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Expensive collection found in San Jose - Looking for owner

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  • By - jvLin

  1. [[Zada, Hedron Grinder]] is an excellent option. Stuff it full of cantrips and go to town.

  2. Onlyfans ads are bleeding into every sub damn.

  3. Is that T'Challa Star Lord's jacket? Are those Fantomex's legs?

  4. Hasbro wants that Reserve List money but doesn't want the hassle of actually abolishing it, so this is what we get.

  5. Olivia looked like she wanted to cringe relaying the price, but Kibler looks right at home shilling this bullshit.

  6. People out here turning an overtime opening night loss into the end of the goddamned world, it's ridiculous.

  7. I don't think one game into the season is enough to establish or reenforce a narrative.

  8. Considering I have a friend with a Brago Stax deck who's wincon is commander damage.....yeah winconless stax does exist.

  9. [[General Tazri]] gives you access to all five colors and can tutor for Orvar every game

  10. That Marc Spector Moon Knight's Inferno looking gorgeous in the background as well, one of my favorite covers

  11. Actually I can't find a way to pm you but if you can contact me somehow that be appreciated

  12. I've got the same one, love it for the price! Saw one in a comic shop where there were pupils on Mr. Knight's mask and it was damaging to my sanity.

  13. "Fat reference books stand together against the wall as snug as molars. They occupy the stairs that spiral between floors; they lie under the water fountains, those dribbling gargoyles that mark the water closets, which are themselves full of books. The Sphinx’s athenaeum distinguishes itself from a proper library in another, more essential way."

  14. Oof, hidden right out front in the scenery itself. That's going to sting for a bit (deservedly).

  15. No problem. Dive into another of my 5 trilogies and maybe you can owe me for something else too! :D

  16. After I see things through with the crew of The Stone Cloud and then barrel through Nona the Ninth I absolutely will!

  17. [[Teferi, Master of Time]] is fantastic in [[Sefris of the Hidden Ways]]. He can loot on opponents turns, so I can dump a creature and trigger Sefris's venture ability on everyone's turn, easily completing a dungeon and reanimating a creature in one rotation around the table.

  18. I use him similarly in my [[Rielle the Everwise]] to trigger her during opponent's turns. The only other Planeswalker in the deck is [[Dack Fayden]]

  19. Wtf? Am I mis-judging this or is this a terrible card? It feels worse than the og one.

  20. These are pretty tight, dude. You should do one for Wastes as well.

  21. Since they were dumb enough to leave [[Zada, Hedron Grinder]] off the list, I think you should take advantage of that.

  22. Oops it did not copy over, it was the last one on the ban list!

  23. The most satisfying for me is [[Yedora, Grave Gardener]], [[Ruthless Ripper]], and [[Altar of Dementia]] in my Sultai Morph deck.

  24. Im sorry but I got to know what a "Pickle Lock" is lol

  25. Using [[Brine Elemental]] with [[Vesuvan Shapeshifter]] locks all opponents out of their untap step for the rest of the game.

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