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  1. A few questions: What did you do while captive to pass the time? Did your captors provide a book or something? What’re your thoughts on personal self defense weapons like handguns or knives to protect yourself after experiencing that?

  2. N0mn says:

    How do we know the tiny frog isn’t keeping the tarantula as a pet?

  3. How do we know if the baby spiders don’t eat the frog when they hatch?

  4. “Mid”, “it was good, nice beat”, “very catchy, if I heard it on the radio or a playlist I’d rock to it” ~ the three friends I roped into roasting your track.

  5. 😂 best comment. Lol I appreciate it! Tell them I said thanks, except the first one, tell them I said "you're mid"

  6. “They’re mid” 😂 glad to be of help

  7. Very very slow without a bass line, please add one (as mentioned by someone else, just reinforcing that idea)

  8. A little loud on the vocals but overall solid beat, I really like the drums. Very much a boom bam type of beat.

  9. Love this track, only suggestion would be to turn down the higher frequency sounding things.

  10. Honestly this was overall a dope track, just an all out jam. Only thing I could even slightly suggest is maybe mixing the audio of the drums a little better. But that’s fire 🔥

  11. The transition is dope but the intro is too long in my opinion, I think u gotta show off the best parts of the beat sooner rather than later

  12. Honestly I think the auto tune is way too mixed into the track, it makes it sound unprofessional

  13. We are Head Strong Collective and here are our three most recent beats👉

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