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  1. Benefits are the one thing they do well. I work at a company on the top 10 best places in Austin and their benefits are not nearly as good as tesla. I know, I worked there.

  2. OMG! I would love that so much! Feel free to message or chat me and I can give you my info

  3. Pumped to see Sitting on Stacy and yungblood.

  4. I really wish Ticketmaster would go back to posting ticket price ranges so we at least have an idea of what it's gonna cost before they go on sale.

  5. I agree. I saw some shows didn't sell out but are they really asking over $300 for one floor ticket as the initial asking price?

  6. It's dumb, same lineup both days, so you buy one or the other. It seems like it's gonna be a nightmare lol

  7. Based on the ticket buying experience; it's going to be a nightmare. I am here for it.

  8. Riot fest veteran here and will be attending both this year- you made the right choice.

  9. I've been in the page since 10am central time 😬 still no tickets

  10. They literally changed it to a two day festival 30 minutes ago wtf. And we don’t even know who’s playing when

  11. Yea, pack your patience if this is a sign of whats to come

  12. The Original art was done by Kevin Tong and I had my artist alter it

  13. I was hoping to come here for some answers. I love that all of you also got Diary vibes from this because I did too. I think I loved the book because it reminded me of diary.

  14. Related but not related. Metallica played a secret show walking distance from our hotel on Monday and we fucking missed it. 😤 watching for secret shows from now on

  15. I have to say, shit happens but I’m pretty sad to have spent $55 on New Found Glory aftershow tickets only to have Simple Plan, Less than Jake, and Hot Mulligan all drop off of the show

  16. Im only really disappointed in the aftershow situation. We bought tickets to the bombpops aftershow and they go on at 8 so we aren't going. At least we aren't the only ones feeling a little ripped off.

  17. We have those tickets too and with how getting out on CTA has been and the fact we're not willing to miss any of slipknot, looks like we're just going to have to eat that loss.

  18. I'm gonna ask everyone in a Hawthorne heights shirt if they want the tickets lol

  19. I've stood in line for quang noodles two different times but had to leave for a sets even tho i gave myself more than an hour inbetween shows.

  20. We bought tickets for the Bayside one to see the bomb pops but if I'm reading it right they will play at 9 before riot fest is even over. Does anyone know otherwise?

  21. Satanic temple member and big 21 pilots fan here. I was surprised that they were religious when I first read that

  22. I cannot do IT stuff. I have normal skills like excel, word, outlook, quickbooks ( although very rusty) . Can type fast ( 72 wpm) . I can work normal office equipment like fax and multi line phones. I can triage calls,manage multiple doctors schedules, create marketing packets, marketing posts on social media ,i understand medical insurance , handle email correspondence for the company . I can do alot and if trained well i can do more. No one wants to train and i think thats sad. I believe as long as youre willing to learn you can be trained in anything.

  23. Sweet, let's connect. Message me and I'd like to swap info. I know two solar companies looking for office people

  24. Hey any chance you can pass along that info to me too? I'm looking for a new job and could be interested in this. Is there a job posting somewhere for these positions?


  26. Why did they squish the bombpops with that grouping?

  27. That's an actual tour, they just made the stop a part of RF Late Night

  28. Damn! Where was this for my "cotton" wedding anniversary? Would have been perfect! They have tons of bands

  29. Wow, that's very cool!! What a nice gift! Great friend!

  30. I sense maybe wanting to be more than a friend? That is an awesome gift.

  31. This just took my excitement to the next level. Way more pumped about this than the wave 2 announcement

  32. Can we wear MGK shirts every day of the festival? The hate has only increased my love.

  33. I have never seen them but I have heard good things.

  34. somehow I wasn't paying attention. Thanks for posting this!

  35. Praying for a more punk heavy wave here. Let's see some Offspring, direct hit!, screeching weasel, jeff rosenstock, goldfinger, anybody that has been on a tony hawk soundtrack!

  36. Ugh.. why not this year? Much sad.

  37. Here's a playlist I put together including all of today's bands. See you all in September!

  38. Underwhelming for me. I know I was in the minority, but I really wanted Machine Gun Kelly to be on this. I just want something more unique or modern or new or different from Riot Fests of the past 5 years.

  39. I think we must be the only two who were very dissapointed to not see him on this list. I still have a glimmer of hope because the one poster he had a date blurred out with a small venue name on the Sunday of the festival. He might be too pricey at this point but he is a pop-punk kid at heart I think.

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