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  1. The media (rightfully) attacked Trump for that. But now Biden’s handlers order reporters around like they’re a bunch of circus bears and the media just takes it

  2. Him going back to frickin’ high school was soo contrived! They got that massive revolution in China going on and he’s all “uh oh, I have to go make a giant ice cream sundae with the student council and prance around in a mascot costume or else my cover is blown” AHHHHH, I don’t care what Rivel (Revel? Rivalz?) is doing!

  3. I feel like hockey is such a more wholesome sport than American football and international football. I dunno why.

  4. Actually, whether the person believes it or not is what makes it fraud. It generally has to be a knowing misrepresentation to be fraudulent

  5. Just saw your edit. Where did you pull that definition from? I asked for a citation, not a quote

  6. As for compelling, King Josiah. Judah is in a tailspin and he tries to turn the kingdom around, but too little too late as it’s already too far gone

  7. In contrast, a lot of the Puritan settlers in New England did most everything democratically (albeit with a overly-restrictive franchise)

  8. I don't think capitalism is in line with Jesus either. It's inherently greedy and sinful.

  9. I recommend “Theory of Moral Sentiments,” the Adam Smith book that many on the right ignore. It argues that capitalism’s primary benefit is the generation of value, but that the folks who “win” under the system have a moral obligation to support those who are worse off. Basically that market economies have more wealth than command economies, and that the newly-generated wealth needs to be used to help everyone and make sure no one is left behind

  10. You know, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, that’s a valid pure religion. satanism, really, why are we dragging children into impure philosophies, not even high school or college kids, ELEMENTARY kids. If a grown adult wants to be an edgelord that’s all well and fine. If a grown adult is making their child be an edgelord that’s disgusting.

  11. They’re just edgy atheists. I respect secular humanism as a fleshed-out world view, but the so-called “Satanists” strike me as more just trying to be needlessly belligerent and wanting to poke people’s buttons

  12. I just chalk it up to Obsidian being an old school RPG company that isn't going to let pesky things like plotholes get in the way of a great story.

  13. Fucking bots. One post we have three different bots adding their replies.

  14. Why have bots make those replies when we could hire a yakuza to do it for every post? Job creator

  15. I wonder if this sort of Christian believes god is the one who provides charity, not his people. That would explain a huge amount.

  16. This chapter essentially says that people who don’t take an active role in helping the most vulnerable likely aren’t saved (Mat 25:45-46). Voting for someone else to help isn’t enough, hand waving and saying that folks should “just get jobs” or “pull themselves up by their bootstraps absolutely isn’t enough; one must actively and personally help

  17. Christians should study the Old Testament, the New Testament even instructs us to (2 Timothy 3:16-17), as it helps us understand God’s nature, God’s laws and (we believe through the prophets) foretells Christ. Additionally we still need to observe the Old Testament’s laws (Matthew 5:17-19). However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the ceremonial laws which God commanded to the Jewish people in their Covenant apply to Christians, even though the Old Testament’s moral laws apply to everyone (see Romans 2:25-29)

  18. Those of us who live in the area have known for quite some time that the teacher’s union runs the schools and not the city gov.

  19. Is this just thinly veiled racism?

  20. Can’t tell if it’s weird attack against meditation, yoga, and martial arts, or an attempt to gate-keep all of those things

  21. Kids coming from the fujoshi-friendly remake only to see that every character in the original adaptation is either a dumpy/frumpy old man (i.e. over 30) or overly formalistic bore (i.e. German)

  22. And yet again I have to point out that those dreaded, terrible "fujoshi" were among the main reader/viewer demo of the books, the first manga, the OVA...

  23. I don't know. From reading the Bible it seems like it was something in between Presbyterians and Reformed Baptists.

  24. As a Reformed Baptist, I don't see it. For one thing, modern Baptists/Calvinists put a great deal of emphasis on the Bible and Biblical inerrancy, which wasn't possible in an age where books were so expensive and inaccessible to laypeople, and in a time when it wasn't entirely clear what the Bible even was (or, for that matter, before the books of the New Testament even existed)

  25. Do you think most Christians in America are Evangelical or just the Christians in power? I would agree most white evangelicals believe that but a Christian majority would not agree with an ethno state

  26. I watch him whenever he has a guest I’m interested in, like whenever he has politicians on (eg. Sanders, Gabbard, Crenshaw). I like him, but I’d never treat him like an authority on anything (except maybe marijuana and MMA, dude clearly did his homework there lol)

  27. Do you think he does a decent job in asking questions?

  28. For the most part, yeah, I haven’t listened to him in a while but he always struck me as a pretty good interviewer

  29. That was a disappointing night, but what a successful season; it feels like our program is on the right track again. Our goals right now really need to be 1) regularly being in contention to win the B1G championship and 2) achieving at least parity with OSU, and I think if we’re not there already we’re dang close

  30. The vast majority of evangelicals I’m aware of would give a very vehement “no,” at least the ones that are at my church and the ones I’m aware of online

  31. I always hate it when people rate contemporary presidents so low. As much as one may dislike Bush through Biden, none of them are segregationists, none of them are slavers, and when it comes to exemplifying modern values they (rather obviously) do it better than anyone else

  32. Bush is Low Because of the War on terror specially the Iraq War and Slow economic Growth

  33. If you said “War in Iraq,” I would agree, but to some extent the “War on Terror” was something any president would need to do or they’d be thrown from office for cowardice. Taking down Al-Qaeda and pursuing them into Afghanistan was basically required after 9/11. However ill fated it turned out literally every president (save for Washington) would have done the same

  34. W did tons of impeachable things, signing a law passed by Congress isn’t one of them

  35. GINI coefficients are real though, they actually are rather telling, but an over-bloated company making movies filled with inoffensive pablum is pretty benign

  36. Just like how Microsoft was an example of late capitalism in the 90s, IBM was in the 70s and 80s, Dow Chemical was in the 60s, Ford was in the 1910s, US Steel was in the 1890s, Standard Oil was in the 1880s

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