bulk of Russian ammo you can nab for the 7.62.

  15. Yea you can buy 10 round ar-15 mags in 7.62x39 for the sks after the magwell adapter is put in. I bought one from highcal and after modifications it works perfectly.

  16. This is a troll account which was deleted immediately after posting. There is lot of good information about Covid available if you just look. You don't need to depend on lies and misinformation on Reddit or Facebook or in Reich wing media. Get informed. Get vaccinated.

  17. Reich wing, that was good lol. But didn't the nazis (who were bloody bastards) want to disarm the people that they were going to destroy? Literally before they completed the act, they disarmed people in the name of safety? The nazis were also banning the Jewish People from restaurants, sporting events and schools. Not against any vaccine, as I've had them all so far. But all of this sits horribly with me. Our government/media make us fight with each other so we don't fight with them. Imagine if there were giant food shortages how easy we'd be to control.

  18. Oh well idk if this is true but I've heard that gun restrictions have been going up in Canada and it's been harder to get a gun in recent years. But if you already have a license maybe it's not as bad.

  19. Nobody is denied a firearms license if they have no criminal history. During "covid" times they stopped doing firearms license courses but theyve started back up a few months ago

  20. Thanks for the info bro I appreciate it!

  21. With lots of deluded right-wingers and religious conservatives dying. Which is not a bad thing. I gladly work from home and endure some minor inconveniences to see it happen. Probably the USA will see a coup of some sorts, or at least a very right-wing government in the coming years. Eventually this will lead to great social unrest and civil war, as wel as a socialist revolution.

  22. I think you're right about the social unrest and civil war. How would a socialist nation rise out of the rubble though? And how would the left beat the right in a theoretical civil war if the left is against firearms?

  23. Zombies. At least something fun would come from all of this.

  24. Why do people leave their curtains open at night..? Someone ALWAYS sees you and you don't know if they're WATCHING, too...Have a great trip, though!

  25. When I'm tripping when it's dark outside windows give me a "dark black hole" type of anxiety 😂

  26. I don't agree with people being allowed to join the army at 17 either.

  27. Lol, good thing your opinion doesn't mean shit or I would've been running around on the streets at 17 instead of in a well structured job. Training with dangerous firearms!! Lol gtfoh soy boy

  28. "America has a shitty welfare system so let's send poor kids to die on foreign soil for our oil interests to make up for it" is not the gotcha that you think it is

  29. Keep crying because you did nothing with your life and are looking for handouts from big daddy government. Go fuck yourself.

  30. In my country there are pop up "clinics" where you can get jabbed but there is not even 1 fuking doctors in vicinity. They don't even have list of ingredients or any information about the jab there, and most of them have maybe 1-2 nurses, rest of the staff are just some random people hired from the internet.

  31. Are you in Canada too? 😂 the blind are leading the blind here

  32. Shit man I've been having a skinwalker problem at my farm. Damn things keep dressing up as lost hikers.

  33. I’m sorry guys omg I can’t tell I promise im far from socially distanced lmao

  34. Nah but that’s hella cool that two different places could look the same

  35. This is why I'm spreading the word, once the grid goes down all we have is our memories

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