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  1. It was mutual but he went through most of the loopholes. Signed me up for the appointment, figured out which abortion I should choose, paid for it, etc. I wanted it too considering my age and the financial standing I’m at rn but it’s just been harder on me I think.

  2. So he made sure that you were able to have access to this and afford this. That alone shows that he cares a lot and made this experience for you as smooth as possible.

  3. I definitely can see that but the whole emotional aspect of it that he’s not allowing me to feel hurts. I bet he may not be sad or upset by it but telling me to stop feeling the way I feel sucks. He almost gets super uncomfortable when I cry. He always just says “stop crying” and doesn’t know how to allow me to grieve

  4. I assume you took mifepristone first, then 8 misoprostol? Cramping post MA is often an indication you have more clots to pass. Use ibuprofen and heat if it cramps. If that does not help check in with your doctor.

  5. Yeah I took the mife pill at PP and then the other 8 at home. I have an appt today so I’m gonna ask

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