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  1. Can't complain at all. Just thought I'd pop in to the daily discussion with a hot take.

  2. Shame we couldn’t tie him down. I wish him well at Adidas but I think he had a bright future at Arsenal.

  3. I'm the only one who really likes Red Bull? I don't know I think it taste good, or maybe because I'm already addicted since I have to drink Red Bull since I was 17

  4. Tennant has been pictured with Jodie’s tardis. Seems like Jodie will regenerate into Tennant?

  5. Doesn’t change the fact that you had 4th place in one hand, and completely bottled it. It was there for the taking, and you blew it.

  6. I mean it was the players who imploded. I doubt Arteta instructed Holding to get himself sent off against Spurs and for the players to forget how to play through a press against Newcastle

  7. My use of the word “you” is directed at the team as a whole tbh

  8. I’m having no luck buying a flat. Some of you have probably seen my previous updates, which started in fucking November.

  9. Bit of a risk for AM? Last time they copied the best car, the realised that they don't actually get it or understand why it works. This could backfire. Even the floor cutouts are literally exactly the same.

  10. Can you let me know how long the queue is, trying to plan the timing for tomorrow. I believe the opener comes on at 7:30/8 and alt-j plays at 9

  11. Queue moves very quickly. Me and my friend walked right in at around 20:25 and managed to get very close to the front.

  12. The Sue Gray report will be going straight in the same filing cabinet as the Russia Report.

  13. Out of Saka, Martinelli, and Smith Rowe, only Saka is currently at the level that we need to take us forward. Although Sakas finishing needs work.

  14. Weird to see some Gooners cheering Rangers losing last night. I thought there is a historical connection between Arsenal and Rangers?

  15. Yeah but this is Reddit where everyone’s apparently an anti-unionist. Rangers represent Unionism.

  16. I was at this show last night too! It was absolutely incredible. I’ve been to a fair few gigs in my time, and I’ve never seen anything like this before.

  17. Why would she want to come to this one but not another game? Because of the relaxed atmosphere?

  18. Yeah she’s a bit intimidated by football culture. I’ve been to the emirates cup 3 or 4 times and it’s always a very relaxed environment. Usually lots of families there.

  19. I've also been in the past and it's definitely much more relaxed and a nice day out like you said. I do think some PL games are quite similar though. A game on a sunny Sunday afternoon against a non-rival and preferably a team towards the bottom of the table for example. Make sure to sit on the sides instead of standing behind the goal too.

  20. Would be just typical for Spurs to lose to Norwich & we end up losing to Everton anyway.

  21. Got standing on the 22nd, anyone wanna swap for seated on the 21st or 22nd?

  22. Lads I just triple captained Pukki. After the Hattrick on Sunday you can send your awards in their swathes.

  23. No I just see that finishing 5th is because of the teams around us imploding rather than anything we have done to improve, our performances this season are pretty much on par with how we were performing last season when we finished 8th. I don't want to argue for the sake of arguing, but I do want to understand how people can believe certain things about Arteta's tenure that just aren't based in reality, but their feelings.

  24. Only Man Utd imploded. Conte is a world class manager and Spurs have world class forwards, so it's no surprise that they got to 4th before us. Spurs are going for success now, but when Conte leaves, and Kane and Son start to wind down, they will be fucked.

  25. 9:30am is way too early in the day, at least let the solicitor have a couple of coffees first.

  26. Don't matter when I contact them, it'll still take them 3 days to get back to me.

  27. I was once stuck outside my new house with a van full of stuff because their solicitors wouldn't confirm completion as they were on lunch break for an hour. Then once they'd returned, my solicitors went on lunch break for an hour. I suppose two hours is warp speed for them.

  28. Thought Nuno was our best player on the night. Looked very lively and was good going forward.

  29. Expect a lot of 'Arsenal were interested but no longer an option due to lack of CL football' this summer from journalists. It will be a cheat code for a shit load of interactions. Ignore them.

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