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  1. Local neckneards still on unreal amounts of copium due to a single post that addressed a legitimate problem (graphical and artistic fidelity), because it contests their image of a perfect online waifu.

  2. Jestli ty pobočky byly stejně užitečné jako ta naše (otevřeno 10:00 - 11:30 jen každý druhý den z čehož polovinu bába stejně prohulí na zahrádce), tak žádná škoda.

  3. It's also hilarious they think 40 = face full of wrinkles.

  4. The number of reddit users who think this look is realistic and have obviously never ever seen a real woman of any age, let alone an asian, is absolutely alarming.

  5. Zkoušel jsem tam udělat ty AI obrázky, jak jich jsou tři prdele tady na redditu. Chtělo to po mně nějaký kódy a mě napadlo, že to je asi záležitost čistě programátorů. Takže nic pro mě, nerozumím tomu.

  6. Pokud máš RTX kartu, můžeš SD provozovat plně offline. Tohle za tebe všechno postahuje a nainstaluje. Modely (.safetensors soubory) jdou stáhnout na huggingface nebo civitai.

  7. Neví někdo tady jak tam vznikají? Celeje život tudy jezdím a nikdy jsem to nepochopil

  8. Stejně jako v jeskyních, ale místo kalcitu je to koncentrovaná špína a chcanky, které od vzniku terminálu v roce 1998 nikdo neuklidil.

  9. Nevím proč, ale z Bohempia jsem měl příšerné bolesti kolen. Rád jsem se vrátil k Vans.

  10. Tbf (even though it is social media) I consider Reddit to be more of a bulletin board.

  11. Reddit is intentionally designed to promote popular opinions while drowning and straight up punishing unpopular ones. And the administration is very open about what's considered goodthink and badthink.

  12. I don't straight up hate it, but I'm really not a fan of the juice gorilla bodies. It looks especially weird on "Bruce Lee", who was a stern propagator of density over size, because he hated getting big. Here's hoping for a normal body for characters like Lee and Leo, otherwise they'll look especially comical.

  13. Nedonačetl se ti javascript, takhle vypadají všechny titulky na API idnesu, než je nějakej skript přepíše.

  14. Most characters lack personality aside from generic conservative stereotypes and have been losing more and more with each game. They're written by a bunch of old men, and it shows.

  15. Asuka is the most popular character in Asia and the game's primary mascot in Japan, she's definitely coming back. I'm guessing either her or Jun are getting a rework.

  16. Do people think video game devs between major projects just... chill and play video games or something? They always develop, from blueprints to whole ass video game concepts that'll never see the light of day.

  17. Ne, protože ten druhej sekuriťák u kamer už o ní dávno ví. Vede si složku, kde sčítá hodnotu všech nakradených věcí a až ta přesáhne určitou hodnotu, počká si na ní před vchodem - aby jí předal předvolání k soudu.

  18. Securiťák předá předvolání k soudu, to jsem nevěděla. A ke kterýmu, jakej se mu líbí nejvíc? A co tam spolu budou dělat?

  19. The skirts look weird, they made them bend with knees instead of making a proper collision system, so they look like they're taped to the character's legs. Only the lower parts have physics, which seem to turn off when you're still and also don't react to weather at all.

  20. To b honest I feel like someone (or multiple people) high up at Koei Tecmo are nationalists and don't want to see a remotely critical portrayal of Hideyoshi. Nioh 2 did the same thing, making all of his most heinous crimes the fault of some demon possession.

  21. Japanese people tend to sit on past conflicts for centuries and a lot of these big clans and their descendants are still active, some of them having significant political and commercial presence. Japanese game developers tend to be very careful when working with those, since pissing them off could ruin the entire studio. Date family, for example, is infamous for doing this in the idol industry.

  22. Me sitting here with my GTX 960 and literally no graphics mods or ENB

  23. because they think this is a sub for people who are shit at dark souls and actual shitposts get downvoted

  24. Seriously, the only actually useful and insightful info here. The rest is knee jerk reactions and ignorant outright conspiracy theories.

  25. This is also why corporates hate Firefox. It's not because "open source bad", it's because its development cycle is insanely slow and basic security vulnerabilities can take literal years to address, while Microsoft and Google adhere to their "next business day" policies (if there's not a fix yet the next day, there must be an emergency workaround) they're bound with their users via the EULA.

  26. So for some reason the tool crashes when I set the game language to english and try to open the dlc editor. Any idea why this happens?

  27. I always think of it like in the first book when Malfoy challenges Harry to a duel, Ron is giving him advice and he says, "the most you'll be able to do is shoot sparks at eachother" or something along those lines.

  28. Eh, magic in the HP universe makes absolutely no sense, pointless thinking about it. Too many stupid rules that change and get retconned with every book. Who even makes these, an extremely bored schizophrenic god? The only logical explanation I could think of is that the wand power and wizard's power are separate and since the wand isn't intelligent, all it can do is release blasts of energy sealed within itself and serves as a focus channel for the wizard's magic. But it's also stated for every wizard there's only one specific wand, but in the third book Ron just goes and buys a random new wand. One of the later books states that wands are indestructible by conventional means and always return to their user.

  29. Dost zavádějící titulek, podle většiny zdrojů ten dron do stíhačky naboural.

  30. Jsem "mladý člověk" a svoje sociální kruhy úspěšně vedu offline, protože nemám potřebu svůj život exhibovat na internetu. Naopak, příčí se mi to. Follow na Instagramu nebo TikToku mě absolutně nezajímá. Pokud to druhá strana myslí upřímně, oběma nám stačí Messenger nebo telefonní číslo. Případně LinkedIn, pokud jde o souhru profesních zájmů.

  31. ?? The bnb no walls delayed hopkick combo is 74 damage, that's hard average. Not even mentioning the other problems with the character, like her dogshit hitboxes, "homing" move that straight up doesn't work and vulnerability to fuzzy guard.

  32. Je to možné, kor na kamerových semaforech. To pak přijde pokuta a je dobré se zastavit ve správním řízení na daný úřad a řešit to.

  33. Jenže ta pokuta přijde třeba po půl roce a to už si nepamatuješ za co je.

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