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  1. Hahahahahaha great response but I think you responded in the wrong post!

  2. I am the OP. This daughter struggled with High School due to anxiety and she is 85% deaf. So she finished high school and did training in two different areas. Pre COVID she ran a business from home which more than adequately provided a good living for her and also would have set her up for the future. But like many COVID damaged that. She is setting the foundations to do that again whilst also picking up work in bars which she absolutely loves. Both of my daughters and I share very close relationships. The other one is 18 obviously being a twin and just purchased her first house. She also didn’t go to college but worked and trained in a field which led to full time employment, stability and a higher than average wage. So yes I care a lot about my. Holderns future. From the age of 3 through to 17 I was a single parent raising those girls on my own. The both do volunteer work, one has spoken in parliament as an advocate for youth mental health and the other received awards for her service to our local community. A teenagers outbursts, behaviour etc can purely just be their choices. So please keep your judgements to yourself!

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