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  1. Good. We shouldn't be giving subsidies and discounts to miners. Let the free market decide.

  2. so are you ready to take those subsidies and discounts to every company/corporation? or just miners?

  3. What other companies are getting this? Article only mentions 2, and they're both mining companies. And they're proposed tax credits.

  4. Is there a TLDR yet please on why it's worth buying a Stax over a Nano X ?

  5. Bigger screen so that you can see your transaction details better than on a abysmally tiny screen. Also easier with a touchscreen to enter passcodes.

  6. TL;DR: Only a bunch of CEX and DeFi partnerships. No protocol or governance changes.

  7. This is misleading. The net sales were 350M, you are showing gross sales. TFL also was the major market maker and peg defender of UST. The last sale was weeks before the de-peg. The day of the de-peg ~500M UST was dumped in one day on the CRV pool. This wasn’t TFL and was an attacker, TFL did weaken the pool though by pulling out liquidity.

  8. OP had the wrong event. It was the 2nd May 5th trade for BTC that started the crash of their ecosystem.

  9. I like the platform, but not the token. Fees are too low to generate meaningful revenue. We also don't know if the L2 solutions will use MATIC.

  10. Not accurate. Every ERC-20 token transfer costs a different amount of gas depending on the situation and the contract. 65K is usually the gas limit, but you'll get refunded the extra gas afterwards.

  11. The reason you don't find many calculators for sending ERC-20 tokens is because the amount of gas you spend varies. It completely depends on the ERC-20's transfer() function, and every ERC-20 token contract is written slightly differently.

  12. Yeah. That was a pretty ingenuous discovery. The amount stolen wasn't that big, and exploiters earned it.

  13. The same government now about to make it illegal for non-married couples to sleep in the same house. And where it's illegal to not have a religion. And where their non-Muslim Chinese population is constantly targeted.

  14. I've compared transactions in both. It's nearly identical to Algo Explorer. Both are lacking in features that are normal for EVM explorers.

  15. Noone wants to sell at a loss

  16. Actually, 33% of the supply moving is pretty high. That many people are selling or trading?

  17. Not really. Anyone could create a hyperinflationary coin with zero use and staking.

  18. Realistically, this is just Lebanon being an absolute financial and government mess right now. It's been building up for 2 decades.

  19. Not even a single mention of any private wallet. Strange. Is it that you don't believe in the whole ethos of keeping one's financial history secured or you're just ignorant about it?

  20. I gave up looking for one. Just use a VPN. Expecting wallets and every dApp you interact with to keep your info private is bad security. The moment you touch an offramp, your IP gets revealed.

  21. What? How will the dodgy contract steal your crypto if it can’t press the button?

  22. That's a legit question. I've purposely written dodgy contacts for testing before.

  23. Can you point to an example/explanation of #2?

  24. Here are 2 screenshots. The 1st one in RED, and you have no idea what transaction you're signing. The 2nd is safe.

  25. Pretty good. Seems quite similar to Algorand Explorer. You get the same details:

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