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  2. Aw what a wonderful article! It made me tear up a bit. Thank you for sharing!

  3. To answer your other question, no, you don’t need to retire your horse at 14 :)

  4. THANK YOU for this! This was the worry that started my whole line of thought! I’m so happy to hear this!!

  5. Tom Ranch is run by several folks very active in the Simbrah/Simmental Association. (I raised and exhibited Simbrahs). The Hoppes in Texas have a lot of lovely simmentals (or did when I was showing).

  6. Why are we not talking more about the FLOWERS?! I’ve never seen something like that. Incredible.

  7. It seems that raising cattle that are so hard to handle would just be buying trouble. Here in the US we use donkeys or mules for herd protection. Maybe they don't work with wolves in your area. It's just, well, we've spent the last 10 years culling aggressive cattle. No one wants to have to watch their back constantly or worry about their catch pens being destroyed when their cows need to be vaccinated.

  8. Exactly. Fence jumpers, aggressive, etc go. It only takes one time for them to break your ENTIRE face. (Happened to a dear friend.) We are trying to save you pain and suffering, OP!!

  9. With horses fence jumping when attacked ist usually considered a good thing. Could you explain the differenzen with cattle.

  10. We don’t have any predators that the cattle would need to jump over a fence to get away from. So jumpers are a danger to us and themselves, and if/when they get out are more difficult to catch as they are already “nutty”.

  11. Yeah he didn't do a great job with the clinches. Sometimes they'll look like this towards the end of the cycle. This shoe won't make it the entire cycle

  12. PS you can get some bacteria ingression into those old holes. I like farrier barrier as a general preventative.

  13. If you want to be a professional actor you will have to get used to kissing people. It's very common. If you just want to take an acting class for fun with no intention of pursuing a career you should find another teacher who isn't so demanding.

  14. It’s not THAT common. Leslie Jordan had his first onscreen kiss like a month before he died. There are so so many characters out there, bestie.

  15. I didn’t see anybody mention it, but are you talking to a mental health professional about your thoughts and feelings? Regardless of whether you do or don’t buy a horse, self medicating through the high from buying things does not last long. (Been there) please also get mental health support.

  16. It's honestly a pain in the ass to keep up with. :( Constant doctors' appointments. I used to only see my doctor once every 6 months. Then my state changed the rule to once every 3 months. Then every 2 months. Some people have to see their doctor every month, so every 3 1/2 weeks. My state requires in person appointments too-- no telemedicine.

  17. There are videos of her being ridden and the rescue says that it was an issue with her dental health with the bit that the previous owners were using. It was resolved and now she is fine with a bit and without :)

  18. There are SO SO many horses out there without this problem. I know it’s easy to feel like a certain horse is “the one” but there have to be many other options for you without rearing even being in the picture.

  19. Not me crying already. How much did he weigh when you rescued him???? Thank you for loving him.

  20. The first two pictures look like red and black Angus cattle. The other two are not and can not be Angus as they have horns. Angus are polled cattle, which means they naturally do not grow horns.

  21. Nope. Black angus are black, not variants on black. Red angus are a darker, deeper rust color. Def neither.

  22. First pic I think Simmental as well, though I have several Simbrah/Angus crosses that look a LOT like the light brown ones.

  23. Well it's gonna be hard to get him into the church for the mass.

  24. You beat me to it. This error in particular erodes my sanity.

  25. Oh my GOD! You wouldn’t happen to be in TX, would you?

  26. no, horses are herd animals, and should be with other horses.

  27. Cows are also herd animals. Racehorses often have a buddy of a different species.

  28. The way racehorses are treated is not a good standard of care. They also get drugged, physically injured, and used up before they are 5

  29. Everyone is different and if we want to debate that specific topic we should start another thread. I’m simply saying that race horses have companions of other species that seem to make them happy and calm them. That’s it.

  30. I’m not saying you should, but if you wanted to get litigious I imagine you could. Sounds very in the realm of slander/libel. (Not a lawyer just took some classes). If they regularly do this to weed out what they view as “competition”, I can’t imagine how many good hearted people like you have been unable to keep caring for the horses they find. They sound shady not taking the Arabians as well.

  31. Nothing to add except for how cute and squeezable your baby is!

  32. We need to be nicer to each other as a community. We all have the same basic goals, good horsemanship and having fun with our big love muffins. English or Western and riding for work or pleasure is all the same, respect one another and the property you use it's that simple. I run a private board and transport hub we take in all kinds of horses from tired old Maggie's to Tbreds, I'm wearing out on owners who think because they paid more the animal is worth more to the world.

  33. I'm going to contradict most of the other commenters with my 2 cents worth. TB's move yards all the time and are expected to settle into a new place with minimal fuss.

  34. Thank you so much for this. This is very similar to what the trainer said. I only went bitless as the delivery of his bit is taking FOREVER and the shops around me only sell western bits and tack—but it was a pain so I’m not interested in doing it again. He was actually MUCH calmer this afternoon when we went out to do some ground work so I’m really hoping this is the case.

  35. I've never been able to just have two without them getting buddy sour always needed a third. Happy shopping 😂

  36. You can’t tell unless you scope. But it’s estimated 50-90% of performance horses have ulcers, and 90% of horses treated with omeprazole & not weaned off it will have the ulcers come back. So the chances of him having ulcers are pretty damn high.

  37. Would you mind elaborating on the weaning off process of omeprazole? I just bought a new OTTB and he was given ulcer gard the days leading up to his travel to me.

  38. there is but my gelding was named Misty and it sounded too much like a strippers name so we had to change it. who names a gelding Misty, anyway?

  39. Misty of Chincoteague is a classic horse kids’ book tho!

  40. So more background he claims it’s my mindset on money that’s the biggest problem for him. He says since I think it’s okay to spend so much on what he calls a hobby, that it makes he think we have different values and money mindsets. He thinks all of my paycheck could be going savings without the horse. He says his passion is creating generational wealth for his future family and he wants to keep getting assets and saving to be able to retire by 40. In his mind the horse gets in the way of that goal. He says his passion benefits both of us where mine does not and it destroys his. I’ve offered many compromises and he can’t decide if he’s willing to compromise at all. His only hobby is buying rental property’s to make passive income. Now his view set on parenting is that being a SAHM is a full time job. He says it would be like both of us working 9-5s ad he would help when he’s off work. The only thing he doenst see he should help as much with is if One of has to get up with the child at night he thinks I should since I can nap when baby naps and he can’t since he has to be at work all day.

  41. Did you know before you married this man that he'd never approve of you and would want to change your entire life once you two got together?

  42. Honestly it sounds like this guy has been listening to a lot of online gurus. Generational wealth is nice, but a/we aren’t promised anything in the future (sounds morbid but it’s true) b/ what’s the point of being alive if you have no joy? c/ why does HE get to make all the decisions? Because he’s a man who talks over you and listens to all these hype guys online telling you how to retire by 40? (They’re retiring that early by selling a lifestyle and their own products to people like your husband.)

  43. I know this is an old post but I’ve been looking at them and saw a “previous auction” mustang go for 63k (supposedly) and saw him listed on another site to buy outright for 8k. It seems so shady. Every person offering an animal there never texted me back, but every person I contact through equine now or dream house texts me back the same day. There’s a YouTuber named Raleigh Link who did a video about…equine bid? And brought up a lot of red flags with these online sight unseen auctions that I didn’t realize until she pointed them out!

  44. It was Raleigh was speaking about not Dream Horse..Sorry for the error.

  45. Lol yes I said the wrong website too! It’s horse bid that’s shady! Dream horse is a normal site where you text the folks and can go see the horse in person. I’ve had good response from the folks there and although I haven’t found my buddy yet, nobody was misrepresented in any of the ads that I interacted with.

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